Saturday, June 14, 2008

Prices Too High

Could not blog earlier in the day like I normally do. Was tied up with work. I was with a few friends yesterday and one interesting topic brought up is the spiralling cost of food prices. It's outrageous, said a friend. It was an eye opener for me. The horror stories of the massive increase in food prices is maddening. A plate of char kuey teow, which once sold at RM3.50 now cost RM6 at PJ old town. That's not normal. The government should do something about this immediately. This issue touches the man on the street. The people who day-in, day-out toil to get a few ringgit. They are starting to feel the pinch of the rising cost of living, and trust me it is a hurting pinch! The Barisan Nasional government should think of the political repercussions. As it is we have lost four states, to add to Kelantan. All but one parliamentary seat was won by the BN in Kuala Lumpur. And now this. The government in my view, should put more money in the hands of the people. How? Ways must be devised to ensure this is done. With more money, the retail industry would move forward. The peoples failure to spend will result in a standstill economy. There is no point in saying that we are attracting foreign direct investment and the economy will grow by 5 % if the people do not enjoy the benefits. Give the people more cash, thus we would be pumping more hard cash into the system which would result in the retail industry and the economy as a whole moving. This is my two sense worth.
What do you think? Give me examples of exhorbitant food price increase if possible.

p/s Euro scores: France 1 Holland 4, Italy 1 Romania 1


MAHAGURU58 said...

Greetings bro.

Came to know about your blog here and your great looking dotcom through a forwarded email to me.

I can sense your sincerity in wanting to reach out to the people.

If you practice what you seem to preach, I can dare say that you will reap the rewards later in your career.

Stick to this course and you will be alright.

Hell, you might even end up as a future MIC President.

All you need to do is to deliver what the Makkal need and the rest will fall in place soon.

All my best wishes to you bro.


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