Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, its the same style of politics yet again. I was "attacked" by a certain party elder in two Tamil newspapers today. But it's all right with me. I chose not to comment or retaliate against the so called leader's criticism. For me, now that I have made my point, is to continue my work. Enough of politicking, as I don't want to be muddled in things like using newspapers to launch attacks against a person. Lots of work to be done and I am happy doing it.


ThePublicProsecutor said...

Fight fire with Fire mate! Dont give in to this sort of antiques! I suugest you hold a press conference and state the facts. That way, people will know your side of the story and remain relevant. Remember, once you are out of favour, its game over!

Take these fellas head on!

lvbala said...

I agree with the publicprosecutor, you better make your move or you will be the next victim...
"Once you are out of favour, its game over"
Lead the race dont follow... its time.

Karunakaran said...

Awwww, poor Sara got attacked? Have some guts for the love of god and fight like a man! Why suddenly scared Subra will be the next MIC president is it? That betrayer nor Datuk Seri Semi Value will even have a party to lead in a few years time. I and rest of sensible Indians will try and finish off MIC once and foreall. You cannot have what the Malay's call 'musuh dalam selimut'. But ofcourse some MIC heroes with barely any education (thanks again to MIC) will say MIC will stand tall and stuff! Yeah rite, stand tall with 3 MPs, what an absolute disgrace.

Enough of race based politics. We have a fairer real in pakatan ruled states - can you Sara refute me when I say that Pakatan in Perak, Selangor and Penang has more Indian councillors although MIC has a nil representation in those state assemblies? Has MIC ever got a deputy CM post in Penang despite a sizeable Indians there? Has MIC ever been offered speakers post in any state for any part of history? Has Pakatan ever bulldozed any temples? This is PAS we are talking about who hasnt bulldozed any temples but MIC which did it in the past - remember Khir Toyo said Kamala ganapathi and Semi Value was involved and agreed.

Although MIC got almost wiped out during the last election, we Indians have actually benefited from this multiracial politics. We stand to benefit because in race based politics we will lose out as we only have 8% population. In Pakatan states example Perak we have somewhere 20% councillors Indians.

So MIC you pack your bags and go back to India if you still want to harp on racial politics. Because I am a Malaysian Indian and want to vote for any malaysian candidate who will help Malaysian indians.

P.K.Sathiyamoorthi said...

YB Datuk Saravanan,
No need to attack them back. Do ur work. Perform well. Thts more than enuff.

Raaja said...


as u said "Lots of work to be done"..

agree with you.

harry said...

Dear Minister,

There is a time for everything. If in your valued judgement this is not the time to engage, then be it. Continue to work for the community. Have a good day.

anitha said...

You are absolutely right Datuk, leave the media attack alone and concentrate on your work.

We are proud to have you as the Deputy Minister of FT and we want you there for many more terms to come. Your hardwork and dedication will speak for itself.

**-WaNTeDGaL-** said...


To be “attacked” is a norm since those days. A true leader would defend his act and stand by it.

You opted to voice out your grouses, bravo, not many (most) prefer this method. They tend to subdue than strike back although they knew “certain” matters should be addressed vociferously.

Malaysians have reformed; you would get your support from the members.


WantedBoy said...

What a disgrace this wanted gal, independent blogger my foot!

Another MIC apologist

Wanted gal or Sujita or watever people call you, there is many ways to win your Datuk Sara's heart, and I think I dont need to teach you how to :)
But please dont win his heart by selling Indians, as what you have been irresponsibly doing.

Its an utmost disgrace that a comment like this would even be produced in the first place, let alone by an Indian.

Few of us have noted this wanted gal ' aku sokong' attitude is upsetting to say the least.

Admin.Hindraf said...

Umno minta balik Tapah

Sementara itu di Tapah pula, Ketua Umno bahagian Tapah, Datuk Samsudin Abu Hassan bimbang kerusi Parlimen Tapah - yang merupakan kubu kuat Barisan Nasional (BN) - mungkin terlepas ke tangan pembangkang dalam pilihanraya umum akan datang, jika ia tidak dikembalikan kepada calon Umno.

Katanya, Umno telah menyerahkan kerusi berkenaan selama lima penggal kepada parti komponen sejak 1981 dan kini wujud desakan yang kuat dari akar umbi supaya ia dikembalikan kepada Umno.

"Ini bukan ugutan atau amaran tetapi saya cuma menzahirkan hasrat dan kehendak ahli-ahli parti," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan serentak mesyuarat cawangan Umno, Wanita, Pemuda dan Puteri bahagian berkenaan hari ini.

Samsudin berkata demikian semasa diminta mengulas mengenai usul mendesak BN menyerahkan kerusi Parlimen Tapah kepada calon UMNO pada pilihan raya umum ke-13 yang sebulat suara dipersetujui 83 cawangan UMNO untuk dikemukakan kepada mesyuarat bahagian Oktober depan.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Ayer Kuning itu berkata desakan itu lahir atas kekecewaan anggota UMNO yang telah dijanjikan kerusi berkenaan pada pilihan raya umum ke-12.

"Pada pilihan raya umum ke-12 tidak selesai juga isu penyerahan balik kerusi kepada UMNO...kita khuatir pada pilihan raya akan datang kawasan ini tidak lagi menjadi kubu BN," katanya.

Pada pilihan raya lepas, calon BN dari MIC Datuk M. Saravanan yang juga Timbalan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan memenangi kerusi Parlimen Tapah dengan majoriti 3,020 undi menewaskan calon Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Tan Seng Toh.

Samsudin berkata, kawasan Parlimen Tapah yang mempunyai kira-kira 40,000 pengundi adalah kawasan majoriti pengundi Melayu, sebanyak 51 peratus.

Selain DUN Ayer Kuning, satu lagi kerusi negeri iaitu Chenderiang diwakili oleh calon BN daripada MCA.

"Pengalaman dalam pilihanraya umum lalu amat berguna kepada kami, nasib baik Umno Bahagian Tapah sentiasa bersatu dan setia kepada BN, kalau tidak calon-calon kita mungkin kalah seperti di bahagian lain," katanya merujuk kepada prestasi buruk BN apabila terlepas Perak kepada Pakatan Rakyat pada pilihanraya umum.

taken from

Dear YB Sara,

I guess you have more 'enemies' within BN and MIC now whom eyes your seat.
This is the typical UMNO, whom will claim for social contract but they will be the one whom breaks that.
They even claimed that you may be lost if not bcoz of them in last GE. So are they claiming that all the other seats where UMNO wins was not due to MIC loyality towards BN ?
A classical typical UMNOputerans whom wants to enjoy everything in this soil.
MIC need to learn now or never.

Kannan R


Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

See how people comment and ask u to fight instead of running a smooth political arena, something is really wrong with karunakaran, thepublicprosecutor and ivbala.

Listen people..if you guys want to use Datuk as a soldier in your dirty back screen gimmicks, go fly kite!

We know where we stand in the community and how much has been done so far. Our legend, Datuk Seri Samy Velu is struggling to find new ways to rebrand MIC when in fact he has already been doing it since October 12 1979! We're all the results of hardship that he went thru. Remember that our age of almost all of us are not even comparable to his experience. I'm truly saddened by attitude of some who tarnish the image of MIC without realising how much it has served our community all these years.

Datuk, i'm in fact so glad that all negative comments on u not only makes u more well known but a stronger political figure too. Ignore these people and continue your hardwork as I feel the Torch of MIC has been passed on to u!

MIC WP Youth Secretary.

MICpodah said...


You make our eyes roll with tears when you explained the sacrifices 'legend' Samy Velu has made for our community. I agree Mahendran, that without Samy Velu we will have more temples to pray (not good praying all the time), we will have more doctors(then Indians woulnt be kulis anymore), we will have more business opportunity (then poor Malays cant do business).

This blatantly projects your poor cognitive abilities and your ability to withstand shame. You are a total misfortune to grace our society. The bodeking you give here openly to our Datuk sends chills to our spine, considering what other stuff you will do for Datuk in private.

Yes torch has been passed. And Mahendran you and MIC can torch yourselves and pay for your sins. Datuk, you have a nice pedigree pet by the way, does Mahendran look as well as he barks?

As for you Datuk, this will be your last term as a MP, not because MIC doesnt want you or Indians have shun MIC, its because the very UMNO you were so loyal too wants your seat for them. :)

Meenachi Indian said...

MIC WP Youth Secretary,

You have once again confirmed that you are nothing but a posterior passage.

The way your are smooching rear end is simply revolting.

To make matters worse you call Samy Vellu a legend. Arent you ashamed?

The MIC is full of people with questionable reputation and whatever you say will not change that fact.

You are all not results of Samy vellu's hardship but rather results of his political patronage.

Its a game all of you play and what you are doing my dear boy is to acquire yourself a position through Datuk Saravanan.

Since it is the MIC culture to be favoured through intensive posterior kissing - you are doing the same here.

ThePublicProsecutor said...

you failed to post my posting yesterday on this topic. so be it.

i will never post here anymore.

Good Luck!

More Then A Meenachi said...

Meenachi Indian, your are brash rude and uncouth. If you have a point to make then do it in a civilized manner. Don’t resort to unnecessary coarseness. I am sure you, with all your linguistic capabilities can do better then these excessive diatribes.

When you insult and annoy people, your message gets lost in the seethes; all that will remain is the affront the you have created. People automatically go on the defensive and instead of giving your views due consideration, they will want to strike it out. Heed my advice carefully Meenachi.

Let me also remind you;you are not the only one who is privy to an armory of crude vocabulary. There are countless others with much more stellar capabilities in tendering abuses then you are. How can you call someone “a posterior passage”? What does that make you and your words? The vile excrement that elapses through it!!!

Don’t get personal Meenachi. Remember you are an Indian lady (I hope, at least), have some dignity. Your hubris is that you attack the person and not the point, that you yourself appear lacking in substance and class.

More then a Meenachi.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comment by admin.hindraf,this Samsuddin guy must be having a crystall ball in his hands to predict the result of the next election,4 years away.Just wonder,why he failed to do likewise for the last election. Just another game for the coming umno ELECTION.Well,not to bad for an ex small town Penghulu.When a swap was made for the Parliament seat to MIC (late Pandithan),UMNO member was appointed a Senator but only for a term.For some obvious reason,the local UMNO leaders choosed not to pursue this appointment beyond the one term appointment.For Dato Sara,just ignore this clairvoyance call and fulfill your promises and agenda for the rakyat,you got 3 more years to prove yourself and let the rakyat decide and NOT 83 umno branch heads. Wonder,who is Tapah UMNO candidate for the Parliament seat.Not many to choose from his local pensioner club ( Division committee members).

Meenachi Indian said...

More than a Meenachi,

you have the right to your opinion and I to mine. As far as I am concerned, posterior smoochers such as MAHENDRAN MIC WP Youth Secretary are nothing but posterior passages.

As for me, I may be excrement and I may not be excrement. It is subkective.

As for your statement "Remember you are an Indian lady (I hope, at least), have some dignity." - It is sexist to the core. It is the same 'mantra' used by Indian men to control the community's womenfolk.

For making such a sexist statement, I hope you would take some time off and loop yours off as I persume that you are a man.

Anonymous said...

Meenachi Indian,

Your presumption is wrong yet again, this is one fact that you have displayed repeatedly. I am a lady! If you think my remarks are sexist, well like you said, you are entitled to your opinion.

Sexist? Perhaps you are right, Gandhi once said “If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man's superior.” Obviously, you have missed the point and I am relieved that I need not count you in as one of my kind.

A lady would know better then to use brash uncouth language, a lady would know how to use discretion in her expressions and yet make her message resonate. A lady would know without being told.

A lady is wise. A lady would have the audacity to remain a lady while reigning over a mans world. A lady will not assume. You see, a true lady knows what she is talking about. For every sound she makes is meaningful, powerful and significant.

If we can’t be ladies then we shouldn’t expect men to be men.

Saravanan, I apologies, I have no intention of hijacking your blog and making it “battle ground between Meenachi Indian and I though it may look like it.

More Than A Meenachi

PS;Meenachi Indian, Your statement “you have the right to your opinion and I to mine.” Sounds very familiar doesn’t it Meenachi Indian? I wonder whose blog you lifted that form?