Monday, July 14, 2008

Betrayal, Forgiveness and Politics

I am posting this to dispel misconceptions about me leaving the MIC presidential dinner on Friday, the eve of the MIC AGM. I wish to categorically state that I left the dinner because I was unhappy that a former deposed MIC leader, who had worked hard to destroy the party and its leadership, through a Tamil newspaper was seated at the VIP table of the said dinner. A few other MIC leaders were asked to sit at different tables. AND THAT IS NOT AN ISSUE FOR US.
I also wish to clarify that I am not hard-up to sit at the VIP table, although it would have been an honour. Any table will do for me, even if it was outside the hall. Yes, I am the party information chief but I do not expect a red carpet treatment or a place at the main table of the dinner.
My contention is that, what message are we trying to send to party members by asking the former MIC leader, who had gone out of his way to tarnish the party image and more importantly image of the president, to sit at the VIP table.
Even at the same dinner last year, I was not at the VIP table. But I did not walk out. I was also at that time the MIC information chief. But having a different table at that time did not irk or make me angry.
Here is a man, who now says that he only realised that Hindraf was not a religious movement and that the organisation had political motives, three days before the March 8, general elections.
If that is so, why did "his Tamil newspaper" three days before the polls, run a front page story, quoting Tun Mahathir as saying that the party and the president had done nothing for the community. Two days before the polling of the general election the paper once again ran a front page story hitting out at the MIC chief and the party as a whole.
The question of whether he realised Hindraf was a religious organisation or otherwise does not arise. We all knew what Hindraf was fighting for. They said what we in the MIC could not. They voiced several grouses faced by the community, although some demands could be termed as overzealous.
Even if Hindraf was not a religious organisation and had ulterior motive, does that give the right for someone, especially a party elder, to ridicule the party and more importantly the president.
It is easy to forgive some people for things they had done in the past but for me, forgiveness is based on the sin committed. Sometimes, some actions are unforgivable!
The same leader, at the general election, choose to campaign for another leader of a BN component party in Perak. Never did he once, canvas for votes, where MIC had its candidates. That speaks volumes of a man, who now claims that the plight of the community comes first and that unity in the party should prevail at all times.
If this is so, then he should have worked with us instead of working against us. Please sir, do not at anytime use this party for your own political gains and mileage. The community's interest and welfare should come first at all costs.

p/s: My apologies for deleting a post written last Saturday. Apparently is had ruffled a few feathers and I was accordingly advised to remove the post. But that is still OK as at least some people, based on the comments I had received, had backed me. Thank you for that. There is also a reproduction of the post under the MIC AGM posting as Meenachi Indian has taken the trouble to save the original post.


shashi said...

Dear Dato,

I felt that you are right. We shall look forward for the future of our generation and not getting back the people who had damaged the party and our Indian community.

Now is the important period that we shall develope and bring back the confidence of our Indian community to the Indian trusted party that is MIC. We have to think and find ways to revamp the whole things in MIC.

Give change to the new generation because they have the ability to lead the party and sustain the 'makkal' confidence. Bring back the old people into MIC does not make any difference because the 'makkal' had lost their confidence and thrust on them. They want to see changes in the leadership which I believed will bring back the 'makkal' confidence.

The Tamil newpaper which published Tun DR M's statement about our great leader had affected significantly in the general election especially to all the MIC candidate.

Dato, just do it whatever you feel right. Fight for our Indian community right.

All the best to you....

With regards,
Setiausaha MIC Bidor.

ThePublicProsecutor said...


You did well by explaining here as to what transpired. In any case, you should have gone to the VIP table and told him exactly what you have posted here. More so, since you are the Information Chief. You should have embarrassed him and showed your displeasure to this snake. A F*&%ing double headed serpent. I am sure that would have sent the message across. The next thing that is gonna happen is that you will get a call from the MIC top dog telling you that you should be grateful and you are where you are because of him. Same thing like what happened to our MIC Youth Thug, I mean MIC Youth Chief. Now only want to talk cock and show his displeasure.

Datuk, you need representation, I suggest you call on the youths and attract them to help you mould a new generation of youths. You can use your position as the Deputy FT Minister to achieve this and I will be the first one to join you on this campaign.

The Public Has Prosecuted!

poobalan said...

Well sir, I read your initial post but did not save it. Thanks to Meenachi Indian for the effort. Perhaps some had the foresight to see that this could have happened.

I can sense your first posting was a bit emotional, but it was truly what you felt. Anger.

After being advised (or giving us the perception that you were advised) another post appears.

Personally, I think you should have just apologised for the earlier post without removing it, since it reveals your thoughts.

The second post is kind of censored, sanitized post...but still talks about the same thing.

Personally, if I wrote something which i know or think its the truth, then I'll stick by it. If it was wrong, I'll apologize for it and tell which part I was wrong about. The posting will always be there as a reminder that I was wrong.

The issue here is that you wrote without thinking thoroughly first. Then after it became contentious, had to do damage limitation a bit.

Anyway, I understand. You politician. Us normal people.

All the best.

Meenachi Indian said...


you did mention in your earlier post that you were miffed for not being given the due recognition as deputy minister and information chief.

Having said this, I fully support your move as I am aware that Samy Vellu had cast Subramaniam aside and even went as far as forbiding other party members from getting anywhere near him.

All of you were not even allowed to shake Subramaniam's hands. And now Samy Vellu has brought him in again simply because he wants to eject Palanivel from the deputy president's position or rather does not want him to assume the post of party president.

This again, albeit having fully backed and endorsed Palanivel in the last MIC election.

Honestly Datuk, what does this tell you of Samy Vellu's character?

Old Fart said...

My friend. I suppose you have not heard the story of the Prodigal son.

I thought that was a story suited for 2000 years ago. Looks like its as current as now!

Mind you, your justifications for your actions were dumped so long ago. So you better come up with something more imaginative.

lvbala said...

Dear Saravanan,
Can't even have
a freedom to

Premnath said...

Relax lah datuk! :)

While I do not wish to comment on your reasons for walking out, and your comments on the 'deposed leader', I wish to state that I'm pretty certain you're not the kind of leader who craves for seating position.

Some ten days or so, at the Youth AGM, when the party president was addressing the Youth AGM, I remember how instead of coming and joining us at the stage, you chose instead to quietly be seated at the back of the hall, exchanging handshakes with youth delegates. That itself is an example of how you don't mind where you're seated. :)

Anonymous said...

As a leader u need to know how to take forgiveness.. there are time u spend time with him and there time u also betrayed the president so u should also not deserve to be a deputy minister and also mp... u are well know to people as a gangster and drug dealer.. so u need to take all things with cool ... if in this early stage u cant control so do u think u can be a president of mic... but remember YB DATO SERI Samy Vellu and YB Dato S.Subramaniam (The Ex- President)never loss because of him but he loss because of u and your team he is a great leader who i admired not u... better learn to respect ur leader... sorry if i wrote something wrong

karepu said...

Come onlah Datuk, you are calling D'Subra as a traitor of the party but you do not dare to say the same thing to Semi Value, "traitor of the commnunity" when he decided to hijack the telekom share's and even today he and his son has wall-up the maica holding from community assets to personnel property.

Semi Value need Subra to remain in position so do not go against semi value [i dont think you dare to go against him]. Learn on how to accomodate the situation if you want to remain relevance to semi value other wise he will say, saravanan is ganja seller so he is not suit for the commnunity as he said to king of the klang rowdy, vicky.

Meenachi Indian said...

Setiausaha MIC Bidor wrote:

"The Tamil newpaper which published Tun DR M's statement about our great leader had affected significantly in the general election especially to all the MIC candidate."

You are a posterior cavity aren't you? The MIC lost many seats not because of Dr M's comments in a Tamil newspaper but because Indians were simply fed-up with the party and its leadership. So, also say Samy Vellu is a great leader - what is so great about him? I challange you to tell me why he's deemed as a great leader by you.

Barathi Tamil said...

Yes Dato,

I do agree with about Datuk Subra.The man who don't have stand.One day eh talk bad about Datuk Seri Samy Velu, next day he bahave as a good friend.What a politician he is.He is loosing his own respect and grassroot support.Very obvious that he is doing all for his own gain.Where is his supporters now.I believe they are confused too.Because they have supported a leader without credibility.
I believe Datuk Subra can't be the next MIC leader.No way for him...

ram said...

Hello Dato
HOw are you DAto?
Dato on July 14 i have read one Artical From Malaysiakini.Can You Give comments About this articals.

Dipetik dari : Kritikan Hadi Pada Anwar, DAP (MalaysiaKini, Jul 14, 08)
Pemuda PAS menyifatkan pandangan presidennya Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang dalam sebagai wawancara minggu lepas isyarat kritikan terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan dua lagi parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat "agar tidak menimbulkan masalah" kepada PAS.
"Kita bersetuju dengan kenyataan presiden PAS dan ia juga sebagai satu isyarat kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan juga PKR dan DAP agar tidak sekadar meraih populariti bukan Islam yang akhirnya akan merugikan orang Islam itu sendiri.
Kata sumber, insiden-insiden yang boleh meresahkan PAS termasuklah keengganan wakil rakyat DAP memakai songkok dalam persidangan Dewan Undangan negeri Johor dan perbincangan berhubung soal kebebasan dan hak istimewa orang Melayu dan Dasar Ekonomi Baru.
"Jangan tumpu sangat (pada isu-isu itu), nanti orang Melayu marah," kata sumber
Dalam soal Melayu dan Islam, kita (PAS) tidak kompromi. Kita bela habis-habisan," jelasnya lagi.
plz Leave Your Comment Regarding this Articals to public info.

Karunakaran said...


I think its very embarassing that you harp on seating issues - walking out lah, blogging about it lah, etc, etc; when we Indians are faced with greater problems in this country. This somewhow appears to be least of your concern. Nevermind, you go ahead and chat about MIC petty VIP seating politics and leave us to the mercy of the cruel UMNO.

After all, I remember you said as part of BN you cannot ask Hamidah to retract her words. What a disgrace to even say that, Sara. Wear a pants for god sakes.

And I also see a new trend in this blog, not publishing our comments - suddenly it has become another Tamil Nesan. there is a lot of people who are experiencing similar rejection and before it becomes a MIC bodeking conner only you better rectify it. If not it will become deserted by a lot of articulate people.

Please lah Sara, think about how to help Indians with equal opportunity for medicine in local unis, help Hindu families in courts against this jabatan islam, help get opportunity for indian businessmen and stop fighting over petty seating arrangement. If other races see this, it will be absolute disgrace to not only you, but significantly worst the great race you represent.

kanagavehl said...

dear dato,

your anger has its merits. this further shows that mic is being run by a single person. whats the point in embracing the one who wa quoted as a backstabber? is this party rebranding or desparartion to win back people? volatile decisions has cost us so far. the rebranding exercise wont work up if there is no plans of change in leadership.

good two see two leaders with real quality from mic has been appointed to govs.

Riesha Rani said...

Good Day Dato,
Some suggestion as ur well siwher.

You could have just remain in the main table without arguing about it. I knew how sad it is to see that a person which doesnt deserve to be in the main table.
But you could have just remain and interacting with the delegates. It looks like this is a big matter for you. If you were just there till the end im sure that the delegates will be very happy and they might tought how simple you are and even they could have shared some views with you.
I fell that in order to sustain the confident among the poeple you could have be more patient...

I don't wish this to be publish in the commenets as this a personal message to Dato. And Dato go ahead with your service towards to growth and development of Malaysian Indian. Bravo Dato.
Take carea and send regards to Datin Kavitha,my good friend.

lvbala said...

Agree with what karukaran said...
This blog is becoming Tamil Nesan or shall I say MIC's blog.
Can't even have a freedom to write. Than why all this comments for what??? For the improvement of INDIAN's.... i dont think so...

Its going to become a story telling blog....

Come la bro...

Anonymous said...

MIC Candidates – The Truth About Them! (including Dato' Saravanan)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

On the current issue or should I say the prevailing issue that will not go away that is of the plight of Indians in Malaysia.
What have a grassroot political party that represents Indians i.e MIC had done to champion their cause?
The only highlights of MIC are scandals and in fighting that have left it as a lame toothless organisation.
On the last election, the "makkal" delivered their verdict and it would seem MIC is still without doubt clueless as to the Indian people's frustration.
We see MIC as a tyrant ruled organisation which seemed to be cowed by the chauvinistic UMNO.
I'm surprised that no one in MIC have any foresight to remove the old regime and infuse it with new blood. The President is still deviant and no one in the organistaion have the cheek or guts to remove him from his post.
Its time for soul searching and MIC have perfrom very badly after 51 years of independence.
It takes common sense to know something is a amiss when so-called ex-gangsters and ruffians are enroled into the party in the name of rehabiliating! I have seen how rowdy the MIc youth brigades are, I have seen how chaotic MAIKA holdings AGM are. It doesnt take a genius to figure out how the President's son head the MAIKA holding amidst all the scandals surrounding it. Cronism anyone?
How stupid can the MIC members be? Or are all of you there for some hand outs? and put up with all these nonsense.
Shame on you....MIC members, shame on you. You have collectively destroyed the Indians in thsi country.

Rajendran said...

Hi Dato,

Can the Malaysian Indians see you as the future MIC President? Appreciate if you can reply this.
We see that you are the only person in MIC now ,who has the caliber and qualities to lead the community.

Thank you
P.Saravanan @ Rajen