Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The by-election results of the three constituencies were known yesterday. The people i.e voters had made their choice. In Bukit Selambau, S. Manikumar of the PKR won beating MIC's Datuk S. Ganeson. Failure to win back the Kedah state assembly seat is another setback for the MIC, which is trying very hard to win back Indians votes.
At Bukit Gantang, former Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin beat Ismail Safian of the BN to retain the parliamentary seat.
At Batang Ai, BN managed to make a comeback and win the seat convincingly, after its candidate Malcom Mussen Lamoh beat PKR's Jawah Gerang.
This trend of result in by-elections which favours the opposition, except in Sarawak, needs to be reversed. The BN has to undertake massive restructuring to win back the hearts and minds of the people. The ruling coalition should connect with the people and not expect the people to connect with it. The BN must also undertake several measures to show that it is sincere and serious about bringing change.
An opportunity to do this should start with the new cabinet, which is expected to be announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in a day or two. There had been various speculation of the cabinet. I personally believe that the cabinet would be shrunk with merger of several ministries. Several big names in the political landscape of the nation are also expected to face the axe in a bid to convince the people that the ruling BN government is serious on bringing about change. The cabinet is also expected to mirror Najib's 1Malaysia motto. Lets hope for the best.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Dato,

it is sad that we need to keep harping on the fact that they were returned again instead of investigating as to why more indians have left us.

the fact remains that until MIC is brave enough to change its leadership by infusing fresh, young and vibrant blood, we will keep losing the elections.


selva mookiah

asha iyengar said...

As I have said before, to field a MIIC candidate in the midst of the following:

1) MIED scandal
2) Vel Paari / actress Sujatha suicide case
3) Samy Vellu elected for the 11th term as President
4) Inability of MIIC to secure the release of the HIndraf ISA detainees
5) MAIKA holding and other scandals which have dogged the party

The above just to name a few, is POLITICAL SUICIDE for both BN and MIIC.

I am not a politician nor am I a political novice. I am just another person who is part of the community.
But I do know the mood on the ground better than the MIC politicians.
The writing was on the wall which every Indians could see except for the MIIC leaders.

I apologize for even using the word leaders, for MIIC have no leaders. They have despots and tyrants.

Thank you for your space and time.


Asha Iyengar

Mahendran said...

Dear datuk,

Very glad that you've retained your seat in the cabinet. Its a good sign for our party where voices of young leaders and youths could be heard thru you. You've done a lot and there's much more need to be done to uplift the welfare of our community.

As for remarks by Asha Iyengar, pls be noted that your view as being part of the community is not enough to condemn the party. I suggest that you join us and feel the heat from within. No matter how much we do, the feed back will be no good with ppl like you poking on our back at all times. It is not something to be proud of to keep on commenting negatively without being part of the struggle. We have a proven track record of what has been done so far, so, pls try to know us, know the party, and know the president and his sacrifices before making such remarks.

Thank you.
MIC WP Youth Secretary

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Gretings & Congrat.
Happy Working in the new cabinet.


asha iyengar said...

Good Day Sir

My comments here are genuinely and purely constructive in nature. They are not based on hidden agendas, I am not vying for any posts in MIIC nor am I trying to promote anyone with political clout in MIIC.
I think this blog is open to anyone who the blogger feels should be heard.
Sacrifices...hmmm I hope the youth secretary can enlighten everyone here.
Maybe the media is biased because they kept harping on all the scandals that seem to be plaguing MIIC.
I for one would love to be enlightened about these "sacrifices" that all too many times have escaped our attention.
Of course the youth secretary is right to say that I as an Indian and also being part of the Indian community am not eligible to condemn the party.
When 300,000 or more so called members of the party are thinking alike and do not voice their opinions...clearly something is wrong in the party.

Then it is left for outsiders like me to take that up...just like what Hindraf did.

And please do me a favor and do not put sugar coated comments like "Datuk ur doing a good job...or President has made sacrifices etc", I'm sure the youth secretary is building consensus and doing his part in networking with the party's datuks which is all part of the grand scheme of things for the future. Yes Im sure all the "hard work" and "sacrifices" in the party will bring fortunes and prosperity...just ask T.Mohan, Chitrakala etc.
And you dare call that struggle? Shame on you sir! Shame on you!

If you had marched like Hindraf, you would have earned respect. The Hindraf leaders are not getting contracts or monetary compensation for their hard work, struggle and sacrifices.

Thank you.


Asha Iyengar

Former MIC YouthMember said...

Ha ha ha ha, good Joke Mahen! as u know a lot of young youths already been sacked from party just becouse they asked ur Samy Vellu to give way to new leadership, i think u are very new to politics thats y u are comenting like that, its ok there will a time where u will know the real story until then good luck to u brother.

Fomer MIC Youth Members

Jimkana babu said...

Dear Mahendran,
I understand you cant make any negative remarks about your boss or else you wont be where you are now.
Dont think like a kuku boy. Nobody is denying the contribution from MIC. Nobody hates MIC. Read my lips bro... Malaysia has changed her 3 Prime Ministers in 30 years. We need new leader for Tamils, new mood, new vission, new ideas, new voice, new blood, hard voices, energetic leaders and most of all we need welcomed leaders. Not the one who has been rejected. Your leader is not even a MP. He is no more relevant. Value the MIC building with the other political parties. See where do MIC stand and where did all the money goes.
You are talking just like your leaders as if you dont understand what the grass roots need or you are simply being deaf to understand?

You dont have to answer my comment but if you wish than just let me know when your boss is going to leave. That will the answer to all the comments posted.

Vish said...


Perhaps instead of making vague comments about how MIC has a proven track record, and how Samy Vellu has made many sacrifices, you could actually come out and tell us what they are.

What has MIC done for Indians, or better yet - Malaysians?

In every issue that has come up lately, MIC has either been silent, or simply kow-towed to UMNO.

Instead of telling people such as Asha that they shouldn't condemn the party, perhaps you should tell us why MIC does not deserve to be condemned?


Mahendran said...

Greetings friends,

Wow! Can't believe that my remarks will attract so many negative comments from you guys! I can imagine that if this is happening to me, just think about the rest of our leaders in the Party. Anyway, I've been in the party and be part of its struggles for 13 years now. So, I feel that I know a little better compared to u guys.

To, Asha, I wouldn't say that u're making a wrong statement here but what I feel is that in order to critisize a person, you should've and done more than them. Correct me if I'm wrong. Can u prove your track record of services for our community?

Dear Brother Vish, you're asking about what has MIC done for the community, I'm asking u, the same? what have u done for them? or what do u actually want out of us? Whether the Malaysian Indians wants us or not, its a second matter, what has been done and whatever that needs to go to the ppl is being done in a very fair deal. No one is left out. I can guarantee u, 6 out 10 Indians would've definetely benefited from MIC but none is coming back to support us as they always seek more than what we can offer. Thus they turn to the opposition while condemning us.

Yes friends, I won't deny that there were controversies involving our leaders. But think, has it affected u in any way? Whether our president is an MP or not, he still serves his former constituency even more effectively although he has officially anounced his retirement. Kindly check it out yourself every saturday and find out.

So, guys, evaluate this and try thinking again. Try to widen your scope of problems facing the community, and help us bring it forward. Not all leaders are perfect as u say but there are a number of genuine ones like Datuk Saravanan here who is born to serve the ppl.

MIC WP Youth Secretary

Vish said...


For all your rhetoric, the only thing you've done is reworded that same old chant, "MIC has done a lot for the Indian community".

Just to be clear, I am not an elected representative, or a member of any party with a vested interest in power.

So what is my contribution? Simple: The same contributions that many other ordinary Malaysians just like me provide to each other, by helping one another out in times of need.

But I'm not MIC. I'm not the party that is, supposedly, part of the government.

What has MIC done?

1. Practically robbed the poor through MAIKA?

2. Supported (through silent consent) the fascist ISA act that was used against Indians standing up for what is right?

3. Continue to only offer only a few mumbled protests over blatant racism in schools?

The list just goes on and on really. Refer to Asha's posts if you need more specifics.

And incidentally, Mahendran, in a democracy, leaders are elected by the people to serve the people.

Thus, the people (each and every one of them) have every right to criticize leaders that are not performing, despite your feeling that people should only criticize if they've done 'more'.

Arguably though, if MIC's performance was scored, despite the 'lip service' that it performs, the weight of its combined ineptitude would probably put it well it the negatives.

Meaning that pretty much anyone would have done more than the MIC.



Sugumaran (Kedah) said...

Dear brother Mahendren, the great WP MIC youth secretary , Now i know how u are apointed to this post. 1st of all congratulation for serving MIC for 13yrs.I just got 1 question to ask u bro.Please answer me sincerely.Last year ur beloved President and the "Yes men team" i mean CWC asked Vicneswaran to vacate his Natioanal Youth Leader post becouse he is already reach 41yrs but after that i can see in my own state the newly apointed youth leader is 42yrs old and he is still leading the youth section now. His name is S.K.Sures.I still can prove it to u that there are the same thing going on in other state in varios level of youth section. what hapen to MIC constitution and youth section by-law.Dont u have any feeling for the youth section u are serving for the past 13yrs. Please dont start to praise ur leaders just becouse u been apointed to be state secreatary. Plesae dont sell the dignity of youth section just to get a post. One day u will realize no matter how high ur post in MIC but there wont be any indian youths to support ur struggle, becouse u all are "yes Man" and not brave to tell the true to ur leaders.U know y in MIC youth leaders been treat like small boy. For top leaders in MIC youths section is just to put up posters, arange chairs and table other then that ur comment is just a waste. This is becouse we dont practice out right. we always been a " Yes Man" like Brnach chaiman style. 600 youth delegates elected the National Youth leader but he can be removed by president and replace with somebody he liked, ha ha ha just think what is hapening? u all are selling the dignity of youth section just to get post for urself.My dear brothers in MIC Youths please wake up from ur dream to be part of " Yes man Team " and act like a youth leader then u will be respected by others. Take care and Good Luck to u bro Mahendren.


Jimkana Babu said...

Hello Mahen...

I asume you are really deaf, you are asking again what we want? Its been told many many time, Ask your F*****G boss to leave. Is it clear to you? Leave and let the others take over...

Can you read my lips..... leave the Tamils alone. Can't he simply understand this.... ???

Mahendran said...

Dear brother VISH,

Its almost like going back to square one. As I said, you're only going to condemn the things we have not done yet rather than praising for what has been accomplished so'll go on and on.

I agree that many matters must have gone undone by our previous or current leaders. But now, it has changed under the young leadership of Datuk Saravanan, where we have joined forces in reaching out to the needy.

So, pls, stop critisizing and try to bring forward problems of the community to us. We are here to serve as one Malaysian Indian community. So cut out the odds and differences in us.

Thank u bro!

MIC WP Youth Secretary

Thiagarajan (Selangor) said...

Mahen i think indian comunity including me will only trust if samy vellu leave, try to understand this 1st. ur leader cheated a lot, so we dont want to be part of that, so ask ur younf leader YB.Dato Saravanan to be beave enough to talk the true to samy and ask him to this situation i realy respect fomer national youth leader Vigneswaran , Kedah youth Leader Nanda kumar , sivasubramaniam who realy brave to tell the true feelings, this are the leaders not just to yes. although they are in MIC now but i still have arespect on them, Mahen try to understang publics feeling if u want to be a good leader ,tq


Vish said...


If you are here to serve as one Indian community, what are you doing in MIC? Or for that matter, what is the MIC doing in BN?

In case you haven't noticed, the majority of the Indian community is more unified now than ever - and it is behind PR, not BN.

If you were truly the 'brother' you keep calling me to be, you'd leave BN.


Maaran Matters said...

Dear Mahen,

You must be feeling like a star huh.

Bro, Apa cerita banyak? Apa banyak soal?

MIC cakap banyak banyak, buat sikit sikit.

Bro, Check ur own records and see if its relevant to the community your party claims to represent/

Why you asking all the commentators here on thier records? Are they putting any title under thier name like you did?

Title for work, work for result

Happy working bro