Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MIC Politics

Below are parts of the question and answer session between MIC former deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam and NST, published today.
Q: You were out of mainstream MIC politics since the last party election. Why are you willing to return?
Subramaniam: I feel compelled to help rebuild the party after its dismal performance in the March 8 general election. There is no point in pointing fingers. Many misread this and say I am now joining hands with party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu. Naturally, to rebuild the party, I will have to work with the president and need his cooperation.

Q: What about your supporters?
Subramaniam: My supporters, who are still in MIC, are happy and welcome my move. But my supporters outside MIC are unhappy with the patch-up. I don't understand this because I have always been with the party. I am not doing it because I am after any position. Samy Vellu has agreed in principle to revive my supporters' defunct branches, so the party will become stronger.

Q: What about calls from within and outside the party, rejecting your return to MIC mainstream politics?
Subramaniam: People who are unhappy with Samy Vellu and others who treated me as a threat are not comfortable with our patch-up. I only came to offer my services. I even declined the Central Working Committee position that Samy Vellu offered.

Q: What is your view on calls by certain quarters asking for Samy Vellu's resignation as party president?
Subramaniam: Many people forget the tremendous support Samy Vellu has from within the party. He is well liked by members, especially for his hardwork. I think everybody should remain and rebuild the party.

Q:You have been with the party through thick and thin. Any thoughts of retiring from MIC and politics?
Subramaniam: The question of retirement does not arise now. I am the MIC Seputeh division chairman and involved in various activities.

Q: Any plans to contest in the next party elections?
Subramaniam: No plans at the moment. My interest now is to help make the party stronger and getting the Indians to once again recognise MIC as a strong political party, which would serve their interest.

Q: What do you think???

p/s: Euro results: Holland 3 Italy 0, Romania 0 France 0.


sridevi said...

What you trying say Dato.....and what is your role here. Can we know how many MIC members in Seputeh voted for BN?

karepu said...

Wow, the man who you address with vulgar words during the MIC election in 2006 is now become as part of your blog. So what are the message you are trying to send to your blog readers? Is the blog posting carry the message you are willing to work closely with him to shoo away Samy Vellu?

theFireWithin said...

Read the whole interview or whatever that was published by NST. Subramaniam would try to make a comeback into mainstream MIC politics, it looks like. What the former deputy minister must realise is that do people want him. His cronies in the party obvious want him because they would gain from the position. Subramaniam was right in saying that those outside politics do not want him making a comeback. We had enough of this Samy-Subra thing. I am 40 years old and all my life this two so called leaders have been fighting all their lives with each other sacrificing our rights and freedom to speak. Can we have new faces please!!!!!!!!!!