Tuesday, September 30, 2008




Kavitha Perumal said...

Suddenly greeting the Malays after undermining the Indians.

Well done MIC.

One small temple removed by rogue BN trained officers, the selangor govt has suspened the deputy president of a council!, investigation is ongoing and today the menteri besar has said he will meet the temple committee to discuss relocation/rebuilding plans.

Compare this to Kg Rawa temple which was a big temple demolished cold bloodedly by BN govt - what happened next? MIC got treated worst than kulis, Samy Velu according to Khir Toyo ordered further demolishment, no compensation or relocation by the govt than and when Indians protested they were arrested under ISA.

What did MIC say abt the hindraf 5? They are possibly terrorists! You traitors!

Kg Rawa temple is now on the process of being rebuilt in a grand scale by the current Selangor govt.

Thats only temple, how about education? Look at the state of tamil schools under MIC! Look at our opportunity to study top courses! When YAB menteri besar suggested UITM to be opened up, malay racists whacked him but MIC kept damn silent. Sara, did you even open your mouth?

YES, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, celebrate is Sara, that is all we Indians lack now. Lets celebrate our muniswar temple broken by DBKL and yet you keep quiet even when you are a deputy minister in WP. You are stooge, dont you agree Dato.

Sara, you are not all negative - you have something positive in yourself, so cheer up. For example you publish my comments which can be quite critical nevertheless the truth.

Yes a good suggestion in the previois post, why dont you bring up the issue in Parliament. Is a bit backstabbing when you do it indirectly isnt it Dato?

Anyway Dato, I hope your puasa went well and I hope you will be dimaafkan zahir dan batin.

anthony said...

Good move by Kavitha.....any answer???????

lvbala said...

"Meraka merayakan, kita meraihkan"

I respect you as person who fight for the best of indians in Malaysia. But, Its time to be a Malaysian and respect others in this festival day. Issues are issues to be highlight, we should understand the protocol, to do what, when and where. I was quite dissapointed with Hindraf pledge in PM's open house. Imagine if someone (you) having a open house and the PAS people came with banners and start shouting their slogan. Will you be happy? Its the same as what brother Saravanan is doing. He is simply wishing. Why you should feel bad about it. Its a festival days and why dont we just keep everything aside and continue with our pledge and fight tomorrow. We should learn to be a Malaysian before being an Indian or shall I say we should be an Malaysian Indian before being an INDIAN. Its a public holiday for god sake. Even the parliment is close. Come la.... dont mix everything. I think this will be repeated by others on Deepavali open house for sure.

"Selamat Hari Raya to All Malaysians" and to you brother Saravanan.



LAZARUS said...

MIC making use of young Indian youths

MIC Blogger PUNITHAN SHAN seen in this filepic above, has been appearing on all the major Blogs for the wrong reasons. It is rather clear that this poor lad has been used by Samy Vellu and the MIC to mislead the people into believing that Hindraf and MIC are working together. This however has failed to bear fruit. Punithan also has been attacking Hindraf, it's Chairman P. Waytha Moorthy, Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim with such venom in his Blogs. However, his double headed game ended when the Admin from Hindraf came out with a statement saying that Punithan Shan does not represent Hindraf and Hindraf has nothing to do with Punithan. Punithan Shan is a nobody who has been used by MIC who has nothing else but a collection of gorgeous looking girls in his Facebook and Friendster sites.

The following comment is taken from Punithan Shan's COFFEE WITH PUNITHAN blogsite. It looks like sound advice to me for Punithan.


Rudra said...

HI,It is just fabulous that we Indians attack each other and call each other the P-word with such utter delight. But I cannot help wondering why you seem so pro-MIC and then blog as a Hindraf enthusiast. I am not as industrious as you so claim to be, being a medical student and all but I have 20 odd years teaching wanabee doctors such as you.

You must be one lucky Indian to love your country this much and have such immense pride in being Malaysian. I for one never have had such misgivings as I have been and still am treated like a third-class 'P'. Seriously, with all sincerity and the pride you seem to hold for your parents...tell me this...What has MIC or your dear "Semi-Value" done for Indians? Forget the bull about Tamil schools and temples and our childrens' education.

When I once had the stupidity to apply for a student loan at MIC, I was refused as my parents then had no money to donate to an MIC 'fund'. I was told that as a girl, I did not fit into the category of 'Bollywood-like' belly-shaking nymphos...Well...let's not get into that. So young man, while I laud you for your brilliance and young wisdom, I DO NOT salute you for the lies and propaganda you blog on for your masters.

Be a true doctor and heal wounds...don't poke into old ones and insult the intelligence and wisdom of true Indians. oh What have I done to serve Indians?...I teach them to read, count and write. What have you done but blog? Oh I forgot, your're a student still. Hence no time to serve and be of use as yet. I can only sigh that teachers like me taught you and failed. Before you retort with ugliness and insults, be a true Indian and remember to respect 'mata, pita and guru'!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

Please learn from kavitha perumal. She has put the points. Please don't just open your mouth for Hari Raya celebration, Datuk Sara. Please speak louder when people are racist to us like the racist teacher. You are so quite. I'm working in a production plant. If there are no production, i have no salary. Same goes to you. We put you as a politician to represent indian. You earn your salary for this purpose. So please remember this. And Selamat Hari Raya to Datuk Mat Saravan and family.