Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, its the same style of politics yet again. I was "attacked" by a certain party elder in two Tamil newspapers today. But it's all right with me. I chose not to comment or retaliate against the so called leader's criticism. For me, now that I have made my point, is to continue my work. Enough of politicking, as I don't want to be muddled in things like using newspapers to launch attacks against a person. Lots of work to be done and I am happy doing it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Betrayal, Forgiveness and Politics

I am posting this to dispel misconceptions about me leaving the MIC presidential dinner on Friday, the eve of the MIC AGM. I wish to categorically state that I left the dinner because I was unhappy that a former deposed MIC leader, who had worked hard to destroy the party and its leadership, through a Tamil newspaper was seated at the VIP table of the said dinner. A few other MIC leaders were asked to sit at different tables. AND THAT IS NOT AN ISSUE FOR US.
I also wish to clarify that I am not hard-up to sit at the VIP table, although it would have been an honour. Any table will do for me, even if it was outside the hall. Yes, I am the party information chief but I do not expect a red carpet treatment or a place at the main table of the dinner.
My contention is that, what message are we trying to send to party members by asking the former MIC leader, who had gone out of his way to tarnish the party image and more importantly image of the president, to sit at the VIP table.
Even at the same dinner last year, I was not at the VIP table. But I did not walk out. I was also at that time the MIC information chief. But having a different table at that time did not irk or make me angry.
Here is a man, who now says that he only realised that Hindraf was not a religious movement and that the organisation had political motives, three days before the March 8, general elections.
If that is so, why did "his Tamil newspaper" three days before the polls, run a front page story, quoting Tun Mahathir as saying that the party and the president had done nothing for the community. Two days before the polling of the general election the paper once again ran a front page story hitting out at the MIC chief and the party as a whole.
The question of whether he realised Hindraf was a religious organisation or otherwise does not arise. We all knew what Hindraf was fighting for. They said what we in the MIC could not. They voiced several grouses faced by the community, although some demands could be termed as overzealous.
Even if Hindraf was not a religious organisation and had ulterior motive, does that give the right for someone, especially a party elder, to ridicule the party and more importantly the president.
It is easy to forgive some people for things they had done in the past but for me, forgiveness is based on the sin committed. Sometimes, some actions are unforgivable!
The same leader, at the general election, choose to campaign for another leader of a BN component party in Perak. Never did he once, canvas for votes, where MIC had its candidates. That speaks volumes of a man, who now claims that the plight of the community comes first and that unity in the party should prevail at all times.
If this is so, then he should have worked with us instead of working against us. Please sir, do not at anytime use this party for your own political gains and mileage. The community's interest and welfare should come first at all costs.

p/s: My apologies for deleting a post written last Saturday. Apparently is had ruffled a few feathers and I was accordingly advised to remove the post. But that is still OK as at least some people, based on the comments I had received, had backed me. Thank you for that. There is also a reproduction of the post under the MIC AGM posting as Meenachi Indian has taken the trouble to save the original post.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


The MIC AGM just concluded. Although it was a one-day affair, a departure from the normal two days allotted to the gathering of grassroot leaders, it managed to put in perspective, the direction of the party. The rebranding exercise took centre stage. Was nice to see some delegates bringing up pertinent issues. Now, the party needs to get back its support from the community. Although we are slow, I am confident that we would eventually make it.
Below is the summary of the AGM:
1. The president said that MIC Youth was unaffected by the resignation of several youth leaders including, its chief S. A. Vigneswaran, over the past month, and had in fact emerged stronger now.
2. He also said that he would leave it to delegates attending the MIC party elections in March next year to decide on his fate as party's president. He said the question of whether he would be re-elected or someone else would take over as party president would be decided by the delegates.
3. The president also called on the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) to do away with communal politics and become a truly multi-racial party if it wants to regain the support and trust of the people. He said BN should speak with one voice while ensuring the needs and sensitivities of all races were respected and fulfilled.
4. The Prime Minister who opened the AGM announced that immediate steps would be taken to enhance education among Indian students, either at school or university level, for the long-term benefit of the country's third largest community.
5. He said among others, the government had agreed to turn more capital-aided Tamil schools, many of which are in the rural areas, into fully-aided schools.
6. The president also announced that the government has approved a RM120mil allocation over four years for the development of the Indian community following a request by the MIC. The RM30mil yearly allocation would be used to help single mothers and develop youth programmes and other schemes to help the needy.