Monday, March 30, 2009


Nominations for the two bukits and one batang closed yesterday. It was a record 15 candidates in Bkt Selambau, three in Bukit Gantang and two in Batang Ai. The crowded field in Bkt Selambau is made up of independents except from one candidate each from BN and Pakatan. Was at the nomination of Selambau and all went well. Now for the hardest part of convincing the voters to pick BN.


palaselvam said...

indians are not united

silamban said...

Your voice is loud in Bukit Selambau, So you think you can come alone to Bukit Selambau ah, Trylah if you have guts and neither balls. Drama infornt of Sunni Vellu ah. We know who the hell are you man. You are from Hulu Yam Bharu. You live your lifa in Jinjang. Dont think you are a great ok. Dont think you are a taiko? You only can kill indian but comelah to bukit selambau alone.

Brave indian said...

congratulation for what happen in Bukit Selambau, this is what price u have to pay for electing samy vellu, still long way to go , dont worry i will make sure ur name will be in the list who have no guds to tell samy vellu retired and destroy the party, and please make sure u all elect vellpari so that we can close the MIC chapter, tq

asha iyengar said...

Good Day Sir

I was waiting for the by-election results before I commented further on your blog.
I feel vindicated as I have always been re-iterating that having the bloody scandal ridden despot Samy Vellu in MIC will only further alienate the Indian mass and now BN have also learnt a lesson from this by-election...this man should go.
I have said before this is a political suicide for MIC and BN, Samy Vellu is a libaility and nobody seems to be listening.

A friend of mine suggested (when the despot was chosen for the 11th time) that MIC shud re-barnd by changing its name to MIIC (Malaysian Impotent Indian Congress.

How many times will it take to get into those MIIC members thick skull, Samy Vellu is hated by the majority of the Indian mass. The idiotic despot went to Bkt Selambau and tried to campaign...what was he thinking? Clearly he is senile..he doesnt listen to one questions him...he lives in a state of denial...and look what happenned!!! Your MIIC candidate lost !!!!
Like i warned before in my comments on this blog and also Mr Murugesan Sinnadavar's blog - MIIC stands to be buried as long as Samy Vellu and his cronies are there helming the party.
Samy Vellu is only supported by the 300,000 odd members of MIIC.

The rest of the Indians have spoken time and time again through the ballots.

When will your idiotic despot chief and his equally semi-retards CWC members realise that.

Thanking you for your space and time.


Asha Iyengar

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dato,

indeed it is so easy to keep harping on 'change' since obama coined the famous phrase. however nothing changes until and unless some good person has the guts and the will to face evil and challenge. let us hope that the latest referendum by the indians in malaysia on MIC is taken seriously.

enough of 'nambiars, mr radhas leading the community. it is time for the sivagis and mgr to lead us. sorry for referring to collywood heroes but no other comparison is apt for MIC at this juncture.


selva mookiah

Jimbalaka said...

You are wasting your time asha...

It has been said more than thousand time...

Better to support "Kelab Penyokong PAS"

They are more relevant if you compare to MIC.