Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry For The Absence

I would like to express my apologies to all who had been following this blog over the past year. I have not blogged for about a month now. This is because there had been numerous engagements, meetings and now the Parliament session. I would be back soon with more thoughts. Thank you for your attention.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Dato,

what are your plans for the coming MIC party elections. will you be contesting any of the senior positions? i am personally looking forward for young leaders to take up the challenge. it is time we retired the old chaps and send them back to their grandkids.



Shashi said...

Dear Dato,
Sound great to have u back bcoz we have not hear from u quiet some time. Waiting for gud news from u soon.
All the best to you.....


Anonymous said...

YB Timbalan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan,

I noticed that you were quite busy last nite. I was one of the patrons in one of the place that you visited and it was fun to see how you try to convince the business operator that you are a Deputy Minister when they have no clue who you are. Lucky there was uniform police officers, else I would have called the police myself.

Since the place you are trying to bust is a non-smoking and non-alcoholic and family friendly place, we can smell the liquor coming from you a mile away. Maybe you just raided a a few night clubs or maybe you just finished official business matter since there were a couple of police with you. It was about 1.30-1.45am.

And then you introduce yourself as a patron and demanded to see business operating license. I can see the face of the operator trying to figure out what the hell is going on. A guy came in with police officers, smells of liquor and claiming to be a deputy minister.

Is this how MIC minister act? Is this the MP for Tapah act? Is this how BN government act? Is this how the so-called Malaysian Indians leader act or is this an example of MIC reps with position act?

Co-incidentally my son was beaten-up by a group of indian thugs in his school for trying to protect another student a week ago. Maybe the thugs applying example by leadership. Oh, the thugs were let go by police as well. Maybe you should go and check all the police reports made against indian thugs and help them instead.

You are a Deputy Minister because you are one of the rare MIC reps being elected and BN has no choice but to appoint you.

If I owned that business, I would probably sue you for not showing your authority card, er, you do not have an authority card for that matter. Your name card is not an authority card. You can't even entered a Cabinet meeting for that matter.

I never like politicians, including a long list of friends and families, for barking at a wrong tree. There are plenty of other things you can go and do more good than hurting people like doctors and legit businessmen.

Maybe you should visit all the schools in Wilayah and tell them not to behave like you. Btw, I'm a strong supporters of BN government but I do clapped my hands when your president lost his seat for being too arrogant.

I believe some of them is going over to see your FT boss about your high handed attitude.

Please buck-up, be modest and humble. Don't act like you are the almighty and you owned that position. If not, your actions may cost the entire BN in Wilayah losing their seats next election and probably kicked MIC out from BN.

Stop messing with the tax payers who is paying your salary.

It takes a big man to apologize and I guess you are not big enough yet. Here's a quote to you from me 'It takes one apology to correct an entire mistakes and it takes one vote from many people to take you down, so apologize more and you can make more mistakes without losing the votes.'

Be a big man and make us proud for supporting BN.

Anonymous said...

YB Datuk Timbalan Menteri,
I wish to apologize for the previous post at the statement which seems to imply that the liqour smells is coming directly from you. The smells came from your group, not from you personally.

If you want to publish my post, please publish both.

Thank you.

Vijeindran said...

Dear Mr Sara,

I am Vijay, CJ(Citizen Journalist). I am happy to see you ready to rebrand MIC. I can do you a favour and u do me a favour too. Give me an appoinment where I need you to list down wat govenrment got for indian business man and students. I can record it and post it to Youtube and malaysiakini if they interested. If u wush to add more thing to ur interview, you are welcome. Kindly message me at Thank you and have a nice day..

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato,

I used to be a fan of your tamil speech. Very meticulous and ur tamil pronounciations are very articulate.

I saw the newspaper- Osai and Nanban yesterday. There was a foundation on tamil research and development initiated by ur fellow minister in a BN component party.

It is sad to note that the officials are not tamil educated and not even bothered abt tamil all their lives. I have heard the way they speak Tamil in some stages. Disguisting.

Please advise ur fellow minister not to meddle with Tamil just for the sake of the Grants given by Government. There are other things for him to do.

Vaalge Tamil.

முருகன் அடிமை said...

தங்களை சந்திப்பதில் மிகவும் மகிழ்ச்சி அடியிகிறேன்.

முருகனடிமை சரவணன்