Wednesday, June 4, 2008

PSD Scholarships: Do we have to beg year in, year out!

Last week MIC top brass met the Chief Secretary to the government and the Public Services Department D-G. Their quest was to ask for more Indian students be given PSD scholarships to continue their studies overseas. Initially only 34 Indian students were offered the scholarships, then this was increased to 70-odd. We are now appealing on behalf of 180 other Indian students.
Do we have to "beg" the government every year for these scholarships? In my view, it is best that the powers that be fix the number of PSD scholarhips for Indians. The figure I am looking at is 250 scholarships. This is because out of 2,000 such scholarships, 55% if allocated for the bumiputeras, while the remainder 45% or 900 scholarships for the non-bumis.
And judging from this year, 34 scholarships out of the 900, is a far cry from our population propotion. We also cannot go on begging the PSD every year. Give us 250 scholarships and let the cream of Indian students enjoy the labour of their hardwork. What do you think ? Lets have your say on this issue.


Harry Singh said...

Dear Minister Saravanan, I cannot agree with you more. Too long we have been neglected and offered various excuses which are subjective. I again express my gratitude to MIC, its President Dato Seri Samy Vellu, your goodselves and other MIC leaders, please fight for our rights as citizens of Malaysia. Our children with straight A1s are been refused a scholarship , our children have strived and excelled and still they are not rewarded. We cannot fail our children and community. Please continue the struggle and our prayers are with MIC and you. This is a great way to rebrand MIC , as sole representative of our community ( Indian, Sikhs, Malayalees, Telegus etc). I had also written personally to you yesterday and thank you for the attention.

Anonymous said...

Kami setuju dengan pandangan YB

Sylvester Marian said...

Dear Datuk,

I refer to your posting on your blog pertaining to the
above matter. It is really a shame that the Indians
are allocated only a small percentage of the yearly
PSD scholarships. And what more, now that PSD has
agreed to increase the allocation for the non-bumis,
we can hear ripples from certain pro-bumi quarters.

I whole heartedly support an increase for the Indians
on this issue.

Just a little note, as I am now in the midst of my
exams. Once my exams are over, you can be certain
that you will hear from me more.

Best regards.


theFireWithin said...

Well, this is why we need a strong MIC and an united Indian front. This has been going on for the last few years, it is not something new. If the government really cares about us Indians, then they would have provided it to us without us having to ask and like you said "beg". We have to be united, put up a united front. All Indian MPs, may they be from the opposition or government must come together for this cause. Only then will the government listen. Think about this Dato'.

lvbala said...

Dear Saravanan,

I feel its a great joke when you use the word "BEG"...
Do you have to BEG to the goverment for this schoolarship? Why this should happen? Don’t you feel its a shame of the MIC and the so called Indian leaders need to "BEG" from the goverment to get more persentage for the schoolarship? We have been living in Malaysia for how many years and we have to BEG to the goverment for schoolarship????

What else we need to BEG from the goverment?

Don’t we as an Indian feel shame about it?

Dear Saravanan,
This is why Indian are so frustrated with MIC cause we have to "BEG"... we as a Malaysian born Indian have to beg for scholarship. What was the pledge of MIC from the government for the past 50 year until we have to BEG the government and how sure you are to get what we want by begging?

Is it really going to work? Getting what we want by begging?

This is why we feel better to support "HINDRAF" represent by educated personnel who even bring to the street to seek for justice as a first wave after begging doesn't work.
Now the 5 brothers are in ISA detention centre. We need to go for a second wave to show that INDIAN is still alive in spirits.
I am willing to go under ISA, Indians are willing to die for their rights... Do you?

Don’t give the entire crap story by telling “we will look into it, we will ask for it, I will bring the matter to the higher authority.”

And now the latest is yours….. “tell me how to do it” “tell me your views and I will try to answer it” ~ You want us to tell you what to do? Or you want us to tell you the whole Malaysians Indians story???

As for you its not a problem when MIC / DSSV sponsor you for your study in UK as you are his pet boy. Think about the people who have more than one kids and what this people gonna do? Hows their problem to be solve..??

Its only one way... "Fight for the rights"

Come on bro…

The uneducated

Vijeindran said...

Dear Dato,

I am a CJ. How can I help you to help indians to know what is available for them? How can I get information on "Tekun", "Study Loan" and etc.. kindly advice.. Thank you.

Vijeindran said...

Testing.. not able to post comments...