Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fuel price hike.

Prime Minister yesterday announced that the price of fuel, especially petrol and diesel, will go up today. Petrol is priced at RM2.70, while diesel RM2.58. A hefty 78sen increase for petrol and RM1 hike for diesel. It is going to definitely hit the pockets of many, especially the lower and middle income group. I was talking to some friends yesterday and was told that it would now cost RM10 to fill up a "kapchai" (low end motocycles). This is the height of dizziness. I remember filling up low end motorcycles I borrowed from friends those days with a mere RM2. And what about the spiralling effect of the hike. Prices of goods and services are also likely to skyrocket. Lets have your say on this. Tell me what you think of this latest move by the government.
p/s: I am in Terengganu today, attending Sukma (for those who are not familiar with Sukma -- it is Sukan Malaysia !


Premnath Agamutu said...

Yes, it is going to hurt the pockets of the poor.

Especially when our public transportation is hardly first-world.

I blogged about this too.

Putera MIC.

Anonymous said...

Hello Datuk,

Saya terharu kerana kesudian Datuk turun padang untuk sama-sama memeriahkan Sukma di T'ganu. Tak semua Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri sanggup travel jauh2 untuk turun padang menyaksikan sukan seperti ini. Tetapi Datuk telah buktikan yang Datuk sememangnya peka dengan setiap perkembangan semasa. Tahniah Datuk!

Salah seorang kenalan saya merupakan peserta Sukma dan rata2 peserta amat gembira apabila Datuk mengumumkan akan memberikan ganjaran tambahan sebanyak RM300 bg pemenang pingat emas yang mana mereka sedia ada akan mendapat ganjaran RM2500. Dapat saya rasakan bahawa mereka amat gembira sekali dengan keprihatinan Datuk.

Dan saya harap kemunculan pemimpin seperti Datuk bukanlah hangat2 tahi ayam sahaja. Maklumlah baru menang pilihanraya maka semua nya manis belaka. Harapan saya agar usaha Datuk untuk terus memajukan masyarakat seluruhnya akan berterusan.

novinthen said...


Hopefully goverment will use the saved up subsidy money to proper use. That is to upgrade public transport. Today i was on the LRT going to Kelana Jaya from KL Sentral . It was heavy rain, and LRT was leaking!!. I could not believe it. Even in normal days , the Air-Con leaking is "normal" for us,the commuters.

Government must monitor these public services more. By having good public service we can actually control traffic jams. After this price hike people will start taking bus. It will be more "sardin"ed then ever.Datuk please try taking a rapid KL bus sometimes. You will know what we suffer everday.. Everyday is a sad story for us. Hmm.. Lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Novinthen Krishnan
Putera MIC

Dentist said...

Hi Datuk,
My question is a reflection of Datuk Idris Jala?
Is there really a shortage of fuel in the world or is this another devious scheme from upper hands unknown?

Harry Singh said...

Dear Minister,

It is definitely going to hurt. I am just told that Transnational have increased there fares immediately ( got a call from a friend). But what I can vouch for is that some items at the supermarket already have their prices raised All making a mockery of what Minister Shahrir said. When will these UMNO Ministers realise that any one can make statements but devil is in the enforcement and implementation, which is always 'close one eye'. But the joke is on us because we get no help/ assistance whilst others are privileged. Dear Minister, pls guide these 'lost souls' for the betterment of our community and all Malaysians. Take care and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Datuk,
The fuel hike is ridiculous. The poor and the middle class will suffer most. Why can't the government stop Petronas from spending lavishly on the F1 Race in all the countries just for branding. Let's focus on our rakyat first on the hardship faced by them due to the price hike.

Ramanathan chinnu

Anonymous said...

Hello Dato,

Everyone is making noise about the fuel price increase. The government shall seriously reconsider the price increase since it will affect significantly to the rakyat. BN shall do something on the above issue in order for them to continue it legacy in the folowing election. Please save BN by giving the right things to the rakyat especially this fuel issue.

With regards
Faithful MIC member.