Friday, July 25, 2008

Deepavali Controversy

Below is an e-mail from Punithan on the Deepavali leave fiasco at a school in Ipoh. Since when have some headmasters become so racist? If the story is true, I feel the 500 parents of Indian students should get together and say their protest to the HM. This would be the first step as opposed to one or two parents coming out with statements in the papers. Voice of many is much better than the voice of a few. If this does not work, then we would have to use the political will to find a solution to the problem. I don't mind working with any opposition MP or MPs or state assemblyman to tackle problems that besiege the community. Anyway I have already started working with some, on certain matters for the betterment of the community but I am not privy to divulge details, as that too will be politicised. I am certainly more than willing to join hands with opposition MPs to weed out racism. This should not be happening at all. Malaysians of all races must be sensitive to other races and ensure that their actions do not hurt another race. That is the true meaning of a multiracial society. I hope we can reach an amicable solution to this issue without blowing it out of proportion.

DEEPAVALI BREAK: HM must rethink decision

I would like to voice my frustration regarding the attitude of the headmaster of a secondary school in Ipoh who has been denying Indian students their rights for years.
Year in and year out, he has refused to apply for an additional day off for Deepavali (Monday, Oct 27) although there are more than 500 Indian students in the school.
The headmaster does not seem to think that Indian students need to celebrate the festival with their loved ones.
All my friends and relatives want their children's school to take an extra day off.
My child has to return on Deepavali night from hundreds of kilometres away to attend school the next day.
The headmaster has planned the exams conveniently the day before and after Deepavali so that Indian students will be forced to attend school.
My child told me on Tuesday that his school is only replacing two Saturdays for Hari Raya Puasa and nothing was mentioned about Deepavali.
I was informed by my friends from neighbouring schools that the government has given the green light for schools to take two extra days off after Deepavali, on Oct 28 and Oct 29.
I do hope the authorities concerned will look into this matter immediately.

Source: NST: 24 August 2008


Education comes under the federal government jurisdiction and the incident happened in Ipoh , Perak. BN ruled the federal and PR ruled the state government. I do believe, without any political biasness, we can highlight this matter to higher authority either at federal or state level. Can our brothers either at federal or state level take up this issue and pressure the narrow minded HM to take extra leave so that our younger brother in the school can celebrate the Deepavali in peace?
I hope all the PR and BN Indian MP's will look into it.......... .. that's why I said 'without any political biasness'... .. our younger generations will get the benefit so why not put our political thoughts and fight for equal justice.
"When we speak with one voice, we will achieve our goals.
When we act with one determination, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Takers

I have not blogged for almost a week now and am sorry. Glad that many had commented, despite me not blogging. That gives me the encouragement and enthusiasm to continue blogging and say what's in my mind. A big thank you.

Anyway, please try to spread the word that out of the 400 stalls alloted for the annual Deepavali bazaar in Kuala Lumpur by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, only 200 stalls had been taken. I don't know the reason why the remainder stalls were not taken, but I presume it could be due to lack of awareness, that the stalls had to be booked early. For those who are interested in this, please contact DBKL and do it as soon as possible. Please don't let this opportunity go to waste.

I would also like to say a bit on the comments that had reached me. Some have asked me to abandon the MIC and join the opposition. This is uncalled for. Everyone knows that I am a MIC die hard and there are no two ways about it. I will stay with this party even if it loses at the next general election. It is a 62-year old party, which has done its part in helping and assisting Indians. It may have its shortfalls but these setbacks can be overcome and updated. Please guide me, not accuse me. Accusing me of things does not at all help. The guide and advice I get from the people here and outside, is forever etched in my mind. Thank you.