Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is 161 enough!!

A total 161 Malaysian Indian students have been given the Public Services Department Scholarships. Initially, the figure stood at 34 students, then it became 72. MIC leaders appealed that the community be given more scholarships and now the figure is 161. Why couldn't the PSD give the 161 students scholarships in the first place. Do they get pleasure in seeing us "beg", then throw us the "bone"? I still stand with my view that Indian students must be allocated 250 out of the 2,000 PSD scholarships offered. The PSD has also stated that all those who obtained 9As and above, in their SPM last year would be offered scholarships to study basic science courses in local public universities and four foreign universities campuses located in Malaysia, recognised by the JPA. These students are the cream and they are being given basic science courses!!! For me, that does not sound right. What do you think?


Harry Singh said...

Dear Minister,

Not enough, the figure of 250 places a more plausible figure. Not only as a quota but on merit. I strongly believe Indians are working very hard and should not have problem in achieving excellant results to take up all the places.Why should we beg annually? Indians also pay income tax to the Malaysian Government coffers. Meanwhile Dear Minister, I humbly request your indulgence but did anyone verify the figure of 161 places. Sound so convenient after MIC got vocal, the places are increased from a measly 34 to 161 .More importantly, how many were given courses of their choice or critical courses such as accounting, medical, dentistry etc. Or JPA just offered courses randomly. Which will be turned down by our outstanding children. I understand that only 2 Indians awarded JPA scholarship to do medicine out of more than 500 places. If my information is true, it sounds pathetic.

Secondly on the local scholarship, I have checked out the details and it do not seem to be what it is touted out to be. Maybe some other commenters will wish to shed some further light on it.

A Good day to you , BTW, Poland ??? duh ...

Old Fart said...

Why can't MIC just advise all Malaysian Indian students with 9As and more to take up the STPM. After all these students can be expected to also get 4 or 5 As in their STPM. Then with that they can have a choice of not only Malaysian Universities, but also foreign universities including Singapore Universities. And as for scholarships, once again they can be entitled to not only the PSD scholarships but also ASEAN as well as the Singapore Government scholarships. Why must MIC not openly advise the Malaysian Indians to look beyond our shores for advancement of their studies? My own niece applied for and got the course of her choice at Singapore University and she applied for and very easily got offers for both the ASEAN as well as a Singapore Government Scholarship. And mind you, Singapore is only too happy to grant all these scholarships and are even thankful for the opportunity. Here on the other hand we are supposed to be grateful to the UMNO led government for granting us the opportunity of a scholarship let alone a place to study in one of our slowly but surely degrading universities. I hope MIC can be bold and open about this as MCA has been with its Chinese constituents. Becaseu of TAR College the accounting profession is today still substantially made up of the Chinese most of whom graduated out of TAR College with professional qualifications. MIC on the other hand until AIMST came around only provided for technical level training making it look like we are only good for that and nothing else.