Friday, June 6, 2008

Is there are a real fuel shortage

I have been reading a lot of comments and feedbacks on this issue, following the government's move to increase petrol and diesel prices starting yesterday. Many say that there is no crude oil shortage and I agree with this view. The price is artificial. The real culprit in this whole fiasco, which has thrown the world into an energy crisis, I feel is the US, in their effort to strengthen the US greenback/dollar. Well, this is for world leaders to delibrate and discuss and find a way to do something to bring the world back to its senses. What do you think? Is the shortage real?
p/s: I am back in KL after being in Terengganu for the last two days for Sukma. Was a nice break, watching sports, although it was work,work and more work. A heavy weekend in store. God give me strength.


Shashi said...

Dear Dato,
How are you? You are really amazing YB. Going around the country to give your best service and support to the nation and the rakyat.

Regarding the fuel price increase. It is a hot topic currently and whenever we go, people will be talking about it. In the office, coffee shop and even in the public toilet. I experienced it when I went to a toiler in Tecso, Ipoh. There were two man were talking about it.
Everyone is making noise about it. No doubt , it is a global issue but the drastic increased has affected significantly to many people from different level.

Once, the fuel price increased, all the consumable items will be increased eventhough there are few statements saying that it won't be happened. For example, soya bean seller has increased the price from RM 1 to Rm 1.20 when I bought it yesterday. It has been shown that the small player in running the businesss has taken this opportunity and how about the big players??

When the government announced the fuel price increase, one of my friend who is running heavy machinery works business told me that he will be losing around RM 30,000/month because he is consuming a big volume of diesel. He is very upset about it and told me if there is further increase in fuel price, he has to close shop. This phenomenon will affect significantly to most of the small players.

One of the factors that Barisan Nasional did not get majority in last election due to this issue.Eventhough the General Election has over but the heat still around us. The government shall take drastic actions to reduce the rakyats' burden.This will also create difficult position to all the BN YB when they meet the rakyat because the rakyat will shoot them from all the angles. I think you will agree with me on this statement,Dato.

The government must do something in order for BN to sustain in the next election. Don't be suprised that the opposition parties will have easy time in the next election if this issue is not been resolved.

I plead to the government to do something seriously on the fuel issue so that BN will continue their legancy in the following election. Nowadays, the people are more exposed on several issues. They need something that will give benefits to them in their life style. One of the major thing is the fuel issue.....

With regards,
Setiausaha MIC, Bidor
Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Premnath said...


Fuel shortage or not, the global oil price increase may be out of our control. BUT, as a net oil exporting nation, we should be profiting from it. We meaning the rakyat, not just Petronas.

Perhaps it is time for Petronas to be accountable to parliament, so that we can ensure its wealth is used for the benefit of the nation and the rakyat. After all, as a state owned entity, Petronas belongs to the tax-paying rakyat!

A. Premnath
Putera MIC Information Chief

Anonymous said...

Dear DM sir,
The fuel hike is here to stay. The only thing we can do is to work harder to earn more. This will not only improve our standing, economically, but can offset the rising prices.
Sir, I'd like to mention the King's birthday awards that left out SV for a 'Tun' title. If he had retired along with Mahathir and Liong Sik and lately, Keng Yaik, I believe today we would be referring to SV as Tun Samy. And also, what a shame he didn't get to open the new Jelapang toll plaza after all his hard work. What a waste of all that time being MIC head and now with no respect at all even by the government. What is your opinion, sir?

Anonymous said...

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