Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali Is Over and It's Back To Work

First and foremost, let me say that the DPM's visit to Brickfields the other day was a success. He promised to look into the problem of Indians without birth certs and ICs. Najib also promised to look into the grouses of the Indian community, which he admitted had several unresolved problems. I look at this development in a positive manner, since it came from a man who is going to be Prime Minister in March. He has also taken interest to our suggestion that Brickfields be developed into a Little India. The cabinet has given approval for this to take-off.
On another front, Deepavali is over and it is back to work. There is lots to be done. Not only in my Ministry but also in the MIC. Will blog soon. Take care and be safe on the roads please.


Vesu said...

yB , while UMNO ,MCA and Gerakan is fast moving into real re-branding and repositioning their team and strategies. MIC seems to be a little slow in progress. cosmetic changes are necessary in branding but after march 8 , drastic changes is a MUST for party to regain trust and popularity. I am saying that MIC need new leadership - a new president and deputy very soon . This is what required NOW YB. I believe the party and the indian community is ready to bid farewell to the present president and seek new blood - party has many young and experience leaders to take over the leadership. I strongly believe the era of DS Samy , Dato Subra and even Palanivel is over n gone... If given a chance I believe leaders like you , Devamani.Murugesan etc can prove to be worth to consider as succesors.YAB Najib , I am sure is expecting changes to happen in MIC , believe me YB.

Saravanan Murugan, said...

vesu, I agree with your view. Not only do we need a TV channel, we also need a English language newspaper. These are the avenues we should explore. Tamil papers on the other hand should also play their role more effectively. They should learn to ask questions. Attend press conferences of the PM, DPM and Ministers. We should start being bold. Being bold is not as the same as being anti-establishment. Ideas, ideas and ideas, thats what we need to move forward. We can implement these kind of good ideas as you have proposed.

Anonymous said...

Good Day Sir

After 51 years of independence, the issue of INDIANS without Identity cards and birth simply unimaginable but it is a reality which have been hovering for many years now. My question...why this long and what did the grassroot political party (read MIC)was doing?
Young people are tired of this tamil chauvinistic part which claims to represent the Indians! When they cant even champion the tamils aspirations!!!
MIC do not represent the Indians...they only represent the so called 500 000 odd members or 3/4 of them.
Why isnt there any new blood injected...why do i have these feeling the CWC of MIC are mostly yes men and the branch leaders (some) have criminal records. How can a political party aspire to new ideas when it is filled with impotent yes men and criminals.
I sincerely hope you can take some concrete criticism out of this and proceed to make changes in our society.
Thanking you.

Asha Iyengar