Monday, June 9, 2008

More "begging"?

A high powered MIC delegation met Higher Education Minister today to "request" the government to increase Indian student intake into local varsities this year.
The MIC has requested that Indian students at local public funded universities be increased to 8 percent.
The intake into local universities for Indian students in 2006 was 6.11 percent, 2005 (5.6 percent), 2004 (5.9 percent), 2003 (5.2 percent), and 2002 (2.7 percent).
In view of the high achievements among many Indian students, the party has asked the government for the increase in intake.
The party has also called on the powers-that-be to offer critical courses like medicine, law, dentistry, engineering and so on, to our students.
Many students who secured excellent results in the SPM and STPM examinations in the past had been offered non critical courses, resulting in them rejecting the offer.
The party has promised to monitor the intake of Indian students and urged Indian students to send a copy of their university application to the MIC headquarters.


Shashi said...

Dear Dato,
Once again, we meet here. Actually the allocation for Indian students in the local IPTA should be done very much earlier. Why the requestion or so call 'begging' is being done now??? Try to imagine what happen to the parents who had send their beloved childrens to IPTS??? They had took up loans, sold their properties etc to pay the study fees.

Anyhow, it is not too late to request now because the government had left out Indian students which they don't see the important of minority group. We as the Indian are hoping that MIC shall do something to improve the lifesytle of Indian community by providing good education to them. I personnally had helped quite number of Indian students to further their study by encouraging and guiding them to the proper institute to be enrolled such as polytechnics, UTM, IKM etc.

The problem that they are facing after completing SPM & STPM is they will be lost because no proper guidance is being exposed to them.

I would like to suggest that why not MIC make a proposal to collect all the Indian students of their SPM and STPM results and make the assesments for selecting the couses according to the achieved result. This may not be applied to those who have strong background such as educated parents, strong in financial and achieved excellent results. I'm saying this because they are smart and will go on the right track.

Some of the parents are not bordered on their children's education because they way they are living currently. I had seen so many cases and I think Dato will agree with me. On these type of cases, MIC as the Indian representing party shall play the role effectively by guiding them to the proper channel in improving their future.

To make effective move, MIC shall work together with Ministry of Education to obtain all the SPM and STPM Indian candidate names so that we can keep track on their performance.

The important thing is all the MIC branch Chairmans shall work to improve and help the Indian community. But to sad that they are only holding the post without doing anything. Some of them are self fish and only look after their own interest. This shall be totally revamped if MIC going for rebranding process.

Effective party can be achieved by having effective leader. This philosophy goes to company management, family management etc...

Dato, we hope the seats allocation for Indian students shall be looked seriously and action must be taken and not just on the papers.

All the best.....

With regards,
Setiausaha MIC, Bidor,
Perak Darul Ridzuan

Harry Singh said...

Dear Minister,

Please continue the noble effort to ensure that the Indian students are treated fairly in our own country. Meanwhile, regards your call to PSD to make the names of PSD recipients public, anything? Can I suggest that MIC start the ball rolling by revealing the names of the 161 Indian recipients of the PSD scholarship this year together with the course offered. This will enable the community and Malaysian generally to decide whether Indian students have been given a fair treatment. Sometimes when we make calls for transparency, we should lead by example, hopefully the others will have the guts to follow our exemplary example. I think the saying goes ' berani kerana benar'.

Wishing you a outstanding day.

Anonymous said...

a brilliant fellow you must be.

VIjay said...

Every Indian Student who are obtaining excellent result must be assured a guaranteed seat in IPTA or IPTS.
This must be implemented ASAP.
Do you know how many of our children are left behind due improper support from the goverment?
Why MIC doesnt want to arrest this issue immediately?
This year the intake percentage had been increased but still there is many indian student who suppose to gain a seat didnt deserve it?
Will you prove to me that nationwide MIC branches are working towards this?
Some of the branches are set up for their own pride and reputation but non function able to the public...