Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hello the people of Malaysia. It gives me great pleasure to pen my thoughts and dreams for this glorious nation called Malaysia. Please feel free to jot your view on my blog which would be updated from time to time. I would be posing questions, issues and the on-goings and appreciate if comments could be "clean" in nature. I would try my level best to edit, to the minimal, any comments that you would like to post.
Thank you for your contribution and God Bless.


TheFireWithin said...

Well for one, it is good that one of the MIC leaders have taken the initiative to start a blog. I see that the blog was only set up today and I wish that you can publicise this site to the people. Although it is still early days, I hope you would keep up your good work so far.

Anonymous said...

Mr Saravanan, firstly let me congratulate you on this brave venture. I am a retired civil servant and have a lot to say about MIC and this site has provided me with the avenue. I know there would be a lot of them coming on to this blog to say what they think about the party and most importantly about Samy Vellu. I hope this blog would be moderated with all fairness. The peoples views must be heard. Thank you for providing us, Malaysian Indians, with this opportunity.

ajitpal narayanan said...

Oi, who do you think you are la? You are on the web, please cut the legalese lah.

Welcome the people of malaysia it seems. What a silly intro. Learn from the bloggers lah. And oh, how come your tech guy did not tell you you can actually blog from your domain instead of cluttering with blogspot?

That said, keep up the good work Sarry. But learn the web fast.

Oh, congrats for having the guts to put up a blog.


Vanakkam sir,

Welcome to the blog world sir. MIC Cares. And now they cares about Virtual demands and ideas.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know you are taking some tremendous step for the cleanliness of the city. Appreciate it.
I have a comment about a jalan in Desa Pandan near the Mcdonald which is the main street to our home. By 6.30 in the night it becomes hawkers stall and closed from being used ( opposite the Maybank ) could you kindly consider this issue. I believe there is justice and hope you will look into this matter seriously.. There are place for stalls given and it can be occupied as they are vacant still. A quick step will be appreciated very much. Thanks and keep up the good work till end.

>;;;pOOraN;;= said...

I hope you don't put a toll on this blog!

Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere!

A bit of warning: Its not like MIC where samy's word is king. Here its the people's word. Good or bad.

And you can't use gangsters to silence us!

Otherwise I say:

Blog On!

L_J said...

Dear Datuk,

It is very nice to see the MIC finally entering the Internet age, through your blog. Having met you once, I thought you were somewhat different from the Samy Vellu boys. I hope I am right.

May I add to the comment and hope of the last poster that this blog be fairly moderated. I recently posted various messages on Tun Dr Mahathir’s Che Det blog, all of which we unfavourable of him but he ensured that all of my postings were published. Now that is a gentleman and I enormously respect him for this. Please endeavour to do the same. Obviously, you should moderate out abuse, but not criticism, whether you feel it to be fair or not.

March 8 has changed the world for Malaysia and finally BN politicians are genuinely trying to listen to the people. Their arrogance is dented and their aura of invincibility evaporated. But does this spell the dawn of a new better era or a harbinger of worse times? Reading the Che Det blog I fear that the ever present racism and fascism of the Malays is being articulated and vented openly. Will they attempt to up the ante by creating public order problems in the hope of neutralising the results of the March 8 GE by a declaration of emergency? It would merely take a few Malays throwing rocks as non-Malays. I think many would like to do so. Ultimately, it is question of whether they have more to lose or gain by rioting.

In 1969 the Malays had very little and any car set alight or bricked house burnt belonged to a Chinese. That is not the case today. Today they own more luxuries than non-Malays; certainly the Indians. That should concentrate their minds wonderfully and dissuade them from acting precipitously.

China & India are very different animals today and their sure protests cannot be ignored. Ultimately peace will prevail, but it will be an uneasy one.

Many congratulations and good luck on your blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

I hope you would raise two issues and find a solution for them.

1) Please let Tamil schools to continue to teach math and science in English.

2) And please get the remove class removed for jenis kebangsaan schools.

I hope MIC can solve these issue as soon as possible.


Ravi said...

I congratulate you on embarking on this new mode of communication. Though it would be difficult to fulfil everyone's wants and needs and wishes but I for one would like to see the Indian community progress. As long as Samy is around we can all forget it. He is an analog watch in a digital age. He should leave and let the MIC fends for its' self. I don't think with him hanging around it would do the Indian community any good.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation dear brother !!

I'm looking forward for your active contributions in voicing and championing the Malaysian Indian issues in the parliament.

It's time for young MIC leaders like you to become our torch bearers.

Past is past ... now MIC should ensure young Indians are given equal chance to become MIC leaders.

I was never keen in politics all this while...until 8 March 2008. So give us the proper platform I'm sure many Indians will support u and our young leaders in MIC.

May God bless u and keep up your good performance Brother ..


RajaChulan said...

Dear YB,


MIC is a party for the Malaysian Indian. It used to be a good party.

Please do one thing for us, make MIC democratic!!
Also, please remind everyone (the present leadership especially) that MIC is not their family property!

Thanks and good luck.

Letchume said...

Dear Datuk Saravanan


Anonymous said...

You started the blog on 20th yet no updates till now, launched websites but not blogs..this is not called blogging!

Meenachi Indian said...

Hello Saravanan, congratulations for setting-up your blog. Believe me when I tell you that you have created a platform for the public to have access to the MIC which Samy Vellu is still very much in control off.

roberto said...

its a good move and its nice to hear you are willing to listen to the public.i will update you with any problems pertaining to your ministry and do your best,

banivelu said...

YB Saravanan,
Congratulations!!1st MIC leader with a blog.Hope your focus on BANGSA MALAYSIA,and the plight of the indian will be elevated.

Agniman said...

welcome to the cyberworld.The only frontier that is truly open.Be prepared for unadulterated views.I sincerely hope that this attempt is not some form of spin doctoring.Lets see you make your mark on cyberspace and not become another politician who is all rhetoric and no substance.All the best

K. Arapan said...

Just saw your blog and managed to read it. Congratulations. It is very nicely drafted and impressed with its layout. I sincerely hope that your goodself will be able to upgrade and update it regularly with the latest news and issues so that it will be interesting to read and we can post our views for your kind consideration. TQ

K. Arapan
Chairman MIC Pekan Ijok
Batang Berjuntai

puvanan said...

Vanakkam Sir,

A warm welcome. In this age of technology, it's very much impossible to stay away from the temptation of making use of technology to share our views and ideas. It's really nice to see that you have taken an extra initiative in breaking the technology barriers, and start up a blog of your own to communicate and exchange your views with the current net savvy generation.

Hope you would continue to serve the community and nation well; voice out your genuine opinions in safeguarding the community's rights and try your level best in assuring the advancement of Malaysian Indians in all aspects. I hope your blog to be a worthy tool to hear you and be heard by you much stronger than ever.

All the best and I welcome you to the club :)

PJ said...

Congratulations, YB Saravanan, on your launch of your weblog. It's my hope that you will address issues and problems faced particularly by the Indians in this country. You should avoid at all costs publicity for your self. You should do whatever you can to restore the confidence of the Indians and make the MIC a dynamic force.

bmahendran said...

Vanakkam Dato,
on behalf of Malaysian Indian BLoggers, i would like to welcome you to the blogosphere.
Looking forward to interact with you and read your views..

Cheers :)

Barathi Tamil said...

Hi YB Saravana....Kudos to your new brave setup.Hope you will be change in MIC.We come to know your God Father Samy is doing lot of changes in MIC now. But we the new generation people or we name it " Makkal Sakthi" will never accept him anymore.Pls convey this message to him.Hope you will give new hope to Malaysian Indian.Please to of our community rather than thinking of making money for yourself.

Bravo YB Dato Saravanan....Go Ahead with good hearted.

Suara Makkal said...

Hi Mr.Saravanan, hope you will post all the comments here, without sensoring any of our comments.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Saravanan

As FT Ministry Deputy Minister, what is your position on local government?

Will you work to restore local elections (for councillors and the Mayor)?

What are you going to do about all the mess done by the existing KL/Selangor administrations? For e.g. the destruction of Bukit Kiara, Damansara Heights and Federal Hill?

So much has been said about public transport for so many years. How many more committees, studies, lawatan sambil belajar and consultants will it take to make KL more liveable, having a great system that allow people to move around easily (without fear for their safety)?

What do you think Mr Saravanan, does it take to make KL a world class city?

BN deserter said...

Welcome sir. Do you want MIC and BN to well? Yes:

1. Serve the Rakyat.(People have taken notice of what's happening like in Setapak, Wangsa Maju. BN lost 100,000 thousands for this. ow you handle that without looking at the PKR MP will make a break. But if you turn petty and try to politicise human issues, well people will play politics and Pahang will fall sooner than you can imagine. From there, you can turn to fishing.

2. BN media shouldn't believe that we buy their propaganda, character assasination and spin. This nation is looking for honest answer, not spin. So, tell them to write nothing but the truth otherwise we feel despised because we know much.

3. Accountability, open records in all cases are needed.

4. BN should understand that they are not entitled to rule us and should act accordingly. Otherwise you know what will happen.

BryanChoong said...

Congratulations & Welcome to the World of Blogging.

We have witness your entry into FT.

Could you please expedite & change the Mentality of DBKL Napoleons mindsets in terrorizing Hawkers & Traders e,g in Desa Setapak & WangsaMaju, Old Klang Road/Taman Desa/ Taman Setapak?

We await you as TERMINATOR FOR DBKL.




poobalan said...

Mr Saravanan,

Welcome to cyberspace. Glad to see that more Indians are taking up blogging. It would indeed be a challenge to maintain a blog and handle all the replies. I hope you don't take the path of Ali Rustam who blocks comments and blame it on others.

After Murugesan and Kamalanathan, I believe you are the 3rd MIC person to blog.

I've visited your website as well, and emailed some comments on it. Please take necessary action.

from one blogger to another: All the best. Hope you will last long in this free "world".


Anonymous said...

YB its great to see you on the blog. This blog will help YB to guide and monitor comments provided by the public

A. Chandrakumanan said...

Hi congratulations on setting up your blog, bye

Anonymous said...

u r a joke

Anonymous said...

I wasted my time here...sorry sir.

Putera Mic | Blog Admin said...

WelCome to Blogging world Sir.

Putera MIC

Seren/Arunmoli, Rawang said...

Good Job. Keep it up, YB. We will continue to support you. May God bless you and everyone at home. Seren

Old Fart said...

Ah so, finally I get to actually say my piece directly to an MIC leader who without my permission claims to represent me in the parliament and the cabinet. Thanks but no thanks. And, oh, maybe it was my comment that your boss Mr Velu was responding to before the elections, when he insisted that Malaysian Indians need to be represented. Well, I've got it somewhere in my blog that only in Malaysia that the Indian diaspora is politically represented, and see what and where it has got us to. Your boss lashed out without even reading my arguments. Anyway, do you have the stomach for it sir?

I too also have a perspective for the Indian dilemma, especially the estate workers dilemma. Click on my name and go find it for yourself sir. It does provide for you a valid basis to really fight, rather than feigning to fight, for the people you claim to fight for.

Anyway, employing a term used by one of your BN friends on us in the blogsophere, welcome to blogosphere from the rest of us monkeys!!

ersu said...

Congrats n good luck Mr Saravanan . . I hope , it`ll be a fair blogging corner and you`ll be brave enough to speak your mind .

Anonymous said...

I have a multi-racial division in PRS. At least 10 ethnic races with about 1500++members which includes about 125 Indians. BN is being attacked at all corners. Visit my blog too

Anonymous said...

tell the truth and show your honesty..u will be respected..

ihsan_huhu said...


Anonymous said...

Najib Abdul Razak:

If we look at the Opposition, they can accept all kinds of people into the party...people born in Malacca can become chief minister in another state. Even people contesting in the election on a borrowed party symbol can be accepted.

The Opposition can do anything without any question being raised.

What say you Mr Saravanan? What do you have to say about this statement by your coalition's deputy president?

dentist said...

The website is great.I like your honest frank disclosure of yourself.Let no one be the judge of another unless he is unblemished himself.don't worry about the past- please show us what you are capable of in the present.

Active Democracy said...

First of all, I would like congratulate and welcome your goodself into the bloggers community. I hope that you can provide a fantastic political coverage on National issue's especially for the the Indians.

Like many bloggers in Malaysia, I hope that you can pen mixed bag: multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, multinational and multiparty issues.

Since these days everything has become politicized at blogging, as a politician keep it up your good work.

Moksha said...

It's a great effort for you to reach out to the grassroots. From your website, i can see that you're quite a liberal man and I hope all your decision pertaining the important of public will be similatrly as liberal and open. I wasn'r keen on politic just until the sudden 'tsunami' in the country's political arena.

Personally I think it's all for the best.

On you serving FT, I must say that it is no easy task. Especially being new and being put under a lot of pressure from the start. You're doing a great job, keep it up.

Also, since you know the pinch of life (especially having grown up in a difficult social and economical environment, where one would always look out and expect for good changes in life), I hope more opportunities and equality among all races will be practiced.

Again, congratulation and welcome to the cyber world. You've doing great! Keep the ball rolling!

Subramaniam said...

Congratulations Datuk with your wining as MP of Tapah and appointed as Deputy Minister KL City. We proud on you as Indian been appointed DM in City Center. I'm your ex-colleague of PPP Titiwangsa Division Chairman, as short period i knowing you in polictic but as my superior during schooling (Titiwangsa). Once again Wish Congratulations!!!!

idham said...

congrats to you Mr Saravanan. you hv such a brave heart to start yr own blog & open yr blog for comment/feedbacks. hope you will treat positively all positive & negative comments fr visitor of yr initiate a blog is an easy thing, but to sustain it is another story. hope yr blog will sustain as long as you still serve as timb menteri..

Malik Syam said...

Dear Dato' M. Saravanan,

First I would like congratulate you for having a blog, which I guess the first for MIC leaders, this is a new hope for MIC and I hope all the MIC men will have one too. I hope that this blog could be used by Tapah residents to voice out their problem openly as they elected you as their MP. There are many domestic problems in Tapah and the area surrounding it, I really hope that you could spend more quality time in Tapah. As a Barisan Nasional supporter I feel that now is the time we should show to people that Barisan Nasional is the best party for people as its been for the past 50 years.I hope you would response on my call for solving problems in Tapah.

May God Bless You.....

-Malik Syam Mohd. Latiff-

FY Lim said...

Dear YB Saravanan,
Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your appointment as the Deputy FT Minister.
I write to inform you that the 3 1/2 mile Old Klang Road market is not kept up to the hygienic standards expected of a wet market.
Firstly, the rubbish container at the back stench when I passed by the rubbish dump area and rubbish is thrown everywhere down the surrounding drains. There is also no pre-treatment of the stinking liquid discharge into the drains and subsequently finds its way into the Klang River which cause river pollutions.
Secondly, there is a pile of rubbish uncollected at Jln Kuchai Lama Industrial Park and cause an ugly sight to the image of Kuala Lumpur. This dump is at Jln 1/114 Jln Kuchai Lama Industrial Park and on the slope in front of the hardware shop. The exact location is at the landing of the overhead pedestrian bridge in front of the church. Looks like the rubbish in the area is not collected regularly by Alam Flora.
Look foreward to DBKL's action.

FY Lim

KaSH said...


President said...

Hi Chief, nice to see you in virtual world. Just one request plz check your blog and website regularly since its the easiest way to access your comment and support. and add my number into your HP 017 2802767, Dr.S.Thinagaraj Sanniasi , from Kuala Pilah Negeri Sembilan , currently running a NGO here and , just choosen to PUTERA MIC Chairman for Negeri Sembilan by Dato'T.Rajagopalu. I hope to get support from you and more info on how to help grassroot Indians. Thanx

k.raveendran nair said...

Vanakam. Welcome to the cyber world. Late but it's ok much better than nothing........ looking forward to hear more from you.

P.K.Sathiyamoorthi said...

Congrats Datuk M.Saravanan. Welcome to cyber world


tamil said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tamil said...
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A Subramaniam said...

hi Mr Saravanan, congratulations for your establishment of your blog. Hope the rakyat can reach and you also can reach the rakyat and serve them better.

one of my friend, he is a hindu monk, conducting vedanta and hindu philosophy classes the past 5 years in Kuala Lumpur. he is surviving based on people's donation. He has plan to have his own ashram and looking for a place to conduct his classes. Can you help him ?
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dato,well done. We are sincerely very happy to see our leader on the new adventure.Hope more and more Indian population will be benefitted and review the past and progress to another chapter soon. We wish you all the very best and get closer to our party and achieve goals.TAM -SELANGOR/WILAYAH BRANCH

samuel said...

Hi Saravanan..
Congratulation to you.anway..wish you best of luck in your future in MIC.I have suggestion on application for memberhisp in MIC.Did you findout their backround for whose apply for membership or applying for MIC branch.Coz i heard a few group having bad attitude like gangsterism,police case drugg addict and etc etc that have applying for membership.So how you overcome this issue????Thank you

Klang Valley Pot Holes said...

In regards to Bandar Mahkota Cheras, if the government continue siding Police despite clear evidence of brutality, then I am quite sure BN will have an extremely tough battle to win back the voters. The voters from nationwide will act negatively against BN. Since you are a minister, please use your influence to protect the innocence citizens. thank you

khant368 said...



Finally MIC found one of the best ways to reach our society currently. Hope this blog will be a stepping stone for other influential and up coming leaders to share their views to the society and heal the negative image that MIC is bearing now. Rather than observing the plights of Indians in a bigger scale, the respected leaders should to the extend look into the smallest problem that these people are facing. These are the ones have exploded that brought catastrophic effect to the party I love most. It’s a moderate restart for fast resolve. Keep it up Sir.

The Resident Blogoanalyst, said...

As you have joined the ranks of bloggers, you must know that critical comments not published despite being 'clean' is a no-no. You will soon lose your credibility if this happens once too often.
Are you the only MIC leader with a blog? Well, that's good because it reflects on how backward Samy actually is. And he has gall to accuse others of being backward.
Tell me honestly, is this re-branding exercise worthwhile? Your leader has brought MIC to the level of a common product, a cheap product needing re-branding so as to regain its market share. Does he think the people are fools? I believe you will be in hot soup with your boss for the contents of this blog. Its early days and you must know that bloggers are unrelenting and merciless in their criticisms, true or false.
Thank you, anyway, for this avenue for people like me to vent my frustrations.

Anonymous said...

You are the MP of Tapah, Perak.
Why are you assigned to Ministry of FT? Is BN lack of FT MPs?

Johnny said...

Hi Dato

Again congratulations,as much as the political climate is going through times,i am very sure with your determination, you will be able to move the world.

Take care and God bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Dato,
Congratulations again,in spite of the current tough political climate, i am very sure with your determination and will power you will to able to achieve your objectives.

Keep the spirits flying high.

Am proud to be your friend.

Take care and God bless

Mohd Zainuddin Hj Amran said...

Tahniah Datuk, Saya harap masalah yang kami penduduk Kg Malaysia Raya bangkitkan akan mendapat perhatian Datuk segera!

Saya harap wakil Datuk yang hadir ke Kampung kami semasa mesyuarat Agung kami telah melapurkan semuanya.

Pembangunan yang dibuat dibelakang kampung kami perlukan perhatian Datuk juga, agar penduduk akan mendapat pembelaan dan perihatin sepanjang tempoh pembangunan tersebut.

sila hubungi saya di 019-2764133 -Zainuddin Hj Amran (Pengerusi Persatuan Penduduk Kg Malaysia Raya)

Anonymous said...

I can see that you MIC people are nothing but hypocrites. So this blog only entertains MIC members and anyone who only gives nice comments. You may be a DM but when I see you, I tell you to your face. You people no longer can have a free ride. Just wait until the 13th GE or maybe by 16th September.


WelCome to Blogging world Sir.

Punithan Shan

Makkal sakthi said...

Congrats.hope u express ur views without fear n favour.

RajaChulan said...

Dear YB,


Please help the Malaysian Indians sincerely.

just a simple guy said...

salute sir.!!!..i met you in tapah just after the election day because i was there for my aunty's funeral in tapah who passed away on 9th march... (passed away the next day of election)...eventough there were talks going on " this fella(you) wont come for funeral all..he might celebrating his victory somewhere.."..but around 1 pm you proved it wrong to all were there with your presence..and in addition to that you spend around 2 hours there even when you are packed with your schedule...You proved the people its a new leaf of MIC and a strong youthfull energy who will serve and the most important thing is care of the malaysian indians..!!!
Keep going sir...!!!
Hope you bring the best out of MIC for the Malaysian Indians!!
Because you are the only "FEW" can be tagged and hanged on to by the minority indians in this country!!!!

BryanChoong said...

Dear Datuk;

I have left a comment but it seems that it was lost in Cyberspace.


Just would like to find out from you on your measures to help the poor in FT.

Are there any constructive ways taken to help Poor Traders in Desa Setapak; Old Klang Road & Taman Setapak ( Pasar malam )?

How do you intend to use your esteemed Office against The DBKL Warlords or Little Napoleons?

Best Wishes:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Saravanan, Firstly Congratulate you on this brave venture. It is good to see your photoes in the newspapers helping the various cummunity issues! Dont make people say NEW BROOM SWEEP WELL! Please continue do whatever help you can to the rahyat who voted for you!Thank you for providing us, Malaysian Indians, with this opportunity

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RSM said...

Dear Brother,

I'm keen to know what are your plans to help Indian Youths in Malaysia.

I hope you can update them in your website and also hope MIC Youth related news or activities are updated / promoted in other languages as well (Malay & English).

I'm sure brother, you are aware some of us are Malay / English educated and we don't read or write Tamil.

Most of the mainstream medias have nothing GOOD to say about MIC other than the conflicts or bickering in MIC. "Especially TV 3"

So please consider this particular group !! We can be your new friends to rebuild MIC and work hand in hand to unite Indians behind MIC.

Hope you can seriouslly consider this suggestion Brother.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Saravanan,

Congratulation on your recent poll victory and appointment as Deputy Minister. Your candid approach of laying out your biodata is very much welcomed, although no details were provided it is accepted nevertheless!

You seem to be practising what you preach so far and I pray that you will continue with it for your (and your follower's & family's) benefit. I won’t say for MIC's benefit since (at least for me) it doesn’t make any difference whether MIC survives or not.

My recommendation:
1. Drop Samy as your role model....there are many more worthy role models in this world!
2. Update your blog daily
3. Layout your plans with timelines as MP & Deputy Minister so we can judge you based on your work and not what we hear.

Nages said...

Congratulations and Weldone YB.

U have set a blog to share and listen to the comments by the community.

M proud of you being a leader who actually fulfil people's needs and wishes even though it is difficult.

We can see progress among the community especially Indians after you came. Continue serving the community and we will support you.

Show the nation that MIC care for Indians. I salute for your braveness and you will be identified as one of the best MIC leader for Malaysian Indians.

Valgha Valamudan YB!

ThePublicProsecutor said...


Many congratulations and I wish you all the best. As you are well aware YB, the city folks are very unhappy about the KL Draft plan and how it was actually penned.Please fight for them and allow dialogues and discussions as this will be vital as to how the city would be shaped in years to come. Also, please find time to go visit residential associations to find out what is really happening and play the role as the "wakil rakyat". People will support you in you are honest and hardworking and most importantly, you are seen to serve the needs of the entire KL community, not only the constituency that elected you.
Be humble YB and I wish you all the best. Good Luck!

Puchong Guys said...

Good Morning Mr.Saravanan. You have made a right move to communicate with people to get people opponion.

I will like to suggest to MIC to concentrateon indian youth and develop them as the future leader.

As a youth , I have never received a good support from MIC when we go and meet well known MIC leader and request for some support for sports clubs.We was told to come and meet the top official for few times but finally he can even donate RM50 as a contribution.Although we are registered organization the feedback we receive was really bad.

Finally , I will like to request resonable support from the MIC for the youth.

Puchong Youth Indian Community.

Mahesh said...

Hi YB, first of all I'm happy on your Dpy Minister posting and hope you will have the time to read all the postings on your blog.

I'm like any other Indian in Malaysia, always wanted to see the Indians in Malaysia doing well and united under one Brand. It is God's gift for us to be united under one party called MIC.

You know very well on the actual situation now, how the grassroots thinking and seeing MIC as.

You are one of the candidate that MIC might be looking to lead the party. But before that, what is MIC without the Indians support and blessings.

Rather than to talk about MIC has done this and that, just have the guts to say SORRY, we have failed, we lost, NOW it is always, Makkal Mudive Mahesan Mudivu.So what...if that what the Indian wanna hear let them hear it! Rather than we fight against the mass...we bow to them and say....bless me with one of chance...I show you what MIC can do...but don't stop at that, even without their blessings now, keep helping and pour the helpings to the community...people will bow to true ANBU!

Go on that route, we have the most richest culture, arts and tradition and of course the religion.

Down to earth, go down....let people suggest what to do...listen and for once a for all...just do what they want.....then we will see the light at the end of tunnel ( I am talking about Re-Branding of MIC), changing logo and you think it will bring any changes and make the youngsters run towards MIC.

I am 38 yo, this year YB, to tell the truth.....I am not as good as a 18 yo guys who so fantastic blogging, chatting and reaching thousands within minutes on the net.

They communicate and their networking is, we at this age of group if wanted to reach and bring the younsters on board with us....what shall we do! If we can't beat them we join them.

I don't know what Dato'Seri has in mind....but believe me....MIC is NOT the direction of the youngsters.

I am Tamil educated, I speak, read and write Tamil....fluently....i wanna see the Indian Community to be respected as self sustain community (actually that was the actual situation).We MUST HOLD THE ECONOMY POWER IN OUR OWN WAY!

Nobody like to be told what to do....look at the political scenario now, we have speaker, MPs, Aduns who speak good Malay and they wanted to do things directly involve the Indian community.So do we need MIC! That's the question asked nowadays! You know why we need MIC......we need an umbrella for rainy days! we the one big Indian Family must hold hands under one roof....then no one can break us....but this must be done sincerely.....not we Indians suck everything off from our very own community....sorry for being harsh.....I'm sorry.....

If the Indian deserve the rights, then just voice it and get it done.

If we to become a politician, we are NOT the rulers of the community, we are to lead and be the captain , make the right decisions and serve the people...

I'm sure you know the joy when you help someone to solve their problem and they come to you after sometime and say Thank You...or cry holding your hands and say GOD Bless You.

Sarva Mangala Maangalye
Shive Sarvartha Saathige
Saranye Thrayambage Gowri
Narayani Namostuthe.....

Sarva Mangala is watching us all the time.....serve the people....lets MIC come up with chain of business where indians can be partners and eventually they become the owners...

Lets MIC own chain of restaurants...Kari Kepala Ikan is francise it Indians...then guide them..after that they to bring on other it moves.....Logistic Companies, Cleaning Companies, Labour Management and etc

Thousands of products in the the Indians...we need venture into business..lets hold the money..lets the Indians hold the hard liquid cash......

otherwise how YB! You tell me!

I know you must be in difficult position......can't against boss...but I hope the Boss will realize soon...let is GO! I'm sure youngsters can re-brand it better.

Let Go Dato' Seri...God will bless you! Shanti Shanti Shanti! Don't worry..nothing to proof to have done the best and now its time for others to continue the legacy. You were the LION but its time to retire! Only a great person can let go things! You know better than me Dato'Seri. You are a father figure to many people...YB please relay this to Dato' Seri...he was great...and will be greatest person if he can come up n say ....GOOD BYE PEOPLE!

YB, may shakthi amma bless your heart always...n you may see what i see......

GOD Bless You and Iraivan paarvai unggal meethu endrum pattirukka..yaam piranthai seivom......

Sarva Mangalam Undakattum! Malaysia India Makkal Vaalgha Vaalgha!Malaysia Punniya Boomi selikka selikka!

Its me

Mahesh Sukla Patcha

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Saravanan,

Like I mentioned in my earlier comment that if you dont update your blog regularly, you will loose your online 'supporters'. It looks like there are no more new comments coming in.

Also, pls. get Samy to retract the show cause letter to Alex T. Its a very undemocratic thing to do. I hope you've got nothing to do with this.

Have a good day ahead!

Thana said...

Thank you Datuk.You remember you called me up within 15 minutes after receiving my letter although you were busy rushing to a temple in cheras.Well thats what I call efficency and keep it up! God bless you

Nesanga said...

First and foremost we have a major problem because MIC has lost crediblity as a strong and vocal political party. As long the Maika Issue is not resolved by your party boss, he will be discredited and hence new blood into the party will suffer because of Samy. Samy has to go, as he is more liability. All of you know this, however you guys have no guts to tell him to resign. If you guys in MIC got no guts how on earth are you going to defend our Indians.

Vesu said...

YB.the actual branding that MIC is advocating is through your office action. I know you have been working very hard to regain people's trust in MIC- that is the true purpose of branding... today i hear you handover dbkl houses letters to people in need... action speaks louder than words... just wish the government offer you a ministry with broader next cabinet reshuffles. keep up your good work -the word " work" is the new brand for MIC.. you are into it others should follow...

Vesu said...

the party and community need effective vehicle to transform. The commnity and party vis a vis leaders need a bridge that will connect them. Unlike the malays and chinese, indians do not have the media power house-especially to target the younger generation. Malay issues were being highlighted in astro and free channels , same goes to the chinese ; where else malaysian indian issues do not get its rightful coverage. astro thru its indian channels are more focused into imported indian programmes..i know how tv3 brought changes to the malay's mindset . the time has come for the indian community to own its own tv channel like how 8TV for need to heard and seen all the time-not during pre-GE time .

Vesu said...

YB , as the information chief of MIC ..please take note that Bernma website has mandarin,malay,engliah and arabic version but no tamil version. Since Bernama is a government entity , the MIC should look into it and request for Tamil version. as i have mentioned in my previous mail.. a community need to be heard and seen very loud and clear at all time. The rtm tamil news as well as tv2 news are not community friendly and cater news just for the sake of filling in the airtime. while i appreciate the primetime slot on tv2 but content and presentation wise it is not attracting the audience. Media , as you will agree is crucial in parting info fast and accurate. YB , can you do something about astro ? the indian viewers complain about not getting good local Malaysian programmes never get the attention of the channel head. Unfortunately people are being over dose with news from india..i guess malaysians know more india politics than what is happening in their own country. One good example TODAY , DPM has announced an additional budbet of RM50 MIL for indian community...astro being the only 24 indian channel SHOULD make a good narate about this most welcoming news? Please ask Dr.Rajamani . why there is lack of local content exposure? you will be surprise to hear his excuses...local malaysians lack talents ayah..the time has come for a malaysian in astro to lead the channels.. we do not need a foreigner to dictate terms on how media should play a role in nation building .

Vesu said...

positive feedback on MIC.a friend of mine who is a branch chairman told me that he attended a session with MIC leaders recently at Grand Seasons hotel and the atmosphere was diferent from pre GE period. The top leaders CHANGED willing to listen to views from the ground. its a good start; a good rebranding ; but talk must translate into action. hopefully , the party will regain trust.

Anonymous said...

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