Friday, October 31, 2008

Indians Need a Sense of Belonging

From my observation over the last eight months since taking office as deputy minister, I realise that Malaysian Indians do not have a sense of belonging towards the government of the day, in this case the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN). We used to feel that we belonged to the BN, but this is not the case anymore. This is not because the community has changed it's mind overnight or that it has been influenced by the Opposition.
It has more to do in the way in which the BN has operated in the last decade or so. BN leaders at their meetings do not sense this because the comradeship is strong. The feeling of belonging is even stronger at this level. Meetings are conducted in an open manner. Leaders are more open minded when issues are discussed. There is no Indian, Malay or Chinese distinction. That is good and well.
But if one is to go down further, the spirit of togetherness deteriotes. The case in point is the civil sector. When an Indian walks into a government office, immediately he or she gets hostile based on the surroundings. Whatever the leaders are promoting gets lost down the line. The spirit of togetherness, that we are all Malaysian regardless of race and religion, is lost at government offices. All we see is that the offices of public service being dominated by a single race.
This results in Indians and other races to feel detached from the government. The sense of belonging is lost. Whatever, we do outside as politicians, whatever we promote, whatever slogans we come-up with becomes totally useless. When a person, may he be Indian, Chinese or any other race walks into a government office, he or she should feel welcome. The person must feel that he or she had walked into a place that could offer help. The feeling that their problems would be solved must be there.
As a first step to remedy the situation, I suggest that each govenment department has a director or deputy director who is an Indian. This way, even if the lower rung staff are unable to offer sincere help, Indians can always look up to the said director or deputy director to solve their woes. This would also enable the government to have a true picture of Indians on the ground. These directors or deputy directors would be able to bring-up problems and issues confronting Indians at the department level and higher-up.
It could also be part of the government to increase Indian participation in the civil sector, especially in the higher category. Creating the post of director or deputy director at important government departments would not be a huge task for the powers that be and the cost mininal. But the returns would be huge, in this case, the support of Indians, which deserted the ruling coalition at the March 8 General Election, as they would feel that they belong to the system.


lvbala said...

Bravo Dear Brother,
After eight months being in the system, at last you have high lighted something to be considered and to look into with the current system that been practice by the system itself. Yes and this is the fact. The system need to be review at least by someone like you within the system. The lack of sense of belonging truly exists in the government department as I call it as the system. This is clearly can be seen in JPJ, Emigration dept, Land offices, District offices, Majlis Daerah, Customs department and no doubt about DBKL itself. We don’t have to be Indians but as a Chinese too.

The lack of the non bumis is the service dept reflect the whole scenario. But also to be considered is the intake to this department as well. Is it because the non bumis are not welcomed or because of the quota system which was been practice by the ruling party. For an example, in the recent PKNS appointment of the Chinese woman. Her appointment has been rejected by the UMNO and other bumis as well.

Strictly the whole idea has been rejected by the bumis of this land. How this can be happening? I am sure the non bumis are qualified as been required, but the system is against the appointment of the non bumis. What are the solutions? What we as non bumis in this land should do to overcome this? May be you can discuss this with the human resource Minister to look into this issues. He is the right person but will it works with the bumis attitude in appointing the non bumis?

Even in the current issues, the MCA did requested the 30% of the bumi quota to be eliminated or to be reduce and everyone knows what exactly happens. This is the reason. It is not the people nor the qualification but the attitude and the sense of belonging of the bumis of this land to take control of everything rather than to share. They are the system and they are in charge. I bet nothing much can be done but it should be started from the beginning. From the grassroots.

But once again it must be mention in the parliament as well. The quota system need to be revise (review). The economy cake is getting smaller. The majority is getting more and we were not allowed to share it. Nevertheless, MIC the sole party for the Indians needs to look into this as well. With the result of the achievement of MIC into this matter can be considered as a failure to date. The leader is no more efficient. We Indians need changes within our system first in order to change the system of the whole.

It is mention today the MIC general election shall be postpone from June to September 2009 with no contender to challenge to top post. But was mention that the president shall give away the power to the deputy. It’s a good news and dear brother, his power shall remain as he shall pick the deputy of his own choice so he can rule again behind the scene.

Our children is going to end up nothing…… When we are doom by this hopeless government, how can we support BN? Do we have any choice? Yes… my dear brother. We have the choice, we can always choose. We choose to say no to BN and we rather take a bold decision by choosing PR. To hope at least, there is a hope… and I think we don’t loose anything.
The voice of the minority

Thought for the day

Anitha said...


You talk a lot here, but what happened to MIC and you when MCA called for abolishment of NEP?

You kept your mouth shut very very tightly as usual. Why dont we abolish NEP now and have equal competition. After all the think thank ASLI has said bumis have 46% equity!

I always observe parliament proceedings, never once I have seen you championing multiracialism or Indian issues. You are useless I am afraid Datuk.

Close down MIC and resign as MPs la. The best thing you can do for the community since you have failed to uplift us in the last 51 years. MIC is a bankcrupt party with members who are nothing but UMNO slaves.

lets see if this gets posted

Kay said...

to anitha,

stick to the topic here..n why this name bashing? MIC slaves, useless, bla bla bla..getting bored of this and please stop uttering rubbish if it doesn't do any good to people..
I ask you wat did you do for others Anitha?
Dato,sadly some of your readers are just stooges with brain size of a peanut.

Shashi said...

To Anitha,

To say something is very easy but to implement is a difficult task. You need to think what you have said because for me you mind is too narrow as you can't think ahead for the benefit of the people. Just don't throw any unrelated topics in this blog because we need ideas and opinions to improve and resolve the current issue.

That's why Dato has created this blog for the people to throw their idea and opinions for him to serve better for the people. Let him do his jobs faithfully and we as his friends shall try to give him hands by writing some useful idea and opinion as the ingredients for his service to the rakyat.

Just accept the fact that, the present Government has the mojority to rule the country and they have to do their level best to serve the rakyat. Criticizing the present government does not bring any benefit to the country, rakyat and even to the national economy.We can see some changes are taking place especially to other races such as Indian etc... where the government is looking forward to consider more things to Indian. Just wait and see......

Bidor, Perak

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

Sense of belonging, was it a dream of our forefathers who landed in this country looking for a better life. Sadly it is still a dream, it does not matter if one is economically better or lacking of it....the indians are still dreaming.

The recent US election is a lesson of what meritrocracy and talent can lead to....its not a person's race or religion.

How can I feel a sense of belonging in this country when a non-malay cant even become a chief minister (except for penang). Malay chauvinism is prevalent and need I say more here....

Maybe the reality is...with the emergence of the new economic giant, India, is it time to seriously consider returning back to our motherland?
The indian diaspora is creating new pride..i.e IT professionals, finance managers, business men,entrepreneurs etc.

The recent PKNS issue is another insult to non-bumis in this country. Isnt it time for a reality check, the bumis will never allow for meritrocracy and talent substitute for their race.

I have lost all faith in this country, unless of course I continue to live like a migrant and be contented with the bumi policy.

I need answers....can you enlighten me?


Asha Iyengar

Anonymous said...

Brother, Everyone is suggesting u take on our undisputed Dato Seri Samy Velu for the Mac Part Election... ..we no longer can accept the fact that the community's sole representative in the current Government will be lead by this Sany Velu or MUthupalaniappan(if this clown wins)....

U can be our Community OBAMA..... i see every criteria u fullfill.. Infact your experience is more than Obama..

S.Chandravathani said...


Good Day to You. Despite what people say about you and MIC, I personally think that you are doing a great job as a Deputy Minister of FT.

I would suggest to you, that You sould register yourself in Facebook. ( where you can get connected to more Indians in Malaysia.

I am also in the midst of conducting a survey on Malaysians and Hindraf. Hope you could be a part of it when It is ready.

Thank you and Dont worry about what people say about you or MIC. I think the rebranding is so important for MIC, for it to flourish and proves its excellence to most of the Indians who lost their trust.

May God Bless You always

reshmann said...

What a ridiculous suggestion.Saravanan so you think an Indian pengarah will create a bangsa Malaysia and help solve the Indian problems?You fellas in BN will never change till kingdom comes and still leaving in denial.Still assuming that the Indians are fools,dont you?Keep up.

Anonymous said...



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