Thursday, July 10, 2008

MIC General Assembly

My apologies for not blogging over the last couple of days. The preparations for the MIC Annual General Assembly is moving ahead full steam. It is going to be a one day affair at the Putra World Trade Centre this Saturday. This is a departure from the norm, where assemblies were held for two days i.e Saturday and Sunday. Due to financial constraints we have been forced to cut it short for a day. However, I personally feel that this is the time that we allowed delegates, who are our grass root leaders, the freedom to talk and air their views without fear or favour. We as leaders must listen and do the necessary to get back the support lost at the general elections. Well, this Assembly would be extended as it is slatted to run from 8am in the morning, right-up to the night. Hope everything turns out well. We can't afford any controversies but welcome feedback and constructive criticisms. Planning a very short trip to India but I don't know if it will materialise. My Minister (the Federal Territories Ministry) has gone on leave, so I am left with the responsibilities at Parliament and taking over his duties until he returns. Running on a very tight schedule. For those who commented a very big thank you.


**-WaNTeDGaL-** said...


It does not matter is the assembly being held for a day or two but as long, the outcome benefits malaysian indians.

Meet you there dato.


Anonymous said...


We, the youths saw a clean and productive MIC National Youth AGM last week where almost 95% who attended were only delegates. This is a good kick start with our new coordinator T.Mohan. Again, we are anxiously waiting for this Saturday, to attend the MIC General Assembly. My suggestion would be to broadcast it live over the net or thru other medias to ensure that the public knows what we have done for the community and how it is being debated during the assembly.

This way, not only Malaysians, but the entire world would have a better perspective on MIC's progress and struggle for our community. Thank you Datuk!

MIC WP Youth Secretary

Karunakaran, Former MIC Subang said...

Dear Saravanan,

Thanks for updating regarding MIC assembly. Its funny that RTM doesnt allow MIC assembly to go live, one law for UMNO another for the Indians.

Anyway, thats better they dont because I've attended the assembly before in JB and its full of MIC grassroot leaders singing praises for Samy. Simply distasteful and quite embarassing if other races watch us being plain inebrates. Some of the comments are like - ayoyo samy, without you how we Indians are going to afford to buy houses? Haha, this is how cowed the Indians have become. Ayoyo Samy knows his time is coming to an abrupt end soon, whether he is taking MIC down with him is another matter.

So whats the assembly aim to achieve? Provide food for the hungry, diabetic laden, bypass waiting, division & branch leaders?
A 'lawatan sambil belajar to PWTC, the only time where Indians are allowed to enter in masses? Or for Samy and rest of CWC to give their sorry excuses for disabling and enslaving the Indians on behalf of UMNO.

Saravanan, you cant even utter a word against Hamidah but yet you want to run a ministry konon. Cant even upset Hamidah but want to organise this useless assembly which hasnt achieved anything since its formation.

Answer me Datuk Saravanan, love to hear.

ThePublicProsecutor said...

All the gangsters and thugs arranged already ah? Sure fight one an as usual, people who want to raise remarks and be heard will be given threats.

Selamat Bersidang! Hope no slippers will kena Samy!

Aryaputra said...

Will be waiting for your comments on the MIC General Assembly. How did it go?