Sunday, June 8, 2008

What can the government do to cushion the fuel price hike?

In the last few days, almost everyone has been talking about the fuel price hike. Some say we could not escape the increase in petrol and diesel prices. All views have their merits and are worth considering. Now the question is, what do you want the government to do to soften the impact of this huge increase in petrol price. For me, there are many important things that should be introduced to cushion the impact. Among them would be the creation of an integrated public transportation system, encourage people to be thrifty (but not at the expense of our retail industry, as the economy thrives on retail trade), introduce fixed price shops (which can be run by government agencies) etc. Let's hear your view. How should and can the government soften the impact of the surging price of goods?

p/s: Sorry, I could not update the blog yesterday (Saturday). Had a hectic day, which started early. Today, I have to attend the Pahang MIC Convention in the morning and this evening the FT MIC Convention. It's going to be a long day. For the benefit of all, I would like to reiterate here, that all your comments are published, except those containing vulgar words. I am saying this because there was an accusation that comments are not published. Since I have a few posts, it might have gone to separate posts. Please check for your comments in the respective post.

Anyway, EURO 08 is here finally, and the latest : Czech Republic 1 Switzerland (the host) 0. Portugal 2 Turkey 0. Watched the Czech game but not the second game as it was too late and had to get some sleep. I am rooting for Poland (don't laugh).


Harry Singh said...

Dear Minister,

May I add to the wish list. An efficient service with world class expertise as our public health care system. With that in place , we will not have to pay exorbitant medical fees at private clinics and hospitals. That will be one way to reduce our burden. Have an outstanding day. Again Poland ... duh

Old Fart said...

I have heard a lot of requests for tax and road tax reductions. But how come no one asks for the removal of AP? Is that a taboo subject atht can land me in Kamunting?

Fine if they want to confine APs to the selected few. But why should our cars cost anything from RM20,000 to 100,000 more just because that money has to be paid over to the AP holders?

Shashi said...

Hello Dato,
How are you? Once again, we meet here. There are few things that Government shall look into them to cushion the fuel price hike such as:
1. The "Angkasawan Program" shall be hold temporary which involved a huge amount of money from the tax payers. This money can be utilised to subsidize the fuel..

2. All the mega projects shall be assessed again for the implementation. I think the projects that give benefits to the rakyat shall be continued such as double track from Padang Besar to Rawang. This will encourage the public to use it which will reduce the travelling cost compared to if they travel by own transport. Same goes to public transports such as LRT, Monorel, town buses etc. Government shall upgrade them to give best service equivalent to our neighbour, Singapore standard.

3. All the YBs shall put their hand together no matter from which parties they are in order to resolve his fuel issue. But sad to say that they are fighting each others in the parliment due to different ideology and different parties. They must realised that they are selected by rakyat to represent for their each constituency. There are 222 ahli parliment in this country and if each of them can give 1 suggestion there will be 222 proposals which could resolve the fuel issue but that is not the case.Please Dato, we hoping on you to represent the Indian community together with Dato Subra and YB Devamany in the parliment for the benefits of Indian community and to other rakyat from different races.

All the best to you all...

With Regards,
Setiausaha MIC, Bidor,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Anonymous said...


We indians, will NEVER MOVE FORWARD until people like you and uncle semi value still around in power. That is the honest truth and fact. MIC will goes to bad to worst if one day it goes to your regime. Tell me, what can you do? besides saying "YES SIR" to our one and only thickskin prime minister.? Can you even dare to voice out anything? I challenge you and if you have the guts voice out during parliement and soon a question will thrown to you. Stay tuned.