Sunday, September 21, 2008

The "Multiracial" Opposition

The Opposition claim that they represent the multiracial, cross section of the Malaysian society. I did some surfing and managed to get the list of top national office bearers of PKR and DAP. I realised that these two parties, although they claim to represent a multiracial Malaysia, in actual fact do not have a multiracial crowd of leaders, representing the equal proportion or percentage of races in the country. We need not discuss PAS, as the party only believes in one cause -- an Islamic state. Needless to say, their leaders are all Muslim.
I am not being a racist or anything like that, it is just that I am fed-up with the lies and baseless claims of these two parties, namely PKR and DAP. If these two parties want to champion the causes of a multiracial Malaysia, then the national leadership line-up of these two parties should also reflect the proportion of races living in this blessed land.

Here is the breakdown according to race in PKR. It's top national leadership has 30 Malays, 8 Chinese and 5 Indians.
Out of the five Indians in PKR, three are national council members (N.Gobalakrishnan, Irene Fernandez and S. Manikavasagam), one deputy secretary general (Dr Xavier Jayakumar) and one vice-president (R.Sivarasa).

In the DAP, it is just as bad. It's top national leadership has 25 Chinese, 5 Indians and 2 Malays.
The Indians here are chairman (Karpal Singh), vice-chairman (M.Kulasegaran), deputy secretary general (Prof P. Ramasamy), and two committee members (Gobind Singh Deo and P. Gunasekaran).

Some who read this will say that although there are limited number of Indians in these two parties, others, meaning those of other races in the party, will not differentiate among races in fighting for a better Malaysia and that they represent all Malaysians regardless of race and religion.

But if this was the case, why not let the party be equally represented? Why is there a majority of a certain race in the parties i.e Malays in PKR and Chinese in DAP. Where does that leave the Indians?

In both the parties, there is not a single Indian leader who holds a key post. The chairmanship of Karpal in the DAP, as we all know, is just a rubber stamp for decisions made by the secretary general. To further the point, we have yet to see Karpal coming out with concrete proposal or recommendation for the betterment of the Malaysian Indian community.

My advice would be please do not be hoodwinked. We have to remain united not divided in trying address all our problems.

UPDATES: With regret, I wish to state that most comments on the above article have failed to get the point. Either people are blind or myopic in their view of the issue or are defending something they don't even have the slightest knowledge about i.e the system in which these opposition parties operate.
My contention was that while DAP claims to be multiracial it has only five Indian leaders in the top brass. The same goes for PKR. Both parties have also yet to state how they are going to uplift the community if, and that's a big IF they come to power.
If you wish to comment, let it be sensible please. I am not putting up articles for people to say what they like. Get involved in an intelligent argument. But I know for some, that would be difficult.
While it is easy to lump all these leaders together in the Pakatan Rakyat basket, my question is about the individual parties. Anyway as for Pakatan Rakyat, when parties which do not share the same or similar ideology or aim come together and try to grasp power, are they really doing this for the people or do they only want power. And IF they do come to power, what next? What would be their policies on just say an Islamic state. Pas will say Malaysia is an Islamic state while DAP will claim otherwise. They can't even find a common ground.
Then you have the Indian problem. Pas will say save the Malays while the DAP and PKR will say lets plan something for the Indians. Thats only planning, mind you!
That aside, my contention in the above article is, can or would opposition Indians leaders come-up with a proper proposal to uplift Indians. These are the kind of inputs or arguments that I expected from the comments. You can support the opposition, that is not an issue but please give me intelligent comments. Calling people names is not going to help.


drprem said...

oh my god boss.r u talking abt this? what had MIC achieved in BN? other than "yes man" .why the BN high post not held by any MIC members e.g :- vice president,gen.sec,vice sec,vice treasurer? why only members. so plz boss,there's a proverb in malay, cerminkanlah diri sendiri sebelum jaga kain orang.God bless you and MIC.... MIC CARES?

Dr_Arulkumaran(JOHOR BAHRU) said...

Dato Saravanan,

Although you can try to manipulate, you have less wisely published the numbers of top leadership of PKR and DAP - thanks.

So in PKR and DAP, there is a total of 32 malays, 32 chinese, and 10 indians (from what you said). So if this is not multiracial, what is Dato Sara? Do you even think before you write or like what I suspect - write and not even think after that?

This means in PKR/DAP it will translate to abt 15% Indian equity, which is about double the indian population of our country of 8%!!!
This is an example of multiracialism where if Indians are good they can be in the leadership even if Malay numbers dwindle.

Right, now lets compare this to Dato Sara's favourite UMNO led govt - one indian minister in a cabinet of 30 ministers. The Indian equity here is about 3.4%, less than half of our population. WHY?
Do you Dato Sara think this is because of UMNO doesnt care less for indians or MIC politicians are just incompetent to become ministers. It basically means for every 2 indians, there is one incompetent indian leader in MIC/BN.

SO people, Indians are about 4 times more represented in PKR/DAP leadership than in BN. And Dato Sara can either be a man and apologise or remain as he is always will be - an UMNO servant.

Another point, DAP's chairman is an indian, OKAY I will accept your argument if Karpal is just a rubber stamp. But what about No 2 in the hierarcy, deputy to Lim Guan Eng is Prof Ramasamy and vice chairman is Kula. Sivarasah is Vice too in Keadilan. PLEASE TELL ME IS EVER AN INDIAN HAS BECOME NO 2 IN BARISAN?

The answer is NO and Sara, you are simply wrong and manipulative. Please repent!

lvbala said...

Good day brother YB Saravanan,

" I haven't found any chocs in MIC's or BN's cookies, even if I didn't find any chocs in PR's cookies it doesn't make any different. But its worth trying". Every individuals have the right to seek for their support and hopes. We have the right to choose what we want and don't tell the Indians, that MIC is the only choice we got. It shall be the greatest joke of the year after 12th GE and rejection of the greatest leader of all time the heavy weight champ Mr.DSSV. Can't you simple see my dear brother that so called Indian leader has been rejected by all include malays and the chinese brothers in Sg. Siput and the same goes to YB Sothi, YB palanivel and etc. We are in the third generation. The greatest power that every mankind have is to make choices. We can always choose. What INDIANS in Malaysia have besides MIC? There was, but the door has been shut by your leader. Can you honestly tell right from your heart that only MIC is the saviour for INDIANS in Malaysia? There are many indians succeded in Malaysia without MIC's support. Maybe you succeded by MIC ticket and went for your study in UK. But I am not going to name you as hypocrid (Wrong spelling I guest). Will you agree with me if I say, the support the MIC have is only from the leaders and not from the grass root. Who doesn't want RM500 with hotel life? If you mirror such a thing about DAP and PKR, how about GERAKAN? How about PPP?This party also have many non malay supporters. Why this question never been raised about Gerakan? I am only interested in the improvement of Indians, not MIC. There is nothing wrong with MIC. But we got no choice. The major problem here is your leader. Even all UMNO members are so dare enough to voice out about their political situation and given enough presure to DSAAB. But why a brave guy like you just keeping your mouth shut? UMNO supporters made their choise to support PKR because the hate UMNO and they got no choice beside PKR. Its the same goes for MIC too.

"Thought For the Day" Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bro,
5 Indians in PKR and 5 Indians in DAP is stronger that than the whole MIC. They are even louder, capable, genuine than MIC.
MIC just a yes man to BN.
The Hindaf 5 really opened up MIC eyes, today your Boss, Samy Vellu admitted that 50% rejected MIC.
pss...And he wants BN to release Hindraf 5 Lions.
Thank GOD he is wise now.


misai kucing said...

Vanakkam thalaiva!!,

Was shocked to read your article!! First of all where is MIC in BN?? You have to prove that your own house is in order before comparing with someone else's. Despite being in the BN since MERDEKA has MIC proved that it is an equal partner in BN? With Samyvelu Sangilimuthu being No. 1 Yes Man to UMNO since 70's and running MIC with only Yes Mans', what are you talking about the others?

I am not in to politics but I see MIC having equally bad representations of Indians in BN as with others. In fact in March 08 elections there were more PR indian MPs and ADUNS than BN. Mind it MIC is a race based party but PKR n DAP are not. Their office bearers are elected among all races unlike MIC where only Indians are fighting for the posts and worse still with caste/dialect and religious tones played up more than the Indian cause.

In DAP and PKR the Indians were elected by all races which means the Indian leaders are in the post becoz he got the votes of the non-Indians as well just like in the GEs'.In BN MIC gets only what UMNO gives. That too fought over with PPP and IPF!!!

Come on wake up and start working for the race rather than ridiculing our inteligence.

Premlal said...

r u regretting my dear sara?? y so quiet..reply to all our frens comment. im the 1st to comment on it. well, i actually got no time for u . just go for a vacation n think abt wat u've wrote!!! bless u again

KoolKat said...

well Dtk, I saw the numbers of opposition leaders in their respective parties and let me just say it is pathetic! I was at the DAP AGM, being a DAP delegate and all. I have since left the party. I am not joining MIC until and unless the party can prove it's worth and Samy Vellu leaves. Sorry to say that about your boss.
Anyway to the point, at the DAP AGM they had their elections. The election was to pick 20 national leaders. There were some 58 candidates or so and some 15 Indians.
And the result four Indians got elected, as you had pointed out in your blog. Four out of 20. I thought it was bad and so I was eager for the list of another 10 appointed members. To the dismay, the DAP top leadership did not even bother to add more Indians. Only one Indian was appointed and that made it five out of 30 DAP central committee members.
At the election, I was shocked with what I saw. Indians were clicking among Indians, Chinese being the majority overwhelmed the Indians. Malays were negligble. That's DAP's Malaysian Malaysia and multi racial party.
Now the PKR is totally different. I don't even know when they had their party elections and is Irene Fernendez still a PKR member? Come on Indians please unite.
While I agree with the points you had raised, I only wish to see a united Indian front. Now the MIC on the other hand is filled with people who are only for their political gains. The whole party should be revamped. All positions should be up for challenge and Samy Vellu should not come up with his list of preferred candidates. Everyone should be allowed to vote without fear or favour. Then you would see a vibrant and energetic MIC. Are you game for that YB?

Guna, Parit Buntar said...


You and Sara are the same person, or are you just as pathetic as you sound?
Think my friend, use your god given cerebellum and ponder.
5 out of 30 CEC means about 18% of representation of Indians in the top most decision making body in DAP. Our population meanwhile is 8%, so we are represented at least twice as much as we should by percentage per se.

COmpare this to the pathetic MIC representation in BN, 1 cabinet minister who handles a lowly human resources portfolio out of 30. You know that means we are represented by abt 3% in the BN cabinet. I hope you are not so uneducated until I have to teach you that 18% is bigger than 4%, or do I for the love of god?

DAP's chairman is an Indian, deputy sec general is an Indian, vice president an Indian. What has MIC got in BN? Is the BN chairman an Indian, or deputy? Or even secretary or treasure? NO No NO

So Koolkat and Dato Sara, your arguments are simply poor. If you Koolkat want to join MIC, I think its a gain for the opposition, because the more MIC self destructs (like how I loved when MIC went to Permatang Pauh, hahaha) the better it is for the indians.

After all the discrimination by UMNO towards Indians, cant believe MIC is still shameless and remains a firm staunch believer of Ketuanan Melayu

I challenge for this comment to be published

Rujjcoomarh said...

Vanakkam Dato,
I have to totally agree with the points of Dr_Arulkumaran. We declined the yes-man attitude and the party wholly because all we want is to be Malaysians. Despite the fact of majorities in this country, we believed that PKR/DAP have been more vocal and given equal opportunities to our Indians in Malaysia. Like what said, can we have an Indian as vice or deputy in BN? We can go on arguing who is great and who is not but who is gaining? No one. I do understand that you have to make your stand because you're in the party, but its totally a different view as Malaysians.
This maybe the time for MIC to prove itself, but let it be. You do your part, let us do ours. I have to reject the party simply because I rejected the leaders.

Last but not least, prove to Malaysian Indians that MIC is one party for all of us (Indians). Leave no room for rejection or denial, we will lift MIC just how we are lifting PKR.

Valgha Valamudan,

misai kucing said...

Vanakkam thalaivaa,

Just read your UPDATES. If Dato had asked for suggestions for MIC or yourself to help Indians in the article we would have done so. The trouble was your article was very much political to the core attacking other side without checking on your own side of similar shortcomings.

MIC being in the ruling BN since Merdeka has a lot more to answer to the community than the hopes that PR is offering without a track record. Now who is to be blamed if the community support leaned towards PR? Certainly it has to do with MIC's poor track record and YES MAN mentality of the leaders especially being UMNO's servant.

You can't deny the facts on above Dato. You can only correct them perhaps. It is still MIC's task to show the community that MIC has learned it's lesson and start working for the community and certainly show us you guys are not servants of UMNO.

In FT itself tamil schools are not getting any equal funding as compared with other schools what more with other states. Please find out the problems the students in tamil schools facing and walah... you will open the whole pandoras box of indian problems. Take Vivekananda secondary school's students social problems like teenage pregnancy cases and study it further and it will lead you to the cases of broken families and single mothers abondoned by husbands and supported by foreign labours with these children falling prey.

Where is Wanita MIC? MIC Youth? You guys should be the ones doing the needful! No one would be supporting the Opposition if you guys clean up the house and start working towards uplifting the community.

Re-branding is not about going around recruiting members Dato. It's about serving the very community that you claim to represent. All cluster schools selected are Malay/National stream schools! What about Tamil schools? RM 500k a year for cluster schools given from our tax money. Why none channeled towards Tamil schools. It is MIC that needs to get it for the community. MIC should ensure even secondary school intake does not suffer the same racial descrimination as the tertiary institution. Your UMNO ministers saying Indians just not qualified to fill in the quata allocated is absurd! The fact is many Indians are rejected though more than qualified without proper reason other than not qualified!

Again don't blame others before getting own house in order. Lead by example since you are in a position to do so.

Valgha tamil.

misai kucing said...

Vanakkam Thalaivaa.

Still find your stand that of blaming others for the downfall of MIC and representation of Indians in PR. Change MIC's stand in BN first Dato. Merdeka was 51 years ago. Indians in India are much better off than us in Malaysia! UMNO had done a fantastic job uplifting the Malays from kampungs to angkasawan! Not only have they done it with political will, they have also done it at the expense of our community. You guys in MIC are sitting in the same room but getting leftovers for your community.

Social problems of the community could have been solved long time ago if you guys in MIC had any vision or far sightness of the urban poor from estates. Why now after 51 years have the indians siding opposition? Plainly becoz you guys failed to fight for the community. Don't compare MIC with DAP or PKR. They are just riding a tsunami wave. But you guys could have prevented by listening to the community rather than trying to be the UMNO spokesperson especially your president.

How many cluster schools in the country boosts large number of Indians? None! Schools selected were purely Bumiputera schools where Indians can hardly get a place. Again MIC doing nothing. If this continues in very near future our community can't even get good secondary education Dato. The whole world knows how the community is descriminated in tertiary education. What more with compulsory courses which expect you to condemn your own religion and praise the greatness of their's in order to get the Degree. Cluster schools get RM 500k/year and how much have you guys got for tamil schools?

I don't believe PR will get us anywhere but at least they give us hope. You guys were given 51 years of faith and trust. Blame yourself for the outcome. In business the Malays are known as the sleeping partners but in political power MIC has proved the Malays are no match!

People have CHANGED. It is the MIC that needs to CHANGE and start working for the community. Dato pls attend to the tamil school childrens' problems and you will find yourself opening the pandora's box. Children will reveal all the social problems that are happening back in their homes. MIC Youth and Wanita MIC should help these single mothers and teenagers to come up in life.

We the tax payers are very much disgusted finding out that our hard earned money is used for another community and not our own just becoz the leaders who claim to represent us are sleeping with eyes open wide.

Raising issues like comparing DAP and PKR indians representations is cheap politics. They are also in the opposition and not in the gov like you guys. I believe Dato is wiser than this. Prove to us that UMNO is an equal partner and not the Master with MIC as the slaves. Prove to us that we the indians are citizens with equal rights in this land. Only those in power can do that. Walah! Dato you are in power!!!

Valgha tamil.