Thursday, July 3, 2008

No Point Beating A Dead Snake

Last week, the Umno Barisan Nasional state assembly woman for Sungai Rapat, Perak Hamidah Osman uttered a racial slur against Indians at the state assembly asking the speaker if he saw a snake and a man of a certain community, who he would kill first. In one of the comments I received, someone pointed out that I have not blogged anything about this. Why should I degrade myself to answer to this slur by an ignorant member of the state assembly. Without doubt, I would never condone anyone degrading Indians or Hindus in general. Is there a need for me to put that in writing.
MIC has already reacted to this latest slur on the community, asking the BN government to initiate action against the state assemblywomen. I want to correct a comment, which stated that the MIC did not react to that attack and that only DAP had done so. Please check your facts before commenting on issues as blogs should not be used to mislead the people who read it.
I would go one step further. Sack her. Use her as an example to the other racially motivated MPs from the BN. We don't mind losing another seat in the state assembly of a state we have already lost. The BN must put its foot down and show other Malaysians that it would not tolerate this sort of nonsense. There is no point in saying that the BN uses the multi religious, multi race approach if stern action is not initiated.


**-WaNTeDGaL-** said...

In a multi-racial Malaysia, I couldn't believe those words came out from the mouth of a legislator and made in an august house during a no monkey business.

I cannot imagine what would have happened if it was an Indian Sivakumar who had asked a Malay Hamidah such derogatory question.

What was she up to, we really don't know. We appreciate the Indian community for taking the insult without adverse reactions. Nonetheless, MIC President Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu did ask BN to apologise and punish her for the remark.

What i'm not satisfied is Perak UMNO apologized but no punishment given to her. Y?

I agree with Dato saying she should be sacked as a lesson. The rest would think many times before uttering any racist remarks.

Premnath said...

Putera MIC is deeply insulted, saddened and angered by the recent conduct of Barisan Nasional's Sungai Rapat assemblywoman, YB Hamidah Osman who used a
racial slur against Indians. This act has severely upset the Malaysian Indian community.

All though YB Hamidah Osman has apologized, we believe this act should not be let off with a mere apology. Barisan Nasional must take severe action against her, as a lesson to her, and to others within and outside Barisan Nasional, that such irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated.

We strongly urge the Perak Barisan Nasional chief Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali to punish Hamidah Osman with 80 hours of community service with any Indian based NGO or Charity Home in Perak for her unpatriotic behaviour in the august house. We trust this will enable her to get to know the Indian community better.

We also urge all Barisan Nasional leaders, elected representatives and members alike to unite in condemning YB Hamidah's actions. We must uphold the Barisan Nasional principal of representing all communities equally.

Members of the public can leave their comments at These online signatures will be handed over to the Chairman of Barisan Nasional Perak on 15th of July 2008.

For more details, please visit

A. Premnath
Putera MIC Information Chief

Karunakaran said...

Dear Datuk Saravanan,

I agree with your call to sack her, however no point writing here where there will be 30 readers at most. Why dont you issue a press conference or make a press statement to put forward your recommendation to sack her, I want to see if MIC or you have the capability to issue such statement.
Until today, I have not seen such statement from MIC or you to call for her sack officially in the papers.

Right now we have only seen DAP issuing statement in the press, critisizing and warning that racist. Checking facts, MIC Gopeng is going around explaining to the people that the assembywoman was wrongly quoted and etc etc, typical henchmen and UMNO apologists.

Again Datuk, in this today's climate where MIC is rapidly losing is voice as a credible party to represent Indians, I would strongly urge you to make a press statement to call for her sack. Lets see if you are willing to take on UMNO racists, or you are just like the rest.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

I totally agree with u to sack her which will serve as a stern warning against other MPs or new MPs in future not to utter such embarassing remarks.

And thumbs up to u Datuk for your strong suggestion and thus this should be a preventive measure from new snakes emerging in future.

MIC WP Youth Secretary

TapahBoy said...

Nice bodek Mahendran, this is the most MIC Youth can do!

Saravanan, no use suggesting, why dont be a man and a leader and make a press statement, useless making small talks in your blog. Blogs are meant for personal views, why dont you represent Tapah or MIC WP to make such call.

Again MIC is keeping quiet and only PR is actively fighting.

Do something constructive Saravanan, your blog is no bible.

Kudimagan said...


Why when comes to the calls made by MIC members and Indians in general for Samy to go, you decide to keep absolutely quiet.

He has become a burden, and yet you are so scared that any calls you will become the next Pandithan.

When would MIC leaders have guts to take him on? I am still awaiting that day and meanwhile I have grown found of Indian leaders in DAP and PKR, man, they have got some guts!

Kavitha said...

Tapahboy is right - Mahendran is a real suck up.

Yeah Datuk, why dont you give a press conference to call for her sack, we will support you.

I sincerely think Datuk, you wouldnt dare to challenge UMNO and call for her sack, although she is just a lowly ADUN.

Please prove me wrong, if you do You will gain my respect.