Monday, January 26, 2009


I would like to wish all Malaysian Chinese a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Wish the year of the OX brings us good fortune and a better life. It is also my feverish hope that this Lunar New Year bring bring us prosperity being the year of the bull.

I had a comment asking me on my stand on the death of A. Kugan, who died at the USJ 8police station earlier this week. I had already stated my stand and it has appeared in the media. However to the benefit of those who have yet to read it, I would like to state that I am against any violent behaviour towards anyone arrested by the police. The police should be protector of Malaysians and not take laws in their own hands.
If Kugan was involved in any illegal activity, then it is only right that charges are levelled against him. If this is not the case due to lack of evidence, there are provisions in our laws to send him to the Simpang Renggam detention centre.
Instead the 23-year-old was beaten and this is evident from the photographs of him obtained at the Selayang Hospital.
It really made me angry when I saw the photos on the net. This is not the way to treat a person, even if he was a criminal.
To say that the boy sustained the injuries while being arrested does not hold water. He was arrested on Jan 15 and he died some six days later. But the wounds in the photograhers appeared fresh. The police or the Home Ministry must start an independent enquiry to find the source of the death. Did Kugan really die of asthma or was there foul play. This is not time to protect any wrongdoer.
Let the truth be known. I know that the police have a job to do. But his does not mean that they are the law. They are only there to ensure that the laws are not broken and if the laws are broken, then penalise the offender not kill the offender.
This applies not only because Kugan was an Indian or Hindu. This should not happen to any Malaysian, may the person be Malay, Chinese, Kadazan and what not. This is not about a race of a person. This is about humanity and dignity of a person. I am not preaching or anything like that. What I am saying is that a person deserves to be treated humanely as possible. Malaysia is not some third world nation where lawlessness prevails. We do not have kangaroo courts. We are a striving democracy and hold on to the rule of law. This could be just one isolated case but it should not have happened. Judging from what has happened to Kugan, I would say that the deed was conducted not by one person. It would have been a collective action of a few people.
I have been an anchilary policeman previously and I know how hard the men in blue work, sacrificing the time of their family and friends. They are stationed on 24-hour shifts and get irritated easily. But taking it out on a suspect is a big NO. Respect the uniform you use. It is not just a job but a duty and responsibility for the good of the nation.
Some might even say that I have passed judgement against the police. Yes, I have. The force should have come clean on the case in the first place. Allow family members and relatives to see the body of Kugan on the first night. Be transparent, and open about things. If your man is wrong, then take the necessary action. Do not at anytime cover-up things. That is all the rakyat ask.
If the police are not guilty then tell it all. From what I have learnt, Kugan was never held in a cell during this stay at the USJ8 police station. He was kept in the questioning room the whole while. I hope this is untrue. I am really saddened by the death of a 23-year-old who had a future in this promising land but now all is dashed. No matter what action we take against the perpetrators, it is not going to bring him back or heal the hurt suffered by his family and friends. But at least, it would a lesson for others. It would be an eye opener for many. Once again my deepest condolence to the family of A. Kugan.


Anonymous said...

Good Day Sir

Right or wrong..Kugan should have been charged in a court of law. He was a suspect. The Malay-sian police is well known to be trigger happy, corrupt and unashamedly violent.

The police force is the number one corrupted civil department probably next to the customs and or the immigrations.

This is not the first time an Indian died mysteriously under police custody.

It clearly shows the chauvinistic malay dominated police force is using all available means to intimidate and kill Indians in this country.

Its bad enough we are being amrginalised economically but now...through police brutality. Why do the bloody chauvinistic Syed Hamid Albar wants to take action against the deputy ministers who were there in their capacity to show support to the bereaved family.

Why dont Syed Hamid Albar the chauvinistic malay be stern on his royal guard dogs (read the police) and put them under leash.

Or is the chauvinistic malay Syed Hamid Albar is in cahorts with the police.

Kudos for the A-G Patil who came out and put forward some form of trust in our legal system.

I am deeply disturbed, I am deeply sad, I am deeply worried....those Malay-sian police men shud be charged for murder and put behind bars for good.

We should collectively confront the chauvinistic police and the chauvinistic ministers who are supporting such barbaric acts.

I'd say hang them and burn them at the stake.

Asha Iyengar

lvbala said...

Dear brother,
Seing is believing. Such an inhuman act by the PDRM. To correct you in your writing, I don't agree with you when you said this is not a racial act by PDRM.

I totally believe this is a racial reaction by the autorities specially on Indians. My believe is base on the statistic and figures. Indians death in police custody is out numbers.

Please don't deny.

Shashi said...

Dear Dato,

Whatever it is, the suspect should not died under the police custody. A lot of such cases had been happened and our Police Force still not taking effective action against their officers.

From now onwards, PDRM shall put a stop on such cases to be happened in future. They shall come up with remedies action to prevent reoccurence.

Dato, this issue shall be brought up to the parliment for further discussion and a solution shall be decided. Poor to our two Indian Deputy Ministers. By fact, they should be praised by PDRM because the have to attend all the rakyat problems and they had done a good job by controlling the situation.

The Home Minister shall not say that the two deputy ministers will be charged if they against the law because it might create racial issue and that is happening now as awared by ur goodself, Dato. He shall investigate because all of them are from the same roof.

Hope this kind of issue won't be happened in future either to the Indians, Malays,Chinese and other races.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Wilayah Persekutuan, Dato...

Bidor, Perak

Anonymous said...

Hi Dato,
You are doing a good job, keep it up. Look up my blog -