Monday, June 30, 2008

Its Sad

The weekend was abuzz. From the Anwar issue, Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy not seeking re-election in MCA as president and deputy president respectively and my colleague and long time friend MIC Youth chief SA. Vigneswaran announcing his decision to quit the party.
It is sad to see Vigneswaran or Vicky, as he is known among friends, to leave the MIC. At a time when we need to consolidate and forge ahead with renewed vigour, we have bickering. It should not have happened.
The reason for Vicky's departure is because the party leadership had decided that those above the age of 41 should vacate their positions in the Youth wing. But this interpretation of the party constitution was not accepted by Vicky, thus the reason to leave.
At a press conference yesterday, he said that he had lost confidence in the president and threatened to open the "Pandora's box" on the happenings within the party.
My earnest request to my friend Vicky is please do not damage the party more. It is already "wounded" from the general election, and we are just picking up the pieces.
I am really sad and disappointed at what has happened but now there is a need to look at the bigger picture.
MIC is 62 years old and has suffered lots of setbacks in the past which we have managed to overcome. The latest setback at the March 8 general election is one of its biggest disappointment, since its inception. MIC is at its lowest and we can't afford a crisis or internal bickering now.
Please think of the party. Put the party above individuals. This is my humble request to all parties involved. We need to get back on our feet and start working.
The latest: T. Mohan has been appointed as MIC Youth Coordinator while S. Murugesan would be his deputy. S. Ramis would head the MIC Youth Advisory Panel.

p/s: Euro Champions Spain. They beat Germany with a 1:0 score. The Spainards have finally done it. Was a good Euro overall with lots of excitement and disappointments.


ram said...

Its sad for us too that our chief Youth Leader Brother Vigneswaran are resign from party.

Anyway Good luck Bro Vicky......

Anonymous said...

Vicky has no choice. He is a threat to Samy's throne. So he has to go.

MIC has been bleeding talent for years now. All because Samy doesn't like competition.

MIC is a lost cause as long as the head is 'gila'

ThePublicProsecutor said...

Let the worms out of the filthy can and expose all the misadventures of the party. People in power want to remain in power. Old man asking another to vacate his seat on the excuse of letting younger blood in. Can't think of anything spectacular that this ex youth chief did for the community but why when asked to resign only want to open pandora's box all. Before when in power, your licked the old man shoes and when asked to get out, you showing your putti! No respect la for you...Serve and let people be the judge as to how effective you are. If you think you have what it takes, why don't you challenge the old man for party president and SERVE! what say you YB tingkat..maybe you can also join the race for party president since you won your seat whereas both the makkals lost? go for it ...sure you can bring changes since you are in a position to make difference!

dasavatharan said...

We are a very minority community.Whatever the leaders today do will have propound impact on the future generations.Individuals may or may not be remembered but the effect of their actions/inactions will resonate into the distant distant future.

bmahendran said...

euro ...spain played well. but my fav france did terrible this euro season :( aishey

Gurunathan, Kg Jawa said...

MIC with or without this traitors is going to be wiped out in the next decade...mark my words!

We dont want SAMY, we want ramaSAMY, we dont want vikneswaran, we want kulasegaran.

Saravanan, you talking here as though Vickeswaran has contributed hell of a lot to Indians - go to Klang and Kapar and listen to the plight of the indian labourers who got cheated of their land by this Vicky, Komala and UMNO reps.

Saravanan, its time for you to leave this gangster organisation called MIC and join DAP. The majority Vicky and Komala lost in elections shows how much the Indians hated MIC after years and years of coldblooded betrayal.

Old Fart said...

You look at it from the point of view that MIC is a worthwhile organisation that deserves saving. I come fromt eh view, its best of the Indians if MIC no longer exists and Malaysian Indians are no longer politically represented.

Fact is MIC has failed. You had, as you said, 62 years. And MIC failed. It can never succeed. It indeed undermines each and every Indian in this country and it is mostly responsible for the poor state of Malaysian Indians.

You will do well to do what is needed to dismantle Indians and tell the Indians in Malaysia to fend for themselves.

Sir, Mittal did not have any MIC or its equivalent to seize control of the steel industry. The founder of Hotmail did not have MIC or its equivalent to propel him in the IT world. The CEO of PepsiCola from Tamil Nadu has had no backing, support or knowledge of MIC or its equivalent. Only in Malaysia we Indians have to suffer the presence of an organisation that has hijacked the potential of the Indians and shafted it to a corner.

Dismantle MIC and serve the Indians well. Tell the Indians that they are on their own. Believe me we will all be better of within far less a time than you have so far spent tying us down to the ground.

Just ask V K Lingam. I am sure he did not need any help from MIC to literally control the judiciary. He did it on his own. Just imagine if a whole lot more Indians were only to venture out on their own? If it was so easy to take over the judiciary, just consider, how it will be easy for us to take over everything else?

smith said...

why no reply from you on Hamidah's disparaging remark made in Perak?

tamilkingdom said...

well,i'm pretty sure there are more than one person capable of heading the MIC youth nationally...

the last election is not a setback for MIC,you're wrong mr.saravanan.
it was a huge blow to samy vellu's presidentship.

for example,the last election is a huge setback for ka ting's presidentship and not MCA.

he'll leave by end of the year, they'll be another president and MCA will carry on....

unfortunately for MIC,that's not the case.samy vellu doesn't want to ling liong sik has left and mr ong ka ting is leaving but not samy vellu.

if the MIC leadership is replaced, the very next minute everyone from the malaysian indian community will embrace MIC with open arms.

Aryaputra said...

I can see mostly the post reads..we don't want Samy, but who should be the next leader? or are we better off with what "old fart" said.

My opinion - if nothing is changed or improved by year end or even after the MIC General Assembly, then i agree with "old fart".

No Race based politics!!!