Friday, June 13, 2008

Too Few Indians In State Civil Service

We, the MIC, are at it again. This time our grouse is that there are too few Indians in state civil service. The party central working committee decided to meet leaders of BN controlled states in an effort to "convince" the powers that be, that more Indians should be absorbed into the state civil service. After 50 years of independence, here we are asking the state governments to employ Indians. Ironic isn't it? Another matter brought up at the meeting yesterday was that only ONE out of the 161 Indian students who obtained the Public Services Department Scholarships was a medical student. What a joke? Out of the tens of Indian students who obtained straight As, only ONE qualifies!
My CWC colleague Murugesan in his blog has pointed out that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) published the list of successful candidates for ‘Jawatan Pembantu Penguatkuasa Gred N17’ in Mingguan Malaysia on June 8.
He found it alarming to note that out of 751 successful candidates, only 15 were non-Bumiputras. It constitutes less then 2% of successful candidates. Out of this, only 10 candidates or 1.3% were Indians.
Grade N17 is for support staff and it is open for applicants with SPM or equivalent qualification. Most applicants for this grade are from lower and lower middle income group families.
"What is the PSD thinking?. Do they want Indians in the country to permanently turn their backs on the BN government? Instead of helping us, Indians, it looks like they are least bothered about us. What do you think?
p/s: Euro scores -- Austria 1 Poland 1, Crotia 2 Germany 1.


ThePublicProsecutor said...


These government will never repent. Gone were the days where the civil service represents a balanced composition of races in Malaysia. Many see prospects in joining the civil service for benefits in the long term and most malays, chinese and indians who join the govt are from the underprivileged sections of our communities. Even is they are offered posts, it will be the lower positions and virtually no chance of promotions. After years of unity, we are still harping on racial lines and fighting for these things. YB, the government should embark on promoting education and the access for loans for everyone. when will we realise that we should not promote competition within but build prosperity among the people for competition globally. education for all will be the key to achieve this. Why are political parties fighting for their own races. we should combine our talents and resources to make us more competitive to the outside. Only then, we can be called a matured society and believe me, this is possible. The change starts within!

Harry Singh said...

Dear Minister, you are spot on. As much MIC tries, if the efforts are not complemented by the Government ( i.e little UMNO Napoleans in the various government departments), the Indian community will permanently turn their back on BN. MIC will be collateral damage due to its association with UMNO. Many MIC leaders had experienced it first hand on 8th Mar.

MIC was made the scapegoat when actually the anger should be against UMNO unfair practices ( this is as mild as I can put it). Dear Minister, for MIC to rebrand , you and the leaders of MIC may choose to leave the option of leaving BN on the table. My analogy under the present circumstances, we have MIC as a boxer with his/her hands tied put in the ring with a gorilla. How can they expect MIC to deliver in this situation ? duh..

Have an outstanding day Dear Minister

Anonymous said...

It means Datuk that MIC including you are still living in your own world.
Actively do something before the event not after.
l dare you to give up your position if nothing is coming out of you holding government post.
we will respect you as leaders.

poobalan said...

well sir,

if you go and meet PSD head or dept heads, the standard reply will be (i) not many applicants; (ii) those who applied are not qualified. this is the "araicha maavu" which has been repeated since those day.

this is a vicious cycle that has been created by you-know-who since 1970s. due to the massive influx of certain race and discrimination, people realise that govt sector has less opportunities. and that why now you can count the number of director generals and secretary generals who are indians - less than 10 out of nearly 800 positions.

the solution is simple - make it compulsory 50% intake for all positions allocated to normal malaysians for the next 5 years, followed by 30% for following 5 years.

if there are no takers for the jobs from chinese or indians, the positions MUST be left unfilled. Under no circumstances a "privileged" person should be drafted to fill up the post.

rather than MIC and other NGOs waste time and effort thinking how to get indians to join public service, force the PSD to do the job.