Sunday, July 13, 2008


The MIC AGM just concluded. Although it was a one-day affair, a departure from the normal two days allotted to the gathering of grassroot leaders, it managed to put in perspective, the direction of the party. The rebranding exercise took centre stage. Was nice to see some delegates bringing up pertinent issues. Now, the party needs to get back its support from the community. Although we are slow, I am confident that we would eventually make it.
Below is the summary of the AGM:
1. The president said that MIC Youth was unaffected by the resignation of several youth leaders including, its chief S. A. Vigneswaran, over the past month, and had in fact emerged stronger now.
2. He also said that he would leave it to delegates attending the MIC party elections in March next year to decide on his fate as party's president. He said the question of whether he would be re-elected or someone else would take over as party president would be decided by the delegates.
3. The president also called on the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) to do away with communal politics and become a truly multi-racial party if it wants to regain the support and trust of the people. He said BN should speak with one voice while ensuring the needs and sensitivities of all races were respected and fulfilled.
4. The Prime Minister who opened the AGM announced that immediate steps would be taken to enhance education among Indian students, either at school or university level, for the long-term benefit of the country's third largest community.
5. He said among others, the government had agreed to turn more capital-aided Tamil schools, many of which are in the rural areas, into fully-aided schools.
6. The president also announced that the government has approved a RM120mil allocation over four years for the development of the Indian community following a request by the MIC. The RM30mil yearly allocation would be used to help single mothers and develop youth programmes and other schemes to help the needy.


Erumbu said...


WHat happened to your earlier blog about - YES I WALKED OUT?

What about our comments?

Samy told you to throw out or you will be thrown?

Meenachi Indian said...

Yes, Datuk where is your post on Saturday? Were you told to remove it? Too late lah Datuk, its been splashed all over the Internet already.Here's a copy to jog your memory.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yes, I Walked Out

Yesterday, on the eve of the MIC General Assembly, I attended a
dinner hosted by the party President. I was given a seat at a table,two tables away from the VIP table. This is fine with me. To me the sitting arrangement does not matter at all. What irked me was the main table comprised all top party leaders, except me and YB
Devamany, who are both deputy ministers. I am the party information chief. But the sitting arrangement was such that a deposed MIC leader, who in my view played a vital role in the downfall of the MIC via a Tamil daily, was seated at the main table.
Now, politics is such that when your someone attacks your president, regardless of your stance, you should defend the party head. And this is what I did last year, earning the wrath of this certain leader, who used a Tamil newspaper, to start a smear campaign against me and several other MIC leaders. My question is, is this the kind of politics we practice?
Yesterday fight and today kiss! I don't subscribe to this kind of politics although some senior MIC leaders do it for reasons only known to themselves.
I defended the party and its leaders against this man but today, he sits at the main table
gobbling the food while we, who defended the party, take a back seat.
This is why I walked out. Its disgusting gutter politics, if you ask me.
I have been a strong proponent of unity in the community but
sometimes some people are not just worth it.
It is better to leave
them out for the sake of the majority. They put the interest of
themselves above all.
I know I will earn the wrath of the president for my act last night, but I stand by it. I may lose all positions I have now, but it just does not matter as it is a matter of pride and principle. Keep u guys posted on the latest.

Posted by Saravanan Murugan

Anonymous said...

Where is the earlier posting? Pls dont do this.

Old Fart said...

Your president also said that 1.3 million people attended Batu Caves at this years Thaipusam. Fact is at least 800,000 people did not attend, which means maybe less than 500,000 people attended.

So, what else was your president saying?