Friday, June 20, 2008

Who Is The Racist?

During his 22-year tenure, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has without a shadow of doubt transformed this country embracing development and bringing the nation out of the "woods". He had also put Malaysia in the world map through his views, which championed causes of the developing and under developed countries. We hail him for all the good deeds he has done. It would be hard for the nation to get another Prime Minister like him.
However, not all his deeds brought good. He had his follies. For me one of his greatest failure was to equally distribute the nation's wealth and opportunites among the various races, which share this nation, during his term as PM.
On this score, he stood, and still stands, for Malay supremacy. He believed that the Malays (not the bumiptera, which includes the natives of Sabah and Sarawak) should be the dominant force and "others" who asked for anything extra were told to consider themselves lucky for living in this nation. He was overzealous in his "I am more Malay than the Malays themselves" attitude.
This single policy, which he carried dearly, caused the Indians to become victims, losing out on opportunities to develop in tandem with the nation. As a result of this policy, Indians remained backward economically. He was laid back in initiating actions to solve problems that beseiged Indians. The Malays then had Mahathir, the Chinese economic wealth and we Indians suffered and still are suffering!
Yesterday, Tun Mahathir said MIC's stand for the Hindraf Five to be freed was racism. He called Samy Vellu a racist. Fine, and well I admit, the MIC president has his drawbacks but calling him a racist is totally out of line. All Dr Mahathir had to do was to find how many mosques and suraus Samy Vellu help build. Check Sungai Siput Tun, and you would find that this man you called racist in fact has helped more Muslims directly than any other non-Muslim leader of the nation.
The Hindraf movement was not formed overnight. It was your own doing Tun. Everytime we Indians had a problem and came to you, you brushed us aside. You did not give us what we wanted. You caused Indians to boil and boil over they did. If the Hindraf movement had began during his tenure, most probably more than five leaders would be languishing in Kamunting by now.
"In sympathising with Hindraf, Samy exposes his deep racist sentiments" said Tun Mahathir in his blog.
The Hindraf Five are also Malaysians. What they did wrong was to fight for the rights of the commununity using the wrong channels. They did what MIC could not, as the political party was a Barisan Nasional component member. Yes, we want them out of Kamunting as soon as possible. Is that wrong? Does that make us a racist?
Even Tun Mahathir supports the Palestinian cause. Does that make him a terrorist? If the same yardstick was used, then Tun Mahathir is a terrorist as he supports the Palestinian cause.
Tun Mahathir always emphasised that it was important to get to the root cause of a problem, in order to solve it. In the case of Hindraf, the policies of Tun Mahathir was the root cause for the birth of the movement!
Please sir, stop making sweeping statements as it does not help anyone but make you a champion of one race. We want you to be the champion of all Malaysians not just Malays.

p/s: A few commentators of this blog are surprised that the posting on the qualities of a MIC president has drawn very few comments. I wish to state here that I did not reject any comment. There is a possiblity that most of the comments on the post was streamed to another post. I publish all comment, except those which call me names, threaten me (oh yes, trust me people use this blog to even do that) and use vulgar words. Your views and comments are very useful. I want people to read these comments. The more ideas thrown, the better.
Some commentators have also asked me to pen my thoughts instead of plucking news pieces and pasting it on the blog. Thank you. I have form time to time done just that. I would from now pay special attention to this request. Thank you and God Bless.
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Anonymous said...

If you knew this all the while, why are we only hearing about it now?

If you had any principles, you should have left MIC and fought for your struggles independently.

The fact that you are raising all these issues now, knowing full well that TDM cannot do anything to you is pure cowardice and clearly shows that you do not have the people at heart.

The ultimate question is: Will this comment be published?

ram said...

First Tun must look own background before give such statement....

ram said...

Former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad’s remarks on May in Johor that Malays stood to lose much in the new political environment where non-Malays were unafraid to make demands.

Dr Mahathir told the crowd of some 1,000 in Johor Baru that if Malays keep quiet they will lose their rights and other races will take over.
former prime minister who had introduced the Bangsa Malaysia concept now appeared to be backtracking on his stand.
So who is racist?

muthu said...

Bro Saravanan

I share your sentiments and comments on Bro Dr Mahathir on the issue of 'racist'. Those are my exact feelings too.

In one of my overseas trip, i knocked onto a Kiwi. On the course of our conversation he started condemning our PM then, Bro Dr Mahathir. I told him off saying that Bro Dr Mahathir is a champion of the third world countries and the whites in particular donot like his line of thinking. Bro Dr Mahathir has also put Malaysia on the world map.He has developed Malaysia. We don't deny all that.
But lately his comments with definitely some ulterior motive seem to be very destructive to the nation he developed.

Thank you.

VIjay said...

un is destroying his own nation that he initiate and develop..He choose the successor and now condemning on his performance..Everyone cant be like you TUN.
Thanks Datuk Saravanan for your concern on replying our comments.
Personally i need your help in assisting some indians in terms of business,studies and civil service jobs.I have several people who badly needed an assistance .Approach to the certain MIC state leaders didnt sound fruitful and not in a professional manner.Example in my recent approach to a state political leader in Malacca he even doesnt know who is trade minister and what is MITI hence he is holding a key post under chief minister office. Can we channel to you ?I hope you wont dissapoint us.
Frankly speaking at this moment i am seeing you,Datuk Dr Subra and Datuk Devamany and even Murugiah from PPP are handling issue attentively and professionally.pls reply to my comments that is very useful to help the despair indians.

Shashi said...

Dear Dato'

The racist issue shall not be raised by Tun Dr Mahathir. During his tenure as PM, most of the allocations were given to the Malays such as scholarships, places in IPTA, jobs in government sectors etc...

The proposal to release the Hindraf members nothing to do with the racist issue. We want them to be released because they had fighted for the Indian community rights. That all !!!!

The Hindraf issue had given very high impact to the last General election. Our governmnet shall look seriously in this issue and must solve it as soon as possible...

MIC is the proper channel for the Indian community to request for their right. Thus, all the so call 'pemimpin' in MIC shall carry out their duty faithfully for the benefit of Indian community and not for their own interest...

All the best...

With regards,
Setiausaha MIC, Bidor

k.raveendran nair said...

Why TDM has back to his racism? Read my article; What Causes Ethnic Conflict? in my blog then you will understand why he have adopted the ethnic-bashing staretgy.

Unfortunatley, when TDM was in power and when it's crystal clear, no implementation to help the community, all this leader have taken a decision to zip their mouth or I can say "has no guts" to voice out. Even in every year party convention continously the leaders fan him and dare not say anything rather than supporting. When TDM is not in power and those in corridor of power are against him, now only leaders are dare to unzip their mouth.

What is the point to bash him now when the party supposed bash those in corridor of power to make sure they implement for the community.

Don't repeat the same mistake and don't wait for the present PM to pension and then only dare to say you have failed the community.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk, your comments are well accepted. Thank u for posting a clearer view on this matter. It'll benefit us the youths as young politicians.

MIC WP Youth Secretary

Hazman Aziz said...

Congratulation Bro....

old Temerloh Boys

Hazman / Meera

ThePublicProsecutor said...


Well done on being receptive. The old man Mahathir just wants to save his skin la. Should arrest him and put him on trial. It will be a matter of time where he too will face the wrath of the rakyat. Misdeeds must never go unpunished. Call him bapak pembangunan or the person responsible for development of Malaysia but none could have achieved without the support of the people. He did not build Malaysia, Malaysians did! We just gave him the mandate to do so. He shut just keep quiet and go into oblivion rather than opening his mouth and making stupid comments. People are not stupid! All the best mate!

Anonymous said...

Mr Saravanan, I read the Tamil papers yesterday and learnt that you had enrolled your daughter into a Tamil school. I think you are just trying to be a champion by doing so. Are you doing this for your own political mileage? The paper had pointed out that you are the only MIC leader who has enrolled his or her child into a Tamil school. I think you are doing so for cheap publicity stunt. I am sure I would be watching if the poor girl really goes to the school next year when the term starts.

NuisanceDetactor said...

well, just look at urself first sir. I think u are enrolling your daughter in a Tamil school just to make other MIC leaders look bad. Since now you have become a big gun in MIC u just want to prove a point. Well please dun think we Indians would be fooled by your antics. We would be watching!

WhoShotTheSheriff said...

dear deputy minister, I think you are making your child as a pawn in your political game. in a year thousands of parents enroll their children into schools. but in this case you taking your children to a Tamil school and enrolling one of them in the school does not vindicate you or the MIC. I would certainly call it a publicity stunt. By the way, why should u publicise the registeration of ur daughter into the school.

lvbala said...

Dear Saravanan,
Don't go around and tell jokes bro...
You are with the MIC for how long?Don't pretend as if you are just born into this world yesterday. Its far beyond your imagination to even talk or to compare TUN. He is the developer of Malaysia. Even i do get angry with his statement but when he is in charge as a PM, he is looking at Malaysia the whole and not for the INDIAN alone. Thats why we have our own leader as mention the one and the only one "DSSV" your boss, to look after the INDIANS. Dont talk about what he had built, if i were to be the leader i would have built the same too and even you too. But besides all the MIC jokes, what all of you been doing all this while? Laying eggs? MIC has wasted all the time we had. We have lost our rights in all aspect. I can't believe there are still indians without IC in this millenium and you are talking about building temples.

Think clearly...
If UMNO asking DSAAB to step down because BN lost the majority but why still DSSV (Your Boss) still in power even he lost his seat. If MCA leader Dato' Ong himself dont wanna a cabinet post because he wanna serve the RAKYAT to gain the support, then why DSSV still in power? And why you become the minister? And now you talking about the basic need of INDIANs pledge through HINDRAF. You got no rights to talk about HINDRAF as you againts it when they newly formed. If you claim yes, than tell me what you have done for this HINDRAF when you are in power now?
MIC did the same when IPF wanted join BN.
Listen carefully, if we would have let IPF to join BN we should have more indian ministrial post. More allocation would have been allocated for indians beside the allocation for and by MIC. More Indian party would have been fighting for the INDIANS besides MIC alone.
Come on bro... i know you wont publish this comment but i do have my own blog too and i am writting in HINDRAF too. Indians are not as what you think they are. We have many profesionals who can lead the INDIAN communities better than you and your boss.
Its goes to your MIC youth leader too. What kind of jokes all of you trying to play around.

The Uneducated

L_J said...

Dear YB

Very well written. I commend your brave stand against TDM, who very many objective observers know to be the true racist, demagogue & fascist! I have said so many times on his blog and will continue to do so.

I am no fan of DSSV, but if he is a racist, then he is a creation of the Alliance/BN legacy. From day one we were separated as a people into MICOs. Did the British wish this? Perhaps, but the Malays did not challenge this. Most certainly they wanted it too.

The attempt to make support for HINDRAF coterminous with racism is just Mahathir spin, with no basis or foundation. Your point about support for the Palestinian cause is well taken.

That what TDM says about DSSV is too little too late, is evidenced by the fact that he had 22 years to deal with the latter when he was in power, but failed to do so, like so many things he now brings up. As I have said before, it does not matter what one yells after he has lost power and authority, but what one did when he was in power. By that reckoning re DSSV and what TDM says now, are meaningless and tantamount to pissing in the wind.

Thank you for not censoring comments on your blog (save the obvious of course).


BubarkanMIC said...

M. Saravanan,

Well done for sending your daughter to tamil school, hope this is not a cheap political mileage but one with genuine intention.

Anyway, dont you think you and Samy are pure opportunist by attacking Mahatir now? He was the same racist back then, and I never heard any comment from you, Samy or Palanivel. Suddenly now you all are attempting to become heroes by projecting yourselves as hindraf sympathisers. When Nazri called our protesting brothers penyanggak, where were you or Samy?
When Najib gave a warning to devamany, he suddenly chickened out. Sothi is the same.

We need brave indian leaders - and the truth is those in MIC cannot be relied upon for this character. Saudara Gopala, Prof Rama, Kula, Manogaran and saudara Manickavasagam are tamil speaking brave indians who challenge the govt all the time, challenge UMNO decisions. We need them, and unless you be brave and leave for Pakatan and challenge the racist UMNO, you will never win the youth back.

After all you joined MIC when it was at its peak of being a slave to UMNO along with MCA and Gerakan.

Lets see if you publish this since I didnt call you any names, not vulgar or racist in nature.

Jabbar said...

In a country as beautiful as Malaysia, remarks or comments of being a racist is unacceptable to many. But the underlining truth is just as the definition itself Malaysia has been founded and stood for 50 years base on this.
It is how we live with it that made us what we are today.
The general and main concern is that, is racism in Malaysia detrimental to the peace and harmony we have enjoyed.
It generally does when an ethnic group feels they are being marginalized or even victimized.
From my own observation, all ethnic group including Malays have and are being victimized and marginalized. It is how we the every day and hard working people live together in harmony is important.
I for one cannot stand for anyone championing an ethnic base demand which ridicules and stands to gain from the loss of others.
50 years we have lived together in peace.
Are we really ready for an open society without any racial or religious difference?
If we are may all of us be blessed and once and for all stop being champion of our own ethnic groups.

DR SURESH K said...

Dato Saravanan,

What I cant comprehend is,you fellas from the MIC who claim to be the guardians of the Indians in Malaysia,could not utter a single word aginst the racist UMNO led govt, when they were indiscriminately demolishing our temples,and attacked those 30000 over Indians with chemical laced water and batons,all of a sudden you and your boss samy velu made a big U-turn and now claim to be symphatizing with the Indian people and Hindraf leaders?

Your boss samy even went to the extent of telling the media in India,that all is well with the malaysian Indians,and he even said the same thing in RTM.So what is the reason for this U-turn esp after the heavy defeat in the 12th GE?

Who are you guys trying to hoodwink this time around?Why play with those poor Indians just to save your political carreers?Dont you fellas realize that those Indians are the one who gave you fellas your political carrers?

I tell you what Dato',instead of enggaging in rhetoric,please show it in action and do it sincerely without any expectations.First solve the birth certificate problems of our poor kids and get them back into schools,do this and I will take my hats off for you.

If you cant,tell the Indians that the govt refused to help the Indians and resign,I believe the Indians will respect you for that and I will be very proud of you too.

I am speaking from my experience by the way.Dont be a coward like Devamany who shamelessly conceded defeat to the racist UMNO fellas and claimed he regretted for the statement,which he made with regard to the demolition of the temple in klang last year.

I wish to listen to what you have to say with regard to my questions above.

Santhi_Ya said...

Dear Dato'

After reading all the comments out here, I'm happy to see that all the comments are published without any filteration.


Logan, Ipoh said...

Yes M. Saravanan,

Bravo for being open about the comments, well done.

However you dont explain the shameful behaviour of you, Samy, the pengecut Devamany and your cabinet colleague Nazri who called those hindraf warriors penyanggak and gansgter?

We are fed up of seing a pathetic party representing us. we dont want MIC to beg for us anymore. I rather DAP fight and lose for us than begging and gaining some UMNO peanuts.

You should get out of MIC, I know you are deputy minister but you brothers and sisters are poor, dont have equal educational opportunities, are racially abused, killed in lock-ups. We need indians to unite under PR.

M Saravanan, we want you to go to Pakatan and you will get to lead us. You stay here, we will wipe you out in electoral politics, no place for traitors in our lives.

DR SURESH K said...

Dear readers,

Please watch the hindraf video under the title 'malaysia's indian uprising' at program was shown here in australia 2 mths ago by one of the national channels.Have a glimpse of what samy had to say to the australian journalist and how he made a fool of himself by underestimating the indians in malaysia.Happy watching and a happy future for all malaysian indians.