Friday, November 14, 2008


By now, many would have known what is happening in the MIC, politically I mean. The presidential election would be held in late Feb or March, while election for other positions would be in September.
Party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu would seek re-election. Datuk Muthupalaniappan from Seremban has voiced his intention to fight the president's post.
No other leader has announced their intention to contest for posts and that includes myself. Three days ago, Tamil Nesan ran a front page story saying that I could be going for the party number two post -- deputy president -- in September and I issued a denial the very next day.
I have not even thought of what post to contest as I find that the party polls are still ten months away and it is not time to start talking about politics or positions.
The bigger task at hand is getting work done. There are so many things to do and this is my priority presently. Let positions come to me rather than me fighting for positions, just eight months after winning a parliamentary seat and becoming a deputy minister.
Some might say that a politician has to be ambitious and criticise me for taking this stand.
The people, or rather in this case, MIC members and delegates should be my judge and jury. If they find me to be a worthwhile leader then by all means, I would take their advice and support. Only after this can I decide what I want to do with my political career.
My mission for now is to serve the people and let them decide what and where I should sit. I would not lobby for posts and if the public think I am not worth-the-while then it is better for me not to contest. I do not want to be known as someone, who just warms a particular seat in the party.
I want to be known as someone who brought change to the community and Malaysians at large.