Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MIC Politics 2

Before anyone jumps to any conclusion, I would like to state that the reason I put up Subramaniam's comment is for you, readers, to get an idea on the working of MIC politics. Many have called for the resignation of Samy Vellu without knowing the intricacies of the party politics. It was never my intention to provoke for any comments bashing anyone in particular. The people, even if you are not an MIC member, need to understand the system in which the party operates and how politics is in the party works. We have all talked about the party's shortfall etc but now we must try to learn about it's politics.
p/s Euro scores: Spain 4 Russia 1, Greece 0 Sweden 2.


karepu said...

Sorrylah Dato' I'm not convinced with your explanation. People are not interested to learn about the MIC political system which I believe and majority will agree with me, it's totalitarian system. People want the democratic system which I dont see any implementation towards it. So far I dont see any changes on MIC although people's power has teach a good lesson unfortunately CWC so far failed to read the signal. Changing song and giving uniform will not attract Indian youth to join MIC so rather than expecting people to learn the MIC politics, I would suggest CWC including you to learn what system people want and tell you frankly, people want a democratic system.

L_J said...

Dear Datuk,

I take you at your word. But may I say 4 things:

(1) I hope you realise that there has been (and is) complete dissatisfaction with the pathetic leadership of DSSV over all this time and now people from all walks of life - except those who are beholden to him, in one way or another - want him out.

(2) So he should go, as a decent person would, but obviously he won't until & unless (like in Sg Siput) he was boated out. Is there no one who can tell him the truth and for once (in his whole pathetic life) urge him to do the honourable thing? I think not.

(3) His manipulative attempted destruction of Subra has failed because - despite the past - most Indian Malaysians (IM) would wish to give Subra a chance at the top spot.

(4) DSSV’s cronies - I mean the Sothinathans of the world & their ilk (I'd like to think that you are not one of them) - are tarred with the same brush and are not fit for purpose. After all these years, Subra deserves at least one Term as President to show what he can do. That is civilised fair play, but by no means Indian fair play (a concept that is non-existent in the Indian DNA).

Many thanks


thaya said...

Dear dato

Samy vellu can change his uniform and outlook he is still the same person interested trying to destroy and kill those who challenge him.

Some of the victims like subra who were destroyed have decided to forget the past and work with him of course for personal advantages.

Why can samy leave as mahathir or keng yek left and leave it to others to rebrand and rejuvenate the party

Anonymous said...

Dear Saravan,

If you are afraid to comment on your leader, i suggest you resign from the party.

What is there to learn about the political system in MIC? Who are you to decide? The people decides what they want and we have decided that you are not the kind of leader that we need. We need someone who can correct the wrong.
Total rubbish if you say about political system.MIC is done..

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato Saravanan,

Please do not treat politics as work. Please resign from MIC and build up your credibility before mentioning about political mileage.

There is no such thing as politcal mileage. If you are ambitious, please go for business or etc. Politics is for people to serve people. Please do not follow Samy Velu's style. You guys need to reinvent yourself first before inventing MIC.