Friday, November 14, 2008


By now, many would have known what is happening in the MIC, politically I mean. The presidential election would be held in late Feb or March, while election for other positions would be in September.
Party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu would seek re-election. Datuk Muthupalaniappan from Seremban has voiced his intention to fight the president's post.
No other leader has announced their intention to contest for posts and that includes myself. Three days ago, Tamil Nesan ran a front page story saying that I could be going for the party number two post -- deputy president -- in September and I issued a denial the very next day.
I have not even thought of what post to contest as I find that the party polls are still ten months away and it is not time to start talking about politics or positions.
The bigger task at hand is getting work done. There are so many things to do and this is my priority presently. Let positions come to me rather than me fighting for positions, just eight months after winning a parliamentary seat and becoming a deputy minister.
Some might say that a politician has to be ambitious and criticise me for taking this stand.
The people, or rather in this case, MIC members and delegates should be my judge and jury. If they find me to be a worthwhile leader then by all means, I would take their advice and support. Only after this can I decide what I want to do with my political career.
My mission for now is to serve the people and let them decide what and where I should sit. I would not lobby for posts and if the public think I am not worth-the-while then it is better for me not to contest. I do not want to be known as someone, who just warms a particular seat in the party.
I want to be known as someone who brought change to the community and Malaysians at large.


lvbala said...

"I want to be known as someone who brought change to the community and Malaysians at large"

Dear brother,

If you wanna full fill those words (above) you said in your latest writing, than you should learn from the deputy chief minister of Penang. His voice bravely and loudly heard by all Malaysian. This is how you should sound when you are talking about the "Indian Need a Sense of Belonging" in your previous writing. He talked and questioned with figures. Not only writing blogs and doing nothing. And now you are talking about MIC Election. For me you sound lobbying indeed.

Politics and Politician.

If readers doesn’t get the story, Dr. Ramasamy, the Penang deputy Chief Minister (II) asked why less non-malays are employed in Penang civil sector. This was questioned in Penang State Legislative Assembly. According to statistics disclosed by Dr. Ramasamy, the public service sector in Penang has a total of 7,092 employees, with 5,812 Malays (81.95%), 916 Indians (12.92%) and 358 Chinese (5.05%).
The state public administration has 2,886 Malays (92.16%), 165 Indians (5.27%) and 79 Chinese (2.52%).
Statutory bodies have 191 Malays (71.54%), 46 Chinese (17.22%) and 30 Indians (11.24%), while local municipalities have 2,735 Malays (74.1%), 721 Indians (19.5%) and 233 Chinese (6.3%).
He said the Umno-controlled Public Service Department 'tearing up' job application forms submitted by non-Malays.

I think this not only happen in Penang but happening in every BN rule state through out Malaysia.

It is too early to talk about the MIC election as more important matter to look into. But of cause you have to secure yourself in MIC first.

Thought For The day


Dr Vishnu Sri Ram, Johor said...

Dear Dato,

I agree with Ivbala. I invite you to watch the live Penang state assembly proceedings where our Prof Ramasamy demonstrated that why you and other MIC leaders will fail to bring change to our community and Malaysians at large -

You will see how our deputy CM for Penang replied to a question by an Indian state assemblyman on why so few Indians and Chinese in government (Dato, almost 82% Malays in government sector, is it fair to blame that Indians are not interested?)
Not only he tore UMNO assemblymen there apart, he questioned the country's discriminatory policy in hiring for PSD. I am sure he is more qualified to talk than most people after serving the government as a Professor in UKM for nearly 25 years. I also remember him saying that he was the only Indian professor in UKM Bangi and one of the few handful Indian lectures in UKM.

All this discrimination against Indians will not go away until UMNO is replaced. Along that path, MIC will have to inevitably suffer as it stand in our way between inequality and equality, injustice and justice.

Yes please learn from the deputy chief minister of Penang and dont take UMNO bullying anymore. Nevermind you are MIC, when UMNO says our chinese brothers are pendatang you should fight against UMNO, When UMNO says we are worst than snakes, you again must fight against UMNO.

Dont be scared of the Malay racists, if you are well equipped you can take them on - see how Prof Ramasamy took all those Malay UMNO racists in the assembly and Parliament in many occassions - silencing them with powerful arguments and daring comments.

Lets not be apologists and fight UMNO.

Indians dont give a damn what post you are going for and we know as long you are there as an UMNO stooge you will never be known as someone who brought change to the community and Malaysians at large.

Thanks Dato

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

For change to happen there should be a change in the leadership of the party. I remember the President saying that he would only go if the Malaysian Indians decide that they no longer need his services (before the election)....and now after the election there he is still living in a state of denial...of course this time he says he would continue to lead the party until he finds a suitable successor!! And what astonishes me is that time and time again MIC has been proven as an impotent party that is fast becoming a joke. Not only was it powerless against UMNO but also its inability to kick the "curse" i.e Samy Velu.
After being in power since 1979, its an insult for all the indians to be told that he is staying for God knows how long, until he finds the next successor.
How about able men like you? You're the next generation of Indians in the party....why stay mum? Gandhi's way of ahimsa is all well and good but...alternatively one can also get results by way of Bhaghat Singh. :)

The party has become a haven for gangsters, thugs etc.
I wonder who encourages this?

Why cant you get more and more young middle class proffesionals in MIC?
I remember meeting aspiring MIC youth chiefs from the many divisions during a cultural rally a few years ago...they dont have any economic credentials in their chosen proffession..i.e no offence but a teacher with a BA in Tamil studies or BA in zealously involved in MIC? Is MIC becoming a platform for better economic dividends i.e contracts, licenses etc.

The party needs change...badly. Why are the CWC keeping quiet? The delegates, CWC and one save for the old man from Seremban have decided to challenge for the Presidency.
Trust me on this one....MIC will remain irrelevant even if Samy Velu resigns on his own. Why?
Because when the Indian community cried for a change in the party's leadership....none responded. I sincerely believe, MIC having failed to replace its President is well on its trajectory to be replaced by other relevant political party. The writing is on the wall....

Thanking you for giving the space and opportunity on my comments.


Asha Iyengar

Vish said...

"My mission for now is to serve the people and let them decide what and where I should sit."

When do you intend to start serving the people?

Quite frankly, despite all your talk of 'belonging' and how at the highest level the schism between UMNO and the rest of the country is not felt, at least one UMNO leader recently admitted that there is little or no communication between them and the other component parties.

Where does this leave you?

As one of the people, I'd like to therefore request that if you're unable to fill the shoes in which you are thrust into, that you kindly make way and let others give it a go.

Samy Vellu's inability to do this proved to be his downfall in the last General Election - will it be yours too?


Dr Vishnu Johor said...

Why arent you publishing my comments? Is this another tactic to supress our thoughts? If this is the case, you will only have MIC youths reading your blog and not eager young minds

tsdentist said...

Hi Datuk,
I know this may not be a relevant comment but can you please tell me how to be a member of MIC.I have e-mailed you numerous times but to no avail.Other attempts with other sources have also all failed.I am sure many must be experiencing the same fate.

Saravanan Murugan, said...

Firstly, let me state here that all comments, except those which carry harsh words i.e bad words, are not published. Otherwise all comments are put up. My past record in the blog is a testimont to this. Your comments might not appear if you had stated your opinion on another topic but look for it in another topic or heading.

2. As for becoming a MIC member. It is supposed to be an easy matter. Get in touch with any local MIC branch or division office bearers and they should be able to help. Lately I have found out that many want to become members but were unable to do so. I think this matter should be brought up at the MIC central working committee and this is what I promise to do at the next meeting. Tq for all your comments.

indian84 said... crap!!! dats d simple word i can describe MIC, samy vellu n saravanan.....n not forget its presidential election.....

tsdentist said...

Dear Datuk,
Once again on the topic of joining MIC- I contacted my Division Chairman who put me through to the Branch Chairman who then ignored my many e-mailed & telephone request.This happened in Feb.2008 I then e-mailed you through this blog.You said somebody would contact me but agai I ran into another dead end.I have all the mail as reference. So what do I do now Datuk?

Faizal Zakaria's Blog said...

salam ziarah:-)

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Anonymous said...

Datuk, if u want the change to take place please work towards to change the president, dont just be a yes men, If MIC want to gain back people support the leader have to brave enough to talk the true although he will be sacked from the party, ok tc

R.Nantha Kumar

Anonymous said...

org yang tak berani macam u tak perlu bertanding ape ape jawatan lah

Dr.S.Thinagaraj said...

Sir ,
I find ur writing to be very relevent for the youth generation , plz allow me to put your writing on MIC Election in my blog ( )

Nudist said...

Dear Sirs,

Why not join the group of professionals under the MIC wing called Putera MIC. Is the rebranding process of MIC. The age limit is 18 to 35. We are still seeking fresh and qualified members throughout Malaysia. Just let me know which state are you from and you can join hand in hand.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha , u dare to say The Branch chairman realy want samy vellu to contineuw to be leader , u are realy a person who realy want to secure ur position, whitout telling the of peoples feeling , dont worry lah bro , in next election u will be finish also like others, u can contineuw to support samy vellu, if u are not dare to tell the true and actual situation in ground u cannot be a leader, the leader like u will sell the indian comunity and all the rights just to make sure u will get poluitical post, any how take care and good luck.bye

Akhilesh Yadav said...

Hi Saravanan,

We are the yadav family from bangsar whom you had personally visited our house for the illegal construction next door. We will highly appreciate if you can contact us as they have continue to build with illegal plans next door. Your valuable guidance will help solve the issue.

We thank you for your previous effort in resolving the issue.

Anonymous said...

Elo Brother please try to tell the president the real situation in ground, dont just always be a yes man,try to make him understand that we are not his personal enemy and there is nothing personal against him when some leaders asking him to give way to new leadership. this is the only way at this moment can safe MIC from total damage.

Hema, Brickfields said...

So you failed to stop another temple demolition within your own ministry's region.

DBKL destroyed another Hindu temple, MIC is keeping quiet and worst its deputy minister has no power over his own staff - DBKL.

You condemned Pakatan before, but brother Pakatan suspended the deputy president of the council. What about you? Do you dare to be a man and suspend DBKL staff?

MIC proves again and again to be nothing but a useless piece of UMNO tool.

Its absolutely disgraceful that you are powerless to help us

Anonymous said...

helo bro i tink u r wrking too hard now. dats y DBKL successfully demolish another temple. gud wrk keep it up.. do it more.. but jus wondering y tis time MIC ppl didnt do demonstration infront DBKL.. is it bcoz MIC ppl dats U is thr?? hmm.....i cnt find d ans... u f it?