Monday, December 15, 2008


Let me apologise for the long silence. There had been a few incidents over the last month and this took up time. I have not abandoned the blog, or my correspondence with netizens.
Over the last two weeks the whole country had been abuzz with the landslide in Bkt Antarabangsa, which claimed four innocent lives. This is a tragedy, and the finger pointing began. The Works Ministry has come out to say that this was a man-made accident and something must be done to prevent more such occurrence. Although, Bkt Antarabangsa does not fall under Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur, I visited the area and it was shocking.
Now in Kuala Lumpur itself, we have a few hillside development and this includes the controversial Medan Damansara hillside development. We in the Federal Territory Ministry have decided to release a guideline on hillside developments soon, to be drafted by the Housing and Local Government Ministry and the Environment Ministry.
The Federal Territory Ministry has asked the two Ministries to study all aspects of hillside development. The guideline would be applicable in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya.
Apart from that, the Ministry has also decided to freeze all hillside development as we are very serious of the damage and especially the loss of lives from landslides.

I had also received several feedback on the demolition of a temple at Old Klang Road last month. Yes, the temple was demolished! The City Hall (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) had on several occasion sent various notice to the said temple but to my dismay, the temple management took it lightly and did not act on it.
Had I been notified of the notices, I would have done all in my power to ensure that events did not come to this. But, what is done is done. I have spoken to the Minister about the temple and it was decided that the temple, which was located at a former Kampung area which had been relocated, to be given a piece of land. The construction of a new temple is on the way being arranged.
My plea to all Hindus in Kuala Lumpur, if the temple you go to is unregistered, please ask, request the temple management to get the temple or temples registered as soon as possible.
If the face any trouble from City Hall, get in touch with my office at Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. We have to safeguard all places of worship, not only Hindu temples but also that of all religion. I also very much hope that places of worship are not demolished blindly in this nation. This becomes very sensitive and has various implications. Lets hope for the best.


lvbala said...

Dear brother..

What a crap article. If you got no new ideas than just simply don't write. You are talking crap bro. More than 90% of the comments for your article show the Indian brothers are not happy with your service.

One is for not being a true leader in MIC. The second for not being the leader for the Indians.

But I do understand to survive in MIC, you have to keep your tail down and not a surprise to me if you have to put the Indians plead as a second choice.

You have to be the Deputy Federal Minister to all Malaysians and not only for Indians

No comments from me for your article as it goes around with the same temple issues all the time. This temple issues should be stopped by you by now when you have taken the Deputy Federal Minister desk for the past 9 months. You are actually a puppet used by DBKL to demolish the temples. It is a lot easier if an Indian to face the temple breaking issues than other leaders from other races. It will be regards as racial issues. This is why the Federal Minister is no way to be found on this issue. Can't you simply see this game?

We are not the Indians who you gathered in Cheras before general election who came for the Thaipusam celebration for free ride.

Everyone knows about registering the temple but will it approved? This is not about the registration but relocation of the temple from the Malays area. Even you ask for a registration, it will be rejected to build a temple in Malay area but they can build a "surau" in chinese or indian settlemet.

Can't you simple find the fact? Or you are just twisting the whole fact just like your Indian rejected boss “ Samy”

Don’t worries you will "given" something in MIC to behold your ministerial post.

Good luck to you

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

I find you to be lacking the intelligence and thinking capability when you write. I'm new to your blog and quite suprised than a deputy minister is blogging on pathetic issues and no action. Please learn from the west. I hope this blog will turn into a joke. Please grow up. Try to show some substance when your write, Dato Saravan.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My plea to all Hindus in Malaysia is to pray for the non-existance of MIC. Pray for the demolition of MIC,Samy Velu and his idiotic MIC members from our community. May they vanish in hell. God help the indian community from the MIC bully.