Thursday, July 3, 2008

No Point Beating A Dead Snake

Last week, the Umno Barisan Nasional state assembly woman for Sungai Rapat, Perak Hamidah Osman uttered a racial slur against Indians at the state assembly asking the speaker if he saw a snake and a man of a certain community, who he would kill first. In one of the comments I received, someone pointed out that I have not blogged anything about this. Why should I degrade myself to answer to this slur by an ignorant member of the state assembly. Without doubt, I would never condone anyone degrading Indians or Hindus in general. Is there a need for me to put that in writing.
MIC has already reacted to this latest slur on the community, asking the BN government to initiate action against the state assemblywomen. I want to correct a comment, which stated that the MIC did not react to that attack and that only DAP had done so. Please check your facts before commenting on issues as blogs should not be used to mislead the people who read it.
I would go one step further. Sack her. Use her as an example to the other racially motivated MPs from the BN. We don't mind losing another seat in the state assembly of a state we have already lost. The BN must put its foot down and show other Malaysians that it would not tolerate this sort of nonsense. There is no point in saying that the BN uses the multi religious, multi race approach if stern action is not initiated.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Government's Promise

The government has promised to set-up a special unit, under the Education Ministry, to assist Tamil schools tackle the problems confonting them.
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in making this pledge yesterday said the unit would also be responsible to identify partially-assisted schools to be turned into fully-assisted schools, besides expediting the consolidation of rural Tamil schools with less than 50 students each, Bernama reported.
The Education Ministry will also add more classrooms in the cabin-style at Tamil schools with a big student enrolment to meet their needs.
The BN number two man also said the special unit would also look at other needs like transportation and hostel facilities for Tamil school students.
On the intake of Indian students into local public higher learning institutions, Najib said the policy based on merit had not changed and that Indian students should raise their academic performance to improve their prospects of furthering their studies to tertiary level.
He said as an immediate measure to assist Indian students, those who
wish to join the MIC-run Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST) in Sungai Petani, Kedah to take up critical studies like medicine,
dentistry, law, engineering and pharmacology, could apply for scholarships from
the Public Service Department (PSD).
AIMST is the fifth private university accredited for PSD scholarships after
Monash University, Nottingham University, Curtin University and Swinburne
He said with this recognition, the number of Indian students in the
critical areas of study would increase.
He added that the PSD had also been asked to look at qualified Indian
candidates to be considered for service in the public sector as officers and
staff of other ranks.
"The cabinet committee also wants the vendor sector developed by Petronas
and Proton to be also fairly opened to Indians. With regards to this, a micro credit scheme by Bank Simpanan Nasional has been extended to Indian small traders, besides the small loans from Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia with RM100 million allocated for the purpose."
He said the Human Resource Ministry, meanwhile, was tasked with providing
training to create more barbers and cooks among Indians.
Najib also disclosed that the issue of Indian equity share which had been
raised by the community, would be discussed with Permodalan Nasional Berhad.
He said to ensure that all the efforts to assist the Indian community would
be implemented effectively, the MIC minister and other members in government as
well as MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu would follow up with the
ministries and agencies involved.
Note: This is a promise and pledge made by Najib. I hope the government can and will fulfil whatever that has been said. This is my feverish hope for the community. I am keeping this news clip for future reference. I know many of you will complain, that I have posted something from the news. But I feel, Indians need to say what they think of the DPM promises. I really hope the promise would be kept.

p/s: Mahendran, yes you got that right but not France la bro, Portugal may be! Feels like lost something now that Euro is over and EPL is yet to start.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Its Sad

The weekend was abuzz. From the Anwar issue, Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy not seeking re-election in MCA as president and deputy president respectively and my colleague and long time friend MIC Youth chief SA. Vigneswaran announcing his decision to quit the party.
It is sad to see Vigneswaran or Vicky, as he is known among friends, to leave the MIC. At a time when we need to consolidate and forge ahead with renewed vigour, we have bickering. It should not have happened.
The reason for Vicky's departure is because the party leadership had decided that those above the age of 41 should vacate their positions in the Youth wing. But this interpretation of the party constitution was not accepted by Vicky, thus the reason to leave.
At a press conference yesterday, he said that he had lost confidence in the president and threatened to open the "Pandora's box" on the happenings within the party.
My earnest request to my friend Vicky is please do not damage the party more. It is already "wounded" from the general election, and we are just picking up the pieces.
I am really sad and disappointed at what has happened but now there is a need to look at the bigger picture.
MIC is 62 years old and has suffered lots of setbacks in the past which we have managed to overcome. The latest setback at the March 8 general election is one of its biggest disappointment, since its inception. MIC is at its lowest and we can't afford a crisis or internal bickering now.
Please think of the party. Put the party above individuals. This is my humble request to all parties involved. We need to get back on our feet and start working.
The latest: T. Mohan has been appointed as MIC Youth Coordinator while S. Murugesan would be his deputy. S. Ramis would head the MIC Youth Advisory Panel.

p/s: Euro Champions Spain. They beat Germany with a 1:0 score. The Spainards have finally done it. Was a good Euro overall with lots of excitement and disappointments.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Press Statement

Below is a press statement I issued to Bernama today.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 -- The government must set-up a monitoring committee to check on the progress of the proposed unit trust scheme, aimed at increasing corporate equity ownership among ethnic Indians from the present 1.1 per cent to 1.5 per cent by 2010.
In making this call, MIC information chief Datuk M. Saravanan also wanted the government to ensure fair Indian participation in the monitoring committee, comprising professionals, especially bankers and stock market experts, representatives of non-governmental organisations and political parties.
"The committee should ensure the smooth and fair implementation of the scheme. The scheme must receive equal distribution in the community and nobody should complain of being left out."
On Thursday, tabling the mid-term review of the Ninth Malaysia Plan, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that to increase corporate equity ownership among ethnic Indians to 1.5 % by 2010, efforts would be continued to increase access to skills training and entrepreneurship development programmes.
In addition, special assistance will be given to the ethnic Indian community to raise the level of their equity ownership through unit trust schemes, Abdullah had revealed.
Saravanan, who is also Federal Territories deputy minister, also said the unit trust scheme should not be distributed by any single body as this would result in "all sorts allegations" and would be open to abuse.
"The government must ensure that Indians gain from the scheme. It should transparent coming out with regular periodical progress reports to ensure that the people know where their investments are and how it is doing in terms of financial gains.
"There is also a need to ensure that this scheme reaches its target group. There is no point in a few people holding most of the unit trusts. It must be evenly distributed so that the target group benefits. It must also have a safeguard so that only Indians are entitled to the scheme and that units do not pass on from Indians to another race," he added.
On another note, the deputy minister also hoped that the government would provide a one-off grant to all Tamil schools in the country to remedy whatever shortfalls they had.
"This could be as a one off grant. We can solve woes of Tamil schools once and for all. Never again should Tamil schools organise fund raising campaigns to improve the infrastructure of schools. This has become a habit and is becoming a norm.
"Students of these schools are also Malaysian and therefore they should gain from the government's support. We hope this grant can be made available at the tabling of the 2009 Budget," he added. -- BERNAMA