Saturday, October 11, 2008

Power Transition On The Go

First and foremost, my apologies for not updating the blog over the last nine days. All comments, which are deemed "publishable" are up.
Now back to the current on-goings. Last week the Prime Minister announced that he would not seek re-election for Umno presidency in March next year. This would mean that the Deputy Prime Minister would move up a rank and run for presidency. The talk among Umno circles is that vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin will be Najib's running mate and from the looks of it, this will become a reality. Umno divisions have started the nominations and so far nominations have come in only for Najib and Muhyiddin combination.
Well, some will ask me why I am wasting my time talking about Umno. This is not a waste of time as convention has it, that the Umno president and deputy will eventually become PM and DPM. And that is important to all Malaysians.
On another front the Opposition leader has said that he would still take over the government by end of the year. First it was Sept 16, then by end of Sept, and after that it was Oct 13, the day Parliament begins its final sitting for the year.
Now it has become by end of the year. Hope he just plays an effective opposition leader than setting dates. Maybe, he should get into prediction, like Nostradamus or something, but the problem would be unlike the great Nostradamus, Anwar's predictions fail all the time!


poobalan said...

Dear Sir,

do you think its is fair that a small number of people determine who becomes the next prime minister of the country (assuming BN still in power after March)? What do you think are the measures available to avoid this idea that a group of few determining the outcome of the country leadership?

Saravanan Murugan, said...

In actual fact poobalan, you are right. That is a question that would demand many hours of debate. However it is a system in which this nation had operated all this while. Is it time to change this system? Yes, but only if people are less race sensitive. The Malays will say they are the majority so, they should have the right to decide on the top two leaders. I would suggest instead of Umno picking the PM and DPM, the task should be in the hands of the Barisan Nasional. A nomination system where component parties nominate leaders to be PM or DPM. Just say five leaders are nominated, then the BN parties themselves hold an election and pick the PM and DPM. And this I stress should not be race based. Then those picked would be answerable to all BN components and not confine it to Umno. This system could be refined as what I am suggesting is just something which I feel should be pondered upon. I am equally amused to see what is happening in Pakatan. They have all agreed that Anwar be the PM if they come to power. But what is the system. After Anwar, who? Will a rotation system be implemented, where after Anwar the opportunity is given to DAP and after that PAS. I am not bashing or questioning them politically. It is the system. They too do not have a proper system.
Now back to the BN system, I feel Umno has the right to pick its president and deputy president. That is their right. But what are the right of the components? Just say, 100 leaders of each party, may be the top leadersip (30 of them), state office bearers, youth and wanita wings, which work up to a 100 from each BN party are asked to cast their ballots. BN has 13 components and it would work up to 1,300 BN leaders picking the PM and DPM. They would be answerable to their members and the rakyat. And those picked would also have to ensure that issues are solved in a more equitable manner as if this not done, then that component party will not re-elect you the next time around. This is just a suggestion. Maybe future Malaysians can use formula in the future even if BN is not around!

Kumaravel said...

I must say Saravanan your posting in this page makes more sense than your usual cheap pot shots.

Anyway, parliament restarted today. I was hoping for 'tiger' saravanan to leap at Pakatan, because you always seem to have something to complain about. Unfortunately the tiger as usual kept quiet and took the opposition whacking along with other BN MPs, superb arguments by Anwar and Kit Siang ( I was in parliament by the way, as an observer)

So what are you really Sara? A true Malaysian leader? or an UMNO stooge that has a million things to complain about Pakatan in your wee blog of yours but have no guts to take on the opposition in parliament?

Its a waste of taxpayers money paying you (for that matter the two other MPs from MIC) as you do all your gutless comments here and not the true venue. Why dont you take on Anwar since you mock him here, in fact I challenge you to take on new MPs like Gobala or Manickavasagam in Dewan Rakyat.

I have a big feeling within me that they will tear you apart, partly because you hardly can deliver a speech let alone debate, but mainly due to MIC's role as an UMNO jester.

If you think my comments are offensive, I think you will change your mind if you dare to take on HINDRAF leaders. Since you also take pot shots on them, why dont challenge one of them for an open debate. Come on Sara, I am sure you are not that a chicken. Please prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO....again trying to condem PR and show BN is ultimate. But DATUK from your answer show that UMNO is a racist party and wants in power forever. now you can see the reality where grandfather, father and now son dominate UMNO and wants to be PM!! you think what government is something that belongs to 1 family?? if you see the trend next the grandchilder and great grandchilder will bwcome our PM is it??? bullshit...
come again to you answer DATUK, i feels that you admit that UMNO is a racist party and dominate BN.. in that case why should MIC still cooperate with BN?? if MIC dare enough that they shpuld pull membership from BN and become independent party or can join PR.
well by doing this we can teach UMNO that not only UMNO should decide who's the next PM but the decision making power should given to public.well we deserve to choose our PM. as you said maybe PR now dont have a system to choose Pm but what the absalute system BN have to choose a PM after 50 years in power?? NOTHING.. so maybe PR can build up a better system in years to choose our PM. but in UMNO and BN its becoming monarchy system where only grandfather, father, son, grandson and greatgrandson become PM!! we absalutely object this!! we, public should given the chance to choose our PM. not only one party and in that party only 1 family members become PM.
its doesnt matter wheter who i support but its about who is the PM???

Anonymous said...

kumaravel u r pathetic next time have a better shot you will do the same thing with pakatan, the fellow who said "i will make sure no temple bell will be heard" now he is pretending to help the indian man man tangle, it is just like u r spitting on yourself and suddenly PAS is talking for hindraf only because they need their support after they will wash you off like cleaning the dishes.....

Akhilesh Yadav said...

We are from 11A, Jalan Mambu, Bangsar where you personally visited our house and took immediate action against the illegal construction of the house of our neighbour. We thank you for your efficiency and you have won many peoples hearts and minds of people in bangsar for your swift action. Please keep up the excellent work. The neighbours has got clearance from DBKL to continue construction without any changes to the illegal plans they had previously. We look forward to your continue support and further action to resolve this issue. the whole matter is very stressful for all of us.

Anonymous said...

shy you guys are talking about UMNO. Look at your backyard before pointing the finger at others. Have you all done anything to Samy Velu for him to resign as the leader. YOu all can't even do that, what's the point of discussing this. Waiting for samy velu to kick the bucket?

misai kucing said...

Vanakkam Dato,

A very good idea from you Dato. Will it ever become reality is another thing lah. UMNO will never allow that to become reality which is for sure. They would rather bath in our blood than walking side by side with you guys.

Pak Lah is a very nice guy who has been more Malaysian than Mahathir but the group below him are mostly racist and they are the main reason for his failure to bring about reforms as visioned by him. With the kind of leaders in UMNO no leader of BN will ever be able to free our nation from racial politics and descrimination.

Power tranfer has always been an UMNO affair and not BN since independance. Say for example Dato if UMNO elects racists like Ahmad Ismail as their President and by default he becomes the leader of BN, how much can you guys object or will you guys be able to change anything for that matter????

As for the present transfer of power, how much difference is it gonna be for us Indians Dato?? Can the UMNO's top leaders control their racist branch leaders and also the "Little Napoleans" in the civil service?? Or will they try to control you guys in BN rather than controlling UMNO loose cannons instead?

A Malay PM is acceptable by all but it is the mindset of such leader is what matters most to us Malaysians. We need a PM for ALL Malaysians and not just for his own race. Can the present UMNO provide such leader is the question. He first of all must be able to control his own party like our Samy Vellu does with MIC.

Thus far malaysia's success is not because all races are tolerant but the non-Malays are so tolerant that they have destroyed their rights for the future generations in this country. UMNO can keep the PM and DPM posts provided they can lead the nation without prejudice against the minorities.

Will the above be achieved in near future is something like building a sand castle Dato. Debating over these issues and then saying these are too sensitive questioning the Malay rights and so on is useless. Just choose a BN leader who can lead the nation into globalisation and please don't let a katak bawah tempurung to lead BN.

valgha tamil.

lvbala said...

Dear Brother,

Its good to look at the power transition in UMNO. Its a voice from the grass root which made the PM decide not to stand for the president post. Same goes to MCA too, where by the former MCA president decided not to go for the MCA president after the great lost in 12GE. Don't you think its a great move by this leaders to listen to the grass root for the party's benefits and the rakyat?

Everything goes back to normal in UMNO and MCA and nothing to talk about it. By the way the how about power transition in MIC? This is what concern the most to the Indians. As what been wish by the most MIC leaders, Hindraf been banned. IPF is no more in the picture after MG Pandithan. Now the only and the only MIC is there for Indians. Is this means DSSV will rule again?

When will the MIC power transition will take on? Who and when doesn't matter. Even you, YB Devamany or the YB Subramaniam will do. But when? I am more concern about the Indians voice in Malaysia rather than talking about UMNO or MCA. Lets have some changes within MIC rather than talking about the others.