Sunday, July 6, 2008

Too Much Politics?

Read the Star this morning and thought that the front page of the paper made some sense. The nation is engulfed with too much politics, to a level where it is derailing, the people and their wishes.
It started late last year, with the papers calling, or better still, guessing the date of the General Elections. Then the elections was called and we had a very long campaigning period. Then the results and the analysis of the outcome of the results. The came Anwar Ibrahim's tirade that he would come to power in September. Then came the mother of all bombshells. Sexual allegations, that Anwar had sodomised one of his aides, and that the Deputy Prime Minister was involved in the brutal murder of Altantunya Shaaribu. While the allegations were of criminal in nature, the way it has been played up shows that it is politically motivated. Why can't we let the police do the talking instead of allowing politicians become the alleged person, the prosecutor and the judge. This is going a bit overboard. People are fed-up with politics. Not everything in this country revolves around politics. We should be forging ahead, thinking about the betterment of the people. My guess is that this will go on until the Umno elections slatted for end of the year. What's your take on this?

p/s: For all those who commented on my last posting, I wish to clarify that it is easy to call for a press conference or become a champion of the Indian community by asking the state assemblywomen to resign. People must understand, when in a coalition, I too am confined by certain principles of the BN. I can make noise, I can call for resignation, I can take a drastic step but is this going to help apart from making myself a hero, like a few politicians have done. What is that going to solve? We need to be one step ahead of "them". Show them that we are not downtrodden as they claim to be. Would she have said it if our community was united and did not have the crab mentality? If I were to hold a press conference and call for her resignation, the very same people who wanted me to do so would say that Saravanan is doing this for cheap publicity or better still Saravanan wants to become the champion of the community. Think about it, it is easy to give suggestions but please let the suggestions be constructive and not destructive.


Kavitha said...


Why worried what people may think of your intention? You should do this without fear or favour, if it is your opinion she must resign, then call for it openly! We will support you, whether we are neutral, BN or PR!

I am very sad that you said you cant do this because you are in BN, proves all the critics thus far that a non -UMNO rep in BN is nothing but a stooge. I predicted earlier Datuk that you would not dare to challenge an UMNO adun racist, and am I not right?

DAP and PKR is in a coalition too with PAS, however why arent they keeping quiet? They are fighting for our rights not bothered whether or not PAS is going be hurt.

We are hurt by the words uttered, UMNO consider us worst than snakes and yet Datuk, you cant represent us to call for her resignation! Then why open your mouth here to call for her sack and yet not stick for your principles!

Please Datuk, it means a lot if an Indian within a govt can call for her resignation, it means we Indians are united when comes to protecting our rights and only you have the power to do away with the crab mentality here, since PR leaders have called for her resignation already.

Thanks Datuk

Kavitha Murugiah
Taiping Hindu Society

ThePublicProsecutor said...

Mr. Saravanan,

I wonder whether it is you that is running this blog or some proxy that you have elected so as to portray you in good light!

People bellitle the indians and you are saying that you are afraid to be labelled it as a cheap publicity stunt if you open your mouth. If youre part of a party that tolerates these racial slurs, then you are no different from them. You are just another politician who is afraid to stand up and speak the truth. If you are honest and really work for the rakyat and community, resign from MIC and work from the outside. You will get more respect.
You can of course carry on like what you are doing, but to me, you are just wasting your time and prefer to play communal politics. MIC has way passed its use by date la! Sudah expired bro. Samy Velu still shouting about how great he is and still wants to be a dog to the ruling UMNO. Ceh! It is just a matter of time where he will be ousted and perhaps even jailed for all his misdeeds. Terrete payan!

Karunakaran said...

M Saravanan,

I agree with both thepublicprosecutor and kavitha.

And I am disappointed that MIC and you in this case not taking up our plight and call for her resignation! This amounts to selling our rights!

Dont come and show your face during election, my vote is for DAP/PKR, who clearly showed a distinction in the way that MIC is taking up this issue and themselves.

You talk about crab mentality and yet it is so obvious who is the crab here.

I am trully disappointed, after all this MIC is still reluctant to fight with us.

Upset Indian said...


Im upset that you said you wont call for her resignation since you are in BN!

Even last election I managed to persuade few Indians to vote for MIC in Subang, even though we lost, asking them to give MIC a chance.

Now I feel like kicking myself for such foolishness, thankfully Sivarasiah another Indian won, an Indian who demonstrated against Hindraf in KLCC with us.

After hearing this from you own mouth, and after watching DAP/PKR leaders like Prof Rama and Manickavasagam fighting for our rights, I can assure you MIC would not be getting my vote anymore. So will my extended family in Subang.

ram said...

Hello mr karunakaran don't worry Mr Saravanan won't show there face with you.Go lah!! support to PKR. More than 100 days Parti pakatan are take over what there done?ask me!! Nothing there do.
Semua Cerita karut saja PKR/DAP.

Who is leader for indian Are u think Gobalakrishanan PKR.What he done in parliment until now.Mr Kula What he done until now.

Gobalakrishnan just waste the time at parliment talking nonsence Malu!!

MIC only are truly INdian parti.remember it

poobalan said...

Referring to your PS in the post, if you can imagine yourself as an UMNO MP/assemblyman, what do you think you would have done if an MIC assemblyman insulted a Malay speaker with similar derogatory words? We the rakyat have seen many instances where these people even dare to threaten others in press conference,or march to fellow MP's office to protest. I think you just admitted that two sets of rules exist in BN.

ram said...

MIC only For indian party.No PKR no DAP.Remember it........

Anonymous said...

Dear Kavitha, Public Prosecutor and Karunakaran,

It would be very easy for u guys to comment on the decision made my Datuk. However, u must bear in my mind that its a totally different scenario while being a part of the government. This is a mind war not word war. So, lets us be proud that we actually have a Strong representative like Datuk inside the parliament who's guarding our community from further destruction. Snake matter is only part of it that we heard thru the media, but I'm sure Datuk would be hearing lots more from being inside the circle. I would dare anyone not to comment from outside the ring but to be part of it and fight from within.

Datuk, I dun wish to "bodek" like what others claim, but being part of the circle, this is what I'm seeing from all your struggle. towards our community. Thank you.

MIC WP Youth Secretary.

ThePublicProsecutor said...

Hey Mr Youth Secretary,

You are exactly a kaki bodek la.Mind games it seems. Were you born yesterday ah?? get real and see the issues from all angles and perspectives la. And since you are from the Inside, lets see if you dare open your mouth and raise issues at the MIC elections.

By the way, how much you made during the GE or rather how much you MIC Branch Chairman gave you?

I know what I am talking about and please dont say that I am an outsider. Dont be naive and pretend that nothing negative is around the Indian community! Your own MIC President also was ousted at the GE. Enough la, MIC lost the representation already. Open your eyes more and focus your attention elsewhere. Communal politics will be wiped out and its just a matter of time! The Public has Prosecuted!

Meenachi Indian said...

MIC WP Youth Secretary,

rest assured that you are not bodeking Datuk. You are merely puckering-up and smoochinf his posterior.


Anonymous said...


Its such a shame that we have only one Indian party. In fact we shouldnt have any, because MIC is a stooge that is used by UMNO to cow the Indians. We Indians can only be protected by multiracial parties, whether it is PKR or DAP, let you pick. What have they done? Maybe nothing, but they didnt authorise temple breaking like MIC (remember Kg Jawa), they didnt support govt when Hindraf leaders were arrested and tortured and now, they are not keeping quiet when Hamidah wants to kill us before the snake.

To prove my point, Ram, you are embarassing yourself by writing in broken English here, its not your fault because this is what MIC has made you - an ill educated degenerate who uses the most disgraceful way to argue his point. Saravanan, MIC boys are misbehaving again :)

So there you go

lvbala said...

Great Kavitha...
Syabas, well said..
Hope BN understand we need to fight. No more begging..

lvbala said...

Dear ram...
MIC is been fighting for indians for the past 62 years, and PR is only 100days...
Are you judging the 100days achievement with 62years management?
Come lah bro...
Selangor state given 20liters of free water which i never tasted since i was born in this country for 40 years. Have you tasted?
Why BN never did this for the past 50years? Not even 5cents.

We are paying 100% tax of our hard earn money to the government, we pay same amount of tolls like others. We pay the same amount of school fees... but why MIC and MCA have quota?
How if i pay my tax only 8% of the my total tax to the government for the 8 percent benefit that i get, will they agree?
10% discount if bumi's buy house.... which MIC and MCA never had...
Can you see now why the indians are MAD about INDIANS right.

Comelah bro...
(The percentage is only one example as there are so many quotas)

Think for yourself...