Friday, June 6, 2008

Is there are a real fuel shortage

I have been reading a lot of comments and feedbacks on this issue, following the government's move to increase petrol and diesel prices starting yesterday. Many say that there is no crude oil shortage and I agree with this view. The price is artificial. The real culprit in this whole fiasco, which has thrown the world into an energy crisis, I feel is the US, in their effort to strengthen the US greenback/dollar. Well, this is for world leaders to delibrate and discuss and find a way to do something to bring the world back to its senses. What do you think? Is the shortage real?
p/s: I am back in KL after being in Terengganu for the last two days for Sukma. Was a nice break, watching sports, although it was work,work and more work. A heavy weekend in store. God give me strength.

Make PSD list public

I made a press statement today, calling for the Public Services Department to make the list of it's scholarship recipients public. This, I feel, will go a long way in the government's effort to promote tranparency. It will also dispel the notion that only children from well connected, wealthy families are given the scholarship. You tell me, should the government make the list open?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fuel price hike.

Prime Minister yesterday announced that the price of fuel, especially petrol and diesel, will go up today. Petrol is priced at RM2.70, while diesel RM2.58. A hefty 78sen increase for petrol and RM1 hike for diesel. It is going to definitely hit the pockets of many, especially the lower and middle income group. I was talking to some friends yesterday and was told that it would now cost RM10 to fill up a "kapchai" (low end motocycles). This is the height of dizziness. I remember filling up low end motorcycles I borrowed from friends those days with a mere RM2. And what about the spiralling effect of the hike. Prices of goods and services are also likely to skyrocket. Lets have your say on this. Tell me what you think of this latest move by the government.
p/s: I am in Terengganu today, attending Sukma (for those who are not familiar with Sukma -- it is Sukan Malaysia !

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

PSD Scholarships: Do we have to beg year in, year out!

Last week MIC top brass met the Chief Secretary to the government and the Public Services Department D-G. Their quest was to ask for more Indian students be given PSD scholarships to continue their studies overseas. Initially only 34 Indian students were offered the scholarships, then this was increased to 70-odd. We are now appealing on behalf of 180 other Indian students.
Do we have to "beg" the government every year for these scholarships? In my view, it is best that the powers that be fix the number of PSD scholarhips for Indians. The figure I am looking at is 250 scholarships. This is because out of 2,000 such scholarships, 55% if allocated for the bumiputeras, while the remainder 45% or 900 scholarships for the non-bumis.
And judging from this year, 34 scholarships out of the 900, is a far cry from our population propotion. We also cannot go on begging the PSD every year. Give us 250 scholarships and let the cream of Indian students enjoy the labour of their hardwork. What do you think ? Lets have your say on this issue.

What kind of MIC do you prefer?

Read all your comments and found it interesting. Now its time for the people to talk. MIC was formed more than 50 years ago with the sole intention of uniting the community, which was then fragmented, to speak with one voice and to strive for the independence of the nation. As time passed the party evolved. Now, we are at a crossroads. You the people, tell me, what kind of MIC do you expect? What should be the party's aims and strategies?
You can talk about the past, but I feel discussing the past will only evoke anger, frustration and more dissapointment. So, I request that you tell me what do you want from the party? How can the MIC represent the entire cross section of the Indian community and not only Tamils in the country? What would be the ideal MIC, to represent all Malaysian Indians?

Sunday, June 1, 2008


First and foremost, let me thank everyone who took the trouble to share their thoughts and views on my blog. It gives me great encouragement to see that many of you have congratulated me on my website and this blog. All your words of encouragement is doing wonders for me, giving me the added boost to ride through the storm (the political one, I mean). For the information of all, the pictures in the website would be uploaded in the next 48-hours.
I would greatly appreciate and humbly request that all complaints regarding the Federal Teritories Ministry be chanelled to my e-mail. This would make it easier for me to deal with these complaints. As for this blog, although I welcome comments, ideas, suggestions and remarks please keep your comments clean (as in the language). Calling me names, is not going to help anyone. I am going to post some samples of the "nasty" comments sent to me for all to see.
This is what I have to undergo in my quest to be accepted by the people. I mean no harm. I want to help the community and Malaysians at large. This is my one and only aim. So, please help me, help you.
Many of those who viewed the blog, have come up with some good ideas for discussion. These include the Maika Holding share debacle, the MIC's rebranding exercise, complaints about the City Hall (DBKL). I welcome these comments too.
Some of you must be wondering, why some comments have yet to be published. Please bear with me. The weekend was hectic. I was tied down attending MIC state conventions, running from south to north. Once again THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!