Friday, June 6, 2008

Make PSD list public

I made a press statement today, calling for the Public Services Department to make the list of it's scholarship recipients public. This, I feel, will go a long way in the government's effort to promote tranparency. It will also dispel the notion that only children from well connected, wealthy families are given the scholarship. You tell me, should the government make the list open?


Harry Singh said...

Dear Minister,

Again I strongly support your call. Lets have transparency. Publish the names of recipents together their academic grade obtained. And lets see whether it is like the DG said ' they have awarded to the cream of the crop". He also spoke about extracurricular activities that only if you represent the country does it value add. Lets see how many are country flag bearers in the sporting arena and what they won or just waste of public money participating. Further, my Dear Minister, PSD might now want to punish our childrens by awarding something but sending them to Indonesia, Russia. All the UK , US and Australia seats reserved for 'friends". Or maybe they will award our children places for courses that they did not apply or have no interest. The trick is they make token gestures, knowing we will not accept. As they say many ways to skin a cat ( in this case indians, sorry for the pun). Dear Minister, we are hoping on you to carry out this struggle and win for the community. The bottonline is we must win and be recognized as citizen of this great country , we have collectively built. My best regards to MIC , our President Dato Seri Samy Vellu, your self and other leaders of MIC. With this the community should appreciate what Dato Seri had to go through all these years not easy to get anything, always have beg...beg. ..beg. and more begging never treated as equal partner.

Premnath Agamutu said...

Yes, they most definitely should! Both the list of PSD scholars, and the list of PSD job intakes.

We've been cheated of our rightful scholarships and jobs for too long!

A. Premnath
Putera MIC Information Chief

Sujieta said...

161 students obtained the scholarships and this is not enough. We should not compromise with this number.

What happen to 187 students whom appealed? Dato, pls look into the matter and take immediate actions to help them to get the scholarships soon...


vj said...

Hi! Good day to all. I personally think Gov must publish the names and other details. This program done using taxpayer money and we have all the rights to know it. And as said by you the begging culture must be stopped. We feel sick for having to beg for things like this in our own country. ;) .

Admin.Hindraf said...

Hi Dato,

let make PSD scholarship as the beginning of being transperant.
We should be able to shut all complaints. This will encourage our student to work hand for more excellence.
There are many more govt given benefit that need more transparency.
Hope we get what we deserved to get.
Vaalge Makkal Sakthi