Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yesterday, I was shocked and dismayed over a sms text, which was making its rounds in the Klang Valley alleging that Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur had demolished a temple at Jalan Masjid India. The sms was incorrect and I think was just to provoke the community into reacting. I held a press conference at the site of the said temple to clarify the issue. I did this in my capacity of the Federal Territories deputy minister. Below is a Bernama story on the matter.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 (Bernama) -- Federal Territories Deputy Minister Datuk M. Saravanan today urged Hindus not to fall for an SMS text in circulation, stating that Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) had demolished a Hindu temple located near Masjid India, here.
He said DBKL's enforcement unit had only demolished the old structure of the Arulmigu Sri Bathrakaliaman temple today, after allocating a piece of land to enable the temple authorities to carry out the relocation exercise.
"The new temple is just beside the old one and all the deities have been
moved to the new temple.
"DBKL today only demolished the empty structure of the old temple which was not utilised by the temple authorities. So, accusing DBKL of demolishing a temple is totally wrong. They only tore down the structure of the old temple, without any deities inside," he told reporters after visiting the site here, today.
Saravanan, who is also MIC information chief, said DBKL, which came under the ministry' purview, had on several occasions given notice to the temple management on the demolition exercise to make way for a road widening project in Jalan Masjid India.
The temple management chairman, Kanmani Undalam, through a letter to DBKL
had asked the authority not to demolish the old temple before Oct 31 and promised to vacate the premises on or before the said date.
Copies of the letter was furnished to the media during Saravanan's visit.
Following the request from the temple management, DBKL security and enforcement director Rolan Abd Rahman, in a letter replied that DBKL had agreed to the terms of the temple management and would not demolish the temple before Oct 31.
Saravanan said Rolan's letter also specifically stated that the old temple
structure would be demolished today, Nov 3.
"Spreading the SMS saying that DBKL had demolished a temple is a total distortion of truth. It is the work of irresponsible people. Notice had been given. A new temple is just beside the old one and furthermore only the structure of the old temple was demolished. That is the truth," he added.
Saravanan said the ministry would keep to its assurance that no place of worship in the federal capital would be demolished without proper relocation.



Vanakkam Dato,

I hope, in future pre-statements to be published to avoid such spind.

Sad to see, even some MP's having a spin on such issues.

ref : http://www.mpkapar.com/manikavasagam/posts/another-temple-gone-just-within-deepavali-week/

Gurunathan said...

Dato Sara,

Is it true that apparently you gave the order for temple demolition but because Pakatan leaders knew the plan and they managed to galvanise support against your plan then you were forced to abandon this?

Please tell us the truth and dont lie.

Waiting for the truth

Anonymous said...

Dato Saravanan,
Im leaving a comment in this column although what im going to say not related to ur post.
2mrrow that wil b on 8th November,2008 u wil b going 2 the MIC Setiawangsa function Malam amal Deepavali.
Im one of the resident whom s staying in Ayer Panas.Every year im c u attending this function .
I need to adress one issue which s related to Malam Amal Deepavali.
There wil entertainment n hamper giving sessions in this function.
Dato please advise the organisers of Setiawangsa MIC division not held local indian artist concert until midnight.
For ur concern Dato after the Vips left the function won't b the same as were the VIPs are there.
I c the local artists wil drinking infront of the public.Liquor too wil b served to the local artist in the function.Worst stil once this artist are drunk they wil b at their peak n they wil invite their audiences that s the public to dance.If it s a charity function n Deepavali function why such thing s taking place.
Later the youngsters i guess boys between the age group 17-25 wil b dancing n trying to get attention from their counter parts girls.
They wil b shouting,whistling and all sort ill mannered behaviours.
Such a shame to our Indian community where in a festival n charity gathering such things taking place.
Every year the police have to come to settle the battle or any arguments which wil take place in this function.When our Malays n chinese having such gatherings such things rarely happen.
Another function this Setiawangsa MIC division wil organise s carnival keluarga bahagia.
Since the theme s Keluarga Bahagia
but u can hardly c the organisers wifes or chidren participating.
No families taking part so they cease meet their objective.
There s no harmony.
kind attention s needed.Pls advise the organisers.
Thank You.

Selvam, Taiping said...

Dear anonymous,

Why are you suprised with such poor behaviour from MIC youth?
This is what happens if MIC makes our Indians youths drunks and gangsters and MIC leaders use them as henchman. Until recently they used to terrorise other party youths, but since multiracial youth have gathered in Pakatan, MIC youth chickens are now only limiting themselves to alcohol and girls.

This is the fault of MIC and people like Saravanan should take full responsibility of such poor state of MIC youth. It is absolutely disgusting how MIC has become a party filled with criminals and womanisers.

MIC Setiawangsa is not an unrelated branch, go to various MIC branches and you will see MIC leaders unleash their ill educated drunk youths on their rivals.

Disgraceful party leading disgraceful youths.
Looks like Saravanan will yet again keep his mouth shut.