Monday, June 16, 2008


Could not blog yesterday due to commitments. Got this interesting topic that, I feel, should be discussed may it be by Indians or even non-Indians. Read on...

We are looking for a person who has MIC and Malaysian Indians interest at heart. He or she must have earned the trust and respect of party members. He or she must also display leadership qualities and be people-oriented. Other qualities needed : close to the people, communicate with them, know and resolve their problems and have the people's interests in his or her heart.
These are the criteries lined by the MIC president that should be in his successor.
The president has also revealed that he would not limit the party president's tenure to three terms or in other words nine years.
"If you set a specific time frame, the president may not want to do more or have a long term plan. He or she may feel what should they think about the party's future since they will only serve for a short period.
"No matter what, the president will still have to be elected every three years. If the members feel the president has not performed well, they can boot him or her out," Samy Vellu was quoted by Bernama, yesterday.

Now it is your call. What qualities should the MIC president have? You tell me...

p/s Euro scores: Switzerland 2 Portugal 0 (I don't know why the score just isn't right), Turkey 3 Czech 2.


tamilkingdom said...

Suprisingly there's no comment in this topic after 3 days.

We need a new leader for Malaysia's biggest Indian based party now.Wow,it was suppose to be since a very very long time ago.

Anyways better late than never.I think enough of Samy Vellu.

I think let's move on and select DATUK S.SUBRAMANIAM(HR MINISTER) to lead MIC.We had a medical doctor as UMNO/BN president and prime minister.We had a medical doctor as MCA president.

Lets have a medical doctor as MIC president.It's about time lah!

VIjay said...

It is very surprising to see there is no comments in a topic where lot of people actually will be debating and giving views?
Why Datuk Saravanan?
The next president should be
-Free of corruption
-People Approach

Thatz all.

muthu said...

Hai Bro,
These were the qualities Bro Samy had when he stood against Bro Subra for Deputy President of MIC for the first time under Late Bro Manica's Presidency. Well then i was actively involved in MIC at branch level. For the first time I thought we had someone who really knew the heartbeats of the poor Malaysian Indians. I too campaigned for him. He won with a very slim majority. I with many like me were happy.

Later he became the President on the untimely demise of Bro Manica. The Malaysian Indian population at large came out in full support of him and all his projects, believing him whole heartedly in his leadership. One such project was MAIKA Holdings. It was an economic downturn then but the Malaysian Indians came out in full force and gave him the RM 100 million. It was a total betrayal by him. He knew better why it failed. I dont want to say anything more because I get emotional because I feel he disappointed the poor Indians and betrayed them.

Instead of concentrating in the upliftment and the welfare of the poor Indians, he spent his whole life as a MIC President thinking how he should sustain his presidency. In the process he made sure no bright intelligent Malaysian Indians in MIC were any threat to him as a President. He became arrogant because of his inferior complex but he had always put on a brave front. There were many instances he showed his anger and arrogance towards the people below him (MIC branch leaders at various levels and also Indian Organizations)not even once told anything against the people above him (PM or UMNO leaders); even when these people said things hurting the feelings of the Malaysian Indians at large. He should have shown his arrogance to his boss not his followers.Then i would have saluted him. I even attended one AGM when he walked out of the meeting because the PA system was not functioning well. I didn't know what he thought of himself then. All i thought was he wouldn't have done this at an UMNO function in his consituency. He showed all his arrogance, anger and unbecoming behaviour of a leader and a minister with the Malaysian Indians. He became a dictator in his own way.

No where in the Malaysian history incumbent party Presidents lost an election for presidency. Let it be UMNO, MCA, Gerakan or MIC because almost all political parties in Malaysia had given too much of power to the president. It is always the presidents giving up and handing it over to the deputy. Well in that capacity Bro Samy can be the MIC President for life if he wants to and nothing much can be done.

Well Bro Saravanan, i see that you have all the qualities Bro Samy had when he was young. You can replace him. So what went wrong with Bro Samy? Too long as a President, quarter century and he became almighty. To make sure such thing does not recur, MIC must come out with a time limit for the presidency, a maximum of 3 terms or 9 years.

Well, i bear Bro Samy no malice and to you my best wishes and regards.

Thank you.

* Pl if you think this comment in anyway hurt you in your political career, you need not publish it.