Friday, February 6, 2009


Over the last week, Perak has been swamped with political talk not only by a single party but also by all from both sides of the political divide. Day before yesterday, all had become clear. Four state assemblymen from the Pakatan Rakyat government declared that they had become independents and that they were supporting the Barisan Nasional. The new government took oath at about 3.45pm this afternoon.
The talk of elected representatives jumping ship was started by none other than Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Soon after the March 8, 2008 general election, where the Barisan Nasional lost its two-third majority and some five states to the opposition, Anwar declared that he had some 30 members of parliament in his fold and that they would crossover to the Pakatan Rakyat. This he had said, would ensure the fall of the Barisan Nasional federal government.
He even went to the extent of saying that the Barisan Nasional government would fall by Sept 16, 2008. Then the dates began changing based on where he held a ceramah. This was his so called trump card to keep the Barisan Nasional on its toes.
While all this was taking place the same Opposition leaders, who are now calling for fresh elections in Perak, had applauded Anwar and said that they would form the federal government in a matter of time.
Then Opposition leaders, except for DAP chairman Karpal Singh, had supported the crossover and felt that it was fair to form a government based on crossovers.
But now, the scenario had been reversed and now all of a sudden crossovers are a taboo for the opposition. Yes, I agree that the people voted for a change at the 2008general election and their wishes must be respected.
The razor thin majority in Perak where the opposition had 31 seats compared to the BN's 28 was the result of the polls. Now after the crossovers the BN's seats is still 28, while the opposition's had been reduced to 28 due to three of its representatives jumping ship. They did not jump to the BN but they choose to become independents and declare their support to the ruling federal government.
Now the score has become Pakatan Rakyat -- 28, BN -- 28 and Independent -- 3.
One fact that I noticed is that the Indian community, which threw bulk of their votes for the opposition at the polls, have become the major losers result of the latest political manoeuvre.
Under the opposition, the community had a speaker and a state exco member. But not anymore. There are no Indian representatives in the BN in the Perak state assembly.
Where does the Indian community takes its problems? Who do they go to in case of problems and they need assistance? I am not bragging or anything like that but I seem to be the only Indian BN elected representative in the state by virtue of being the member of parliament for Tapah.
The answer to the above questions have yet to be answered by the BN leadership. The leadership needs to create a position on par with a state exco to look at Indian affairs in the state. He must be given powers to instruct any state-run bodies, like an exco member. This person must also be hardworking as he would be instrumental in trying to bring back the Indian voters into the BN fold. Although it is still early days, plans must be put in place so that the community in Perak does not feels neglected or sidelined by the ruling Barisan Nasional government.
With all this in mind, I wish to remind the Indian community about one thing. Politics are played by politicians and as members of the Indian community, I urge the people to come united on this matter. Please ensure that we are not left behind in any development.
This post is just a gist of what I have to say on the matter. More will follow. Thank you.


Vesu said...

meanwhile , ds zahid hamidi has said in a tv interview that ' indian community in perak deserve it' for not having a rep in new DUN. i think the yb was too emotional. the statement came from his heart - perhaps many BN leaders are sour with indian voters - but now is not the time to be emotional - repent and serve the people.

lvbala said...

KARMA ~ Revisited In Perak

“Do unto others as you want them to do unto you, don’t do unto others as you don’t want them to do unto you”

It has been 15 months, on 25th November, 2007 thousands of Tamils were treated brutally in the Holy temple Batu Caves by the Malaysian authority called FRU. By then the most respectable ex-prime minister wrote in his blog and labeled the Tamils as a violent community. Their plead for justice for the Tamil community were said to be copied as same as the LTTE (Sri Langkan Liberal Tamil Tigers) and even were claimed was supported by them. All the summoned for his statement never been heard till today as Hindraf were claim as illegal movement. Worst of all, the brutal treatment on the Tamils were carried out in Batu Caves, the famous temple for Hindus.

Today, 06th February 2009 after 15 months, a day before the Tamils to celebrate Thaipusam, the same incident repeated. But this time around was not in Batu Caves, but in Ubudiah mosque Kuala Kangsar Perak. The Perakians were the target. The FRU repeated the same act by firing tears gas at the public. What has been understood is not the FRU but they were ordered by the person in power. The public were treated violently and by the name of GOD the holy mosque was not respected.

I wonder how Dr M is going to label the Perakians? terrorist? or freedom fighters?

All Malaysians are watching and listening. And for sure the punishment is waiting in the next 2012 general election. Today we shall call it as a wake up call day. Thank you DPM for giving us the chance to understand you and your government better.

The Karma is repeated.

I think most Malaysians dont buy Perak's (BN) crap stories and bullshits.

Betrayed the Voters

I guess every one, specially Malaysians are aware of the political situation in the State of Perak. Nothing much to be said. The palace has made the decision on who is going to control the state. The Ruler's decision is vital for everyone to bowed. Challenging the decision of the Ruler in the court of justice will lead to worst scenario and might create tention among the rakyat. It is not the Malaysian style indeed.

But the rakyat should remember this three names that betrayed the rakyat's trust. They were voted to represent the rakyat and for the political party they represent. Its' seem the frogs are active again with a greater influence. These greatest to be remembered are Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang), Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (Changkat Jering) and Hee Yit Fong (Jelapang). They thought all of us a lesson that will be recorded in the Malaysian book of record. The other assembly man ~ Nassaruddin (Bota) have thought us that never to trust UMNO when comes to loyalty.

Hail The King.

Vesu said...

look what zahid hamidi says here as reported in mstar

KUALA KANGSAR: Timbalan Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Perak, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi berkata, Barisan Nasional mengalualukan wakil rakyat pembangkang berketurunan India di negeri ini menyertai BN untuk memajukan kaum itu.

2 days ago he told reporter ‘ the indian community deserve to be left out in the new exco/ dun for rejecting BN” this racist minister do not deserve support from perakians and all level minded malaysians.

“Pintu BN sentiasa terbuka tetapi itu bukan syarat. Kami tidak memberi syarat dan kami tidak mahu dikenakan syarat (iaitu melantik ke jawatan exco)… tetapi mereka juga mempunyai pertimbangan untuk memajukan kaum mereka dan cara terbaik ialah bersama-sama kami,” katanya.

Ahmad Zahid, yang juga Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri berkata, ini kerana tidak ada seorang anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri daripada parti MIC, PPP dan IPF yang dipilih oleh rakyat bagi mewakili suara mereka di peringkat berkenaan.

Anonymous said...


Premnath Agamutu said...


I write here, not to discuss the somewhat 'intricate' politics affecting Perak today.

I am reasonably confident that the current Barisan Nasional government will stand.

You ARE the sole elected representative in Perak, albeit a member of parliament, and not the state assembly.

I am worried, particularly that we do not have an Indian in the state assembly, opposition or otherwise.

How can we deal with this? Would it be too much to ask, to request, that all the new Exco members hire one Indian special officer? Perhaps all this special officers could be members of an Indian representative committee, headed by you, with weekly meetings with the new Menteri Besar. Is this workable?

A response would be MOST appreciated, Datuk, thanks!

A. Premnath
Putera MIC Information Chief

Anonymous said...

The MIC's strong rebranding nationwide has not shown any positive result. My case here is the appointment of Datuk Veera to the advisory post cum exco status in Perak BN - Dont tell me party do not have other , eligible young but experience candidate. He has been in the government pay roll for a long time too - time to change - lets hope , V.Saravanan will not get thru as a candidate in Kedah by election soon -

micyouthgopeng said...

Hello Datuk i promise MIC will doing the best to our comunity in Perak sure.....


Maaran Matters said...

Dear YB,

Please change your title to "BN BUYSOVER PERAK"

Thats more suitable.

As for the Indians, with or without MIC representatives won't make any difference.

The PR goverment was the loved one and will continue to be.