Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Takers

I have not blogged for almost a week now and am sorry. Glad that many had commented, despite me not blogging. That gives me the encouragement and enthusiasm to continue blogging and say what's in my mind. A big thank you.

Anyway, please try to spread the word that out of the 400 stalls alloted for the annual Deepavali bazaar in Kuala Lumpur by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, only 200 stalls had been taken. I don't know the reason why the remainder stalls were not taken, but I presume it could be due to lack of awareness, that the stalls had to be booked early. For those who are interested in this, please contact DBKL and do it as soon as possible. Please don't let this opportunity go to waste.

I would also like to say a bit on the comments that had reached me. Some have asked me to abandon the MIC and join the opposition. This is uncalled for. Everyone knows that I am a MIC die hard and there are no two ways about it. I will stay with this party even if it loses at the next general election. It is a 62-year old party, which has done its part in helping and assisting Indians. It may have its shortfalls but these setbacks can be overcome and updated. Please guide me, not accuse me. Accusing me of things does not at all help. The guide and advice I get from the people here and outside, is forever etched in my mind. Thank you.


ram said...

Dear Dato;
Dato don't worry about a unvalue people to MIC.I or we forever love MIC.(Ayirum sothanai vandalam Thondhe namom munerevom)DAto....

Die hard fan for MIC

bmahendran said...

Dato, thanks for the deepavali bazaar info. Many dun know,( me included! ) sure it will be very helpful information to those interested.

Will pass the word around.


Vanakkam Dato,

Well said. "camp hopping" is not a solution for this.

Stay by the 'system' and fight to make it relevant.

What is your say on PAS-UMNO talk agenda Melayu? whats your view and stand on BN Indian - opp indian YB's for a similar talk for "INDIANS AGENDA"? ( refer to my blog post in

"When we speak with one voice, we will achieve our goals. When we act with one determination, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"

N.S.Ragu said...

Dear Yb;

First and foremost, congratulation on your GE-12 victory and your appointment as FT deputy Minister. I have met and listen to your speeches a couple of times; I was impressed with your excellent command of Tamil language.

General public is confused about what is right and wrong; they have been diverted by many so called leaders who are only interested in their personal gain and vengeance. I have not see any effort by the government or the parties to tell the general public what has happened and why we lost and how the opposition capitalized on our ignorance in dealing with certain issues.

MIC, with 62 years history, was involved in the struggle for independence and the voice for the Indians for so long, what happen to it now? It is at the lowest point of its 62 years heritage but the party is not dead or thrown out. I grow up listening to MIC, my father was one of the hardcore MIC man once upon a time. The problem with MIC is they didn't change according to time; we were caught dwelling with the internal politicking so much that we were un-aware of the growing tension with our Indian’s out there.
There is a saying, "no one remembers when you are right, but no one forgets when you are wrong"; this was what happened to MIC. They have done so much, given so much, and nurtured certain people so much but when the time comes to show their loyalty, they stay away or join the team which is more aggressive and loud just to show that they are part of something true and genuine. MIC was not only facing the Hindraf, they were attacked by the ex PM, Tun Dr Mahathir, DSAI, DAP and MIC insider's also. It is easy to comment and condemn but it is not that easy to implement and execute a vision. The main agenda, the president has to resign because he is too long in the position and MIC failed because of him. The president of America is not about an individual, it is about an institution where there are many people, laws, restrictions, codes and system in place to help, assist and execute the president's work. You make a decision, it's not an individual decision but it's a collateral decision by the president's panel of advisor’s. If the MIC president is to be blamed than the entire team and the CWC members are equally responsible for the defeat.

Even if Tun Dr Mahathir at his higest popularity rating were to lead BN into the last GE he would have face some sort of defeat because it is bound to happen, no one can do anything about it. When we stretch a rubber band we will come to a point where the rubber band snapped, the point where the stretching stop and the rubber band snapped is called Breaking Point. 2008 is the breaking point, because it was chaos, there's no streamline of news or media, u can get any info within 5 minutes, SMS made it easier to pass important details about something, Smarter politician who capitalizes on other's misery, Younger generation who think's that the only way to live is by refusing, rebelling and completely do the opposite, The elder's were influenced by the younger generation with materials and negative information about BN, our local media and newspaper, so biased and pro government, which eventually chased all the readers to subscribe malaysiakini and they believe what they are reading is the truth and Tun Dr Mahathir’s personal attack on Pak Lah and his administration were the knock out punch the opposition waiting for.
MIC need a new outlook and new faces to lure all those who have left us, it is a huge task and everybody need's to participate. The president has a bigger headache in choosing a successor to handover the presidency because if it lands in an incapable hand and get a heavy defeat in the next GE-13, MIC is history, dead and buried.

I am involved in politics and a member since I was 18 years old; I believe the problem is at the branch level. We might have 4000+ branches but where are the members, many of the branch in MIC have phantom members, some of this branches were opened just to secure the division chief position in case someone challenge him for the post. These branches will meet the quota of 100 or 110 people but the only people that exist in that branch will be the 2 delegate who can vote in favor of the incumbent. When we create more branches without proper member, we are de-stabilizing our own organization without thinking of the future consequence. Well, those missing people in that list are the one who actively involved in the demonstration and going against the party.

MIC is not the only party that lost severely in the GE but everyone else in the BN coalition got hammered, I am sure BN would have done the post mortem but a little intelligence is enough to identity the cause of the heavy loss. The government showed its immaturity and clumsiness when handling sensitive issues and mega projects, too many open controversy against top leaders and cabinet ministers with no proper action & conclusion, Tun Dr Mahathir attack on Pak Lah’s administration, DSAI made the best out of the chaos, Media advancement, young voters and wrong candidates.

MIC’s loss is due to many reasons and not just because of Datuk Seri S. Samy veloo alone. I had spoken to many people after the GE and almost all of them say MIC lost because they don’t like the president. Well, I told them, just because you are angry with one person, you are out to destroy everything that had been build for the last 62 years, at least make sure that these opponent you are supporting has credibility and talents to work and serve the constituency, we cannot elect MP’s who becomes popular for secretly taping someone’s conversation. Ethically, what the person did is wrong and should be punish.
We decide on the government and who becomes the MP, that’s the general statement out there now, but are they proud of what they did and who they choose. This is like tsunami, the wave came and washed out almost everyone but we cannot rest easy that it will hit us again in 50 years. This Tsunami will come every 5 years because we cannot stop the people from reaching out to various sources of information and news, people have access to everything, everybody has and opinion and demonstration becomes the easiest method to get attention.
Re-Branding MIC, the wisest thing to do, we need a new look and a new approach to gain the lost confidence of our members. Once our branches is active and start recruiting more members we need to retire most of the division chief's, they are old or too long in that position and many of them are not equipped for the computer age politics. when we have new, young and vibrant division chief's, all the new tasks implemented by our leaders will be executed well, they will be able to understand better, we will be a competitive group because we also have the knowledge and access to all the news and media as anyone else, communication becomes easier and cheaper, create a forum where all the branch chairman and division chief's can discuss a topic and share their opinion through the internet. Which is better, discussing a resolution between the leaders and CWC members comprise of about 30-40 people or discussing the same topic with 4000+ chairmen and division chiefs. Why it cannot be done? I don’t see a reason why we cannot achieve this, cut all the red tape, get to work directly with the branches and we will bear the fruit before the next GE. This will strengthen the party because there are no more obstacles between the top and the grassroots. This is people friendly, we can lure new members with the transparency of our system because too many people in-between the top and grassroots create many delay, confusion, misinterpretation, wastage of money and printing material's, power play and chaos. The only thing we need to implement is for all the branch chairmen and division chief's to be computer friendly and own a PC on their own. If these rule were to be excited MIC need to appoint a lot of chairmen and chief’s. This is just my expression of how we can make a difference, to show the public we are serious and want to be united. There has to be drastic action and significant changes to make the defectors to start noticing, once we have their attention, we will win them back because however you look at it, we are all Indian’s and we would not let our community down.

MIC need's new blood and I believe there are some new leaders who were pushed up to take important position's due to the parties dismissal performances in the last GE. The New MIC should be clean of controversies and have a fresh new start where public can judge themselves how they performed. The only problem is the new re-brand MIC still carries the same people and that will not do any good because they will still relate these people with maika hodings, telekom shares, other nonsense’s, etc and the whole exercise will be irrelevant. Just because I wear a new shirt, new pants, new cap, new shoe doesn’t mean that I have changed, my appearance had changed, but am I still the same person or I have changed. This has to be asked individually to you to mould and fit into the Re-Brand-MIC
The fact of the matter was that the Indian's played a major part in the loss of BN in the last election. They worked very hard, sleepless nights, spend their time & money and brave the police & ISA to make somebody unknown to win against MIC and BN candidates. If they put half of the effort that they put in bringing down the BN candidate's I think MIC will be feared by even UMNO. Well I think bringing down a building is very much easier that building one. All of us are feeling the pressure of an uncertain future on our future, which is going to fight for Indians, well “please read the mantra”

MIC is relevant, MIC is alive,MIC is awakening, MIC is upgraded, MIC is Indian, MIC is United,

Thank You.


lvbala said...

Dear Mr. Ragu,
You are talking crap and repeating the same as what the whole Malaysia is saying. Just change the leadership... this the answer to your comments. The leader should stand responsible for the lost of MIC in total. Can you deny it? You are saying it clearly in your comment that we need new generations. Dont tell me the leader who been sitting his ass for 30 year never understood this senario. Come la bro....

After HINDRAF, indian are voicing out their opinions and views bravely. And for sure the result is better than before, and even what MIC been fighting for the past 30 year was only given now. Can you teel me why now and not before? Tamil school improvement by DS Hisyamuddin yesterday, do you think MIC is responsible for his anouncement? Read your fact and the history bro.
THE LEADER FAIL TO DO THEIR JOB. Dont tell me there is no other Indian leader beside DSSV?

Old Fart said...

Well, Saravanan, can you envisage a role that is anything beyond being subservient to UMNO within the BN? Be honest about it and don't give me bull shit.

You don't have to leave MIC. Just take MIC out of BN. But no siree, you will not do that. How can you when you are a YB now, right?

Will you agree with me that when PAS says that Muzakarah is not o.k. but Muqabalah is, its like saying seduction is not o.k. becaue that takes place on the quiet wihtout lookers on realising it, but flirtations is ok?

Vijay said...

Mr.Dato what action do the MIC take for the racial slurs did by the school teacher?