Sunday, June 1, 2008


First and foremost, let me thank everyone who took the trouble to share their thoughts and views on my blog. It gives me great encouragement to see that many of you have congratulated me on my website and this blog. All your words of encouragement is doing wonders for me, giving me the added boost to ride through the storm (the political one, I mean). For the information of all, the pictures in the website would be uploaded in the next 48-hours.
I would greatly appreciate and humbly request that all complaints regarding the Federal Teritories Ministry be chanelled to my e-mail. This would make it easier for me to deal with these complaints. As for this blog, although I welcome comments, ideas, suggestions and remarks please keep your comments clean (as in the language). Calling me names, is not going to help anyone. I am going to post some samples of the "nasty" comments sent to me for all to see.
This is what I have to undergo in my quest to be accepted by the people. I mean no harm. I want to help the community and Malaysians at large. This is my one and only aim. So, please help me, help you.
Many of those who viewed the blog, have come up with some good ideas for discussion. These include the Maika Holding share debacle, the MIC's rebranding exercise, complaints about the City Hall (DBKL). I welcome these comments too.
Some of you must be wondering, why some comments have yet to be published. Please bear with me. The weekend was hectic. I was tied down attending MIC state conventions, running from south to north. Once again THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!


bmahendran said...

Vanakkam sir.
I understand and well, expected this to happen anyway. You, being a public figure can't run away form such comments in your blog, somemore in Internet, a free world . But that is part of having a blog and well, opening up.

However its good that you have enabled comments moderation. It is THE way to avoid having such nasty comments making its way on ur blog.
BUT, just my view, publishing some of the 'nasty ones' will not help anyway at all.It will just make matters worst Datuk, just go ahead and pin down your writings and views and let the magical wonders of comment moderation do its tricks.

Really, publishing it will only infuriates ppl more. Neway just my sincere comment, having handled such scenario myself =)



Barathi Tamil said...

We need a good resource centre for indian in KL. Like Library with lot of indian and tamil book, computer withinternet facility, projector for us to do presentatiom for new ideas, TV room, and also other edicational resouces centre.Do we have that.What want to waste money in changing MIC uniform, logos, colors and etc etc.We we ask for this....We need some good and decent place to get knowledge.Why can't MIC leaders think of this....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dato Saravanan....

for publishing my comment although it was critical. I respect you for that. You see, where else can the Indians turn to other than the established MIC. PKR is, of course, riding on the
anti-establishment sentiments and taking the Indians for a ride. If only the party had strongly and intelligently stood up for our rights and privileges, then we would not have found ourselves in this storm now. Tun Mahathir is belittling the Indians and painting a ugly picture of us. Can you do something about it?
One more thing I'd like add is that if you ever decide to challenge Samy one day, you will definitely be successful. This is my intuition. What say you?

Jenny Peter said...

My daughter is a 12A1 achiever in SPM 2007 yet her JPA scholarship was rejected.Suprisingly there were her schoolmates who with lesser achievement manage to get JPA scholarship.With whatever explanation the JPA could provide,it does not provide suffiecient evidence to counter the criticsm.PSD Director-general's explanation only open to more criticsm such as :
How could candidates be driven in Mercedes and BMW for interviews.How could they be even eligible for an interview.I would like him to possibly teach me to save with 2400 and purchase a BMW.Irony of the matter is not a single Bumi candidates voice their frustration for failure of acceptance of scholarship with 10A1
Basically I had begging especially if u have merit and that's exactly what we are doing.
That is not the crust of the matter.What I like to see is the groupping of all the component parties less UMNO and then demand our rights.The election was lost because of the arrogange of UMNO leaders.Let's not forget that.MIC and the component parties was and is literally begging for everyhing. Is this the spirit of BN.If all components less UMNO voice agains UMNO, I believe the voice will louder and effective.If we allow UMNO to treat each component party separately, we have less power.Politics is all about nos.Suggest to MCA,GERAKAN etc. and formed a working relation within BN and faced UMNO for the welfare of the non-bumi.All the best YB

Anonymous said...

Mr. Saravanan,
I am an Indian and I am very proud that you are a Deputy Minister. I believe you will do your best in your duties. My only concern is at the moment is that we have racial politics in Malaysia. MIC claims that it is the only party to champion indian rights. I would not want to argue on that matter. My only disappointment is everyone knows that they don't want Samy Vellu. Samy Vellu is a leader born before independence. His mentality is like Dr. Mahathir. Their mentality is also about building a solid foundation, etc. The time is gone. 50 years has passed. It is time for a new, young, charismatic and vibrant leader. A leader around late 30s to early 40s should champion MIC. Many professionals who speak English shy away from MIC. This is not because they dont want to join MIC but the perception is you need to know Tamil. Please change this mentality. Irrespective English, Malay or Tamil speaking professionals, just bring them. Let them revolutionise MIC in the 21st Century era. People like the former deputy president, Subramaniam, Palanivel, and oldies of Samy Vellu's era need to leave. We need a group of people who would teach the Indians to be independent and learn on how to stand on their feet. We need people who can teach the Indians to go global and not think about malaysia only because as long UMNO is around, they would make our mindset narrow.

Sir, I am an investment banker working in London. I got 9A1 and 1A2, and yet I did not get any scholarship. I told myself " Learn to fish, and not to be given a fish". I studied engineering in a local university, and then I did ACCA and became an auditor in Malaysia. I found a job in London as an auditor. I went to London did my MBA and now working as investment banker. I can tell you Sir, it is all because of my father who said dont give and dont depend on anyone.

Sir, UMNO and the government will never allow me to become who I am now, if I had been in Malaysia all the while. FYI, MCA through TAR College, send a lot of chinese to UK. Indians must work around the system.
As a young deputy minister, I beliebe you can change MIC. Remember sir, it is time for Samy and his stupid son to live. Bring the Indians to a global level. Dont think about Malaysia only.
Sir, Makkal Sakhthi will help Indians. I wish you all the best.

Malaysian Indian said...

Hello Brudder,

Blogging is not for everyone. To be a blogger is to open yourself to hard hitting questions and total scrutiny of your present and past.

Not only must you be honest and above board now. You must also have been unblemished in the past 1, 2, 5, 10 years.

On that score alone, my friend, you will not qualify to becoming a blogger.

Are you sure you are ready for what is to come ????

Think carefully my friend. It is not the same as having Vel Pari giving you media space to highlight your achievements in Tamil Nesan.

Here, in the blogsphere you are your man. You have no one and nothing to protect you.

Whatever your answer may be, only time will tell whether or not you have what it takes to handle blogging. We will wait and see !!

Anonymous said...

vanakkam sir.l really admire your braveness to have your blog sir.l hope with this u could do more to the indian community. Best of luck sir. l know u work hard for the community. Keep it up sir.

Barathi Tamil said...

MIC is a waste for INDIAN to trust.There's lot more socialist willing to help indian.Most MIC branch heads are useless, not qualified and can't even write a good letter in english or malay.How can they help the rest.
MIC will be useless until SAMY VELU is there.Kick him out to see prosper in MIC.He do help people in thousands but he make millions in big projects.A minister with rm 10 to 15 k salary can afford huge property in Malaysia, India, Australia and etc etc..How.....where he get the money,Whose money he cheat....

So, how to trust MIC.Don't change the LOGO change the LEADER.Then We see New MIC....

S.Murugesan said...

CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE DATO. Welcome to blogsphere!!! We have to get more MIC Leaders to blog and interact with people on cyberspace.

Murugesan Sinnandavar

rajkumar palmanaphan said...

congratulations sir,its a very brave move for you to have a blog on your own,i hope it may be a good communication medium for our indian people as it has always been difficult to say our views and comments on our leaders..all your efforts and ideas to develope our indian community will get constant support for us..valga to the new generation leaders