Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Suddenly we have an explosion of more politics in the country. After the fall of the opposition Perak state government, we have two by-elections. One is the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat in Perak and another the Bukit Selambau, Kedah state seat.
The P59 Bukit Gantang seat in Perak (near Taiping) has some 55,471 registered voters. At the 2008 election the seat was won by PAS' Roslan Shaharum with a majority of 1,566 votes.
Roslan, who died of heart attack a few days ago and the reason for the by-election, polled 20,015 against Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi of the BN-Umno 18,449 votes. Another candidate M. Morgan, an independent, polled 872 votes. Voter turnout in the seat at last year's election was 40,187 voters or 72.4% with 851 spoilt votes.
In N25 Bukit Selambau, the by-election is being held due to the resignation of V. Arumugam, initially an independent and now in Pakatan Rakyat. He beat MIC's S. Krishnan at the last general election.
The state seat has 34,977 voters. At the last election, Arumugam polled 13,225 votes against Krishnan's 10,863 votes to win with a 2,362 vote majority.Voter turnout at the last election was 25,782 votes or 73.7%.
While I hope both by-elections would be swept by the BN, I realise that the current political climate would make it an uphill battle especially with Kedah being opposition ruled while Perak has just come back to the BN in default.
It is also my feverish hope that the two by-elections would be conducted and participated in a fair and noble manner without any trouble.
The Election Commission would set the date for both the polls on Friday. Looks like February is going to be busy month with lots of travelling.

UPDATE: Both the by-elections would have its nomination on March 29 and election on April 7.


lvbala said...

Dear brother,

About BN wining both seat in Kedah?

No way bro, that is not going to happen. The rakyat have decided who is going the lead. It is going to be a clear indication of how the coming PM is gonna be in power.

It is only the majority that matters.

R.Nantha Kumar said...

Bro u can ask ur President Datuk seri Samy Vellu to come to Bukit Selambau as many times he want becouse it will help BN to loose indian Votes and will help PR to win.God is great! he sacked me and my supoters for asking him to give way to new leadership and we all got a chance to play our card now.we are local guys in this state just wait and see, i do have respect on u since u have been a youth secreatary once but it wont stop me to send a clear mesage to Samy Vellu that he is not aset to MIC anymore but he is a liablyty to the party, if u all brave enough and realy love the party try to ask him to leave before Bukit Selambau by election or else MIC wont get indian votes, take care brother! and good luck!

R.Nantha Kumar
Kedah Darul Aman

lvbala said...

Dear bro,
We are loosing another seat of MIC in this by election. I hope this is not true. Any comment from you?

Anonymous said...

I salute u Mr.Nantha Kumar, u are realy a gentleman. I know u personaly in MIC Youth. u realy a man with a principle.Everybody knows that Datuk Seri Samy vellu is the main reason for MIC downfall but no body dare to take a risk ro advice him to step down before Bukit Selambau, Everybody in MIC top post have to be blamed if UMNO take away this Bukit Selambau seat.Dato Palani, Dato Sothi, Dato Subra, Dato Dr.Subra.Dato Veraa, Dato Sara and Dato Devamoney is the one who suposed to advice him but what to do they are just a "Yes Man". Good Luck to u Mr.Nantha Kumar for time being i dont think anyone yet to make MIC to wake up and to gain indian support.

Pulau Pinang

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Dato Saravanan for sure MIC will lost his seat in Bukit Selambau or UMNO will take it back, so better u all suport PKR candidate.

Bedong Kedah

Anonymous said...

Bravo bro Nantha ! u better join PKR lah dont wait this lousy MIC, their time is over! They only there be yes man to samy vellu!

Sg.Petani Kedah

Anonymous said...

Dato please bring along together with u Samyvellu and his Son the great Vellpari if u are coming to Bukit Selambau becouse i want my familys money back from Maika holdings !

Siniah and family
Maika Holdings Victim

Anonymous said...

MIC no more releven in Kedah, please realise that before u and Samy Vellu come to back the Kedah MIC dongkeys.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhh God please make MIC losse in this Bukit Selambau by election to teach samy Vellu a lesson that no body want him ready

Kedah Boy

Anonymous said...

Please do as what out bro nantha said if u want to safe MIC from total damage.

Indian Lover

Maaran Matters said...


Once bitten, twice shy

But for MIC, always bitten. so forget shy

Don't worry about the already lost Bukit Selambau by election.
MIC is unwanted by people. Only the hyenna's around still waiting for the lasts of bones left.

By the way YB, have you fixed the lifts in DBKL flats yet?
And what about those poor families living without utilities?
Aren't you still the FT Deputy Minister?

Get the job done man.

Anonymous said...

Dont waste ur time lah Nantha anne telling this guys to go and advice samy vellu to step down, may be they are afraid they also will loose their post becouse they are holding the post in the shadow of samy vellu.so Nantha anne u better campaign for PKr and for Dato Sara please dont come and ask indian vote to BN until u all settle maika holdings money.

Sg.Petani Kedah

MIC Youth Member said...

Kedah MIC to win the seat ahh? good joke ! i am still holding MIC youth post in one of the Division in Kedah, if u all want know this is the story Kedah MIC. Dato saravanan is hoping that he will be given chance again to contest Bukit selambau seat so he ask all his malay , chnise and indian friends to call and talk to Datuk seri samy velu to put him as
candidate , in another side Dato S. Ganesan is doing the same thing but he his doing a bid extra by meeting UMNO top guys and telling that dato Sara health is not good and if Dato sara been given the chance BN may have to face by election in Bukit selambau within another one year. i think u all know what he try to mean.out of that he also telling indian and MIC branch chairmain not to suport Dato Sara, he is afraid if Dato Sara win he will remain as state chairman and he (Dato ganesan) will be droped from the state MIC post since state secreatary is much more close to Vellpari and will lobby for deputy state chairman post . in another situation our State secreatary Mr.Ananthan who lost the Lunas seat in general election is little bid sad and hurt by Dato Seri President's statement that who lost the seat wont be given a chance yo contest again. he claming that DR.Mahathir Mohamad also election before and can make a come up and run the country. he also claim samy vellu also lost MIC election few times in Selangor but he can come back. He also advice most of his close friends not to vote for MIC candidate this time . i was shocked for a while , y he have to do that then i get to know that he his on the way to become state MIc chairman, for him Dato sara and Dato ganesan will be out of race if iether one of them lost the election.He also afraid if somebody new face win the election and become asembllyman then Datuk Seri may consider that guy to be apointed as State Chairman. So in this case i dont think
PKR have to work hard, becouse own MIC state leaders doing it for them. in another siatuation a lot of UMNO branch chairman alreaday decided not to vote for MIC candidate so in neext general election UMNO will get back the seat.so far this is the sitaution, i realy hope all this guys leave the post and will have some new face so MIC in Kedah can wake up again.

Kedah MIC Youth Member

Chandran said...

To all my indian friends, please think this is not MIC seat, it is belongs to all indians. please think that before u vote for PKR. To Mr. Nantha Kumar please dont just becouse u have personal problem with Dato Seri u want go against BN and MIC. We still have respect on u lah and please dont come up with this kind of statement.Thank You


Vish said...

"It belongs to all Indians," said Chandran.

And that's where you're wrong. It doesn't belong to all Indians, let alone the tiny portion of Indians that MIC represents.

The seat, just like any seat, belongs to Malaysians.

Believe me, it isn't any sort of 'personal problem' that drives the distinct anti-Uncle-Sam sentiment, but rather it is a byproduct of his insipid leadership.

Honestly, Chandran, can you really possibly think that the pseudo-fascist dictatorship that Samy Vellu runs is still relevant?


Brave Indian BOY said...

Get Lost mr.chandran u must be samy vellu's "Kooja Tukki"

Brave indian Boy

Siva Kumar said...

MR.Nantha Kumar dont worry abaout this cheap scale Chandran's statement, for sure he must saying that becouse he is geting something from samy vellu and i dont think he realy know what is going on in ground.May be he dont mix around with people thats y he still think samy vellu is relevent,tq

Siva Kumar

Kumaran said...

Samy oh Samy, again another story ahh? after Maika Holdings now AIMST ahh. Again u and Sothinathan playing the game ahh, good patner both of u to cheat indian comunity,the Money u alredy earn is not enough ahh? To YB.Saravanan please avoid joining this kind of people from now or samy velu's shadow also will folow u.


Aaron Phillip D'cruz said...

Wow! I just read all the comments, it is going to be an uphill battle for the BN to win Bukit Selambu or even for the matter Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai.

People of Kedah has forgot or unaware that under the current State Government of Kedah -PAS PR, the Housing Quota reserve for Bumiputera has increased to 50%. This spells the State Government housing for the Chinese and Indian are only left another 50%. Whereby, during the BN ruling Kedah, it has only reserved 30% for the Bumiputera.

Will have to state that this is just one of the bad policies that the PR State Government has implemented. Many good policies that are people-centered has been implemented. Credits for that. Perak has done quite a good job. Penang is flying high. Hats off to Lim Guan Eng. Good job. Kelantan has a darling Menteri Besar. People of Kelantan are gifted to have him and his Party ruling the state. Selangor not too bad, still has to do more.

But guys, what has Kedah achieved and given back to the people?? I would have to say all PR ruled state have been doing great overall expect Kedah.

People, fellow Indians. I am a Youth Leader from The People's Progressive Party (PPP). Therefore, it also means i am from BN.

But allow me to to share something with you, i am not bias. I do not agree blindly supporting the BN or either the PR. Use your vote wisely, analise your candidate in all aspects. Compare both pros and cons. Voting a leader blindly for the party he represents is stupidity. He may jump ship after winning. What can you do? PR and BN have prove it. Vote for the candidate, look at his track records. Tell him or her in front of everyone during their speech that if they need your vote, you are going to be knocking on their door at 2am in the morning for help. Can he or she handle it?? Put it on a serious note. Ask for their commitment.

The party do not promise progress to you, the particular candidate does. Make a change. Don't use your vote to show emotions. Use it for you and your neighbor's betterment.

-Aaron Phillip D'cruz-

Vish said...


While you say that voting a leader in purely for the party he represents is stupidity, the fact of the matter is that under our political system it is extremely relevant.

To date, no BN leader seems capable of affecting the decline of the party. Granted, there may be some decent leaders in BN itself, but they seem few and far between, and too impotent to do anything.

Why would we vote for any leader who, no matter how good he personally may be, is not strong enough to -do- anything on a larger scale.

To me, the fact that a leader would still be part of BN after all that has happened of late is baffling.

And more than that, the fact that a leader is in BN at all speaks very negatively to his or her character.

If you really are a BN leader, I'd say the onus is on you to start changing your party. Then, and only then, can you really expect anyone to take you seriously.


p.s. Sure, reps might jump, or be bought over, but we have BN to thank for that culture, right?

Sugumaran SP Kedah said...

Please dont ever vote for BN, Samy Vellu will take the credit for that and it will make sure indian gomunity will suffer for a another term but please take avery money from BN and samyvellu becouse that is our money which they stole from us, take care, please make sure samy velu get the mesage.

Sg.Petani Kedah