Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Barisan Nasional has named its candidates for all the three seats which would have its by-election on Apr 7. Nomination is set for Mar 29.
MIC's Datuk S. Ganeson has been named Bukit Selambau, Kedah state seat candidate, while Ismail Safian is the BN's man for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency. The two are not novices or new faces. Ganeson was a one-time assemblyman for the then Lunas state seat. The 49-year old lawyer is also the MIC Kedah deputy chief.
Ismail on the other hand is the former Bukit Gantang Umno secretary in Perak. The teacher, also 49-years-old, is the former district council secretary.
Across the South China Sea, in Batang Ai, Sarawak state seat, the BN has named Malcolm Mussen Lamoh as its candidate. The 58-year-old is an avid sportsman. He has served as an engineer in the state Agriculture Department and is also a former lecturer at UPM and UiTM Sarawak.
While the candidates are relatively young with experiance, the BN expects to give a tough fight in the polls. MIC on the other hand will witness its first by-election in the 2008-2013 parliamentary term. This would be an acid test for the party, to see if it is accepted by the Indian population especially in Bukit Selambau after the March 8, 2008 general election. Obviously some comments are going to be nasty. That is ok but please be constructive in your criticisms. Thank you.


lvbala said...

Dear bro,

It will be a clean sweep lost for BN. I am waiting for the by election agendas to be discuss. Last night Najib given a clear speech. "If you want improvement and development, you got no other choice than to choose BN". Is this a treat?. Yeah, we have the choice and we will choose. We will choose anything that will support BN's lost. Samy was questioned over Kedah AIMST. That will be another plus point.

Bro, are you given us a news update or you gonna talk about BN's winning point? Be more specific on where you stand.

Good Luck kiddos.

karepu said...

The question is whether 3 - o or 2 - 1. But I believe, it's will be PR menang 3 kerusi - umno/bn kalah 3 kerusi. (3 - 0). Btw why samy tak pergi the candidate anouncement? Palani pun tak nampak? Gaduh besar dalam mic ker?

MuSiC SoUl said...

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asha iyengar said...

Good Day Sir

Yes with all the attention focused on the by elections... there are two (2) issues that seem to be garnering momentum in the press of late.

1) Vel Paari in court due to his PA actress Sujatha's suicide.

2) MIED scandal.

In this climate of MIC and its President facing one scandal after it wise to actually name a MIC candidate to contest Bkt Selambau?

What was UMNO thinking? Anyway forgot abt wht UMNO was this a suicide mission for MIC. I think there is a strong under current of power play here.
Samy Vellu proved himself an idiotic despot who simply refused to go away. Every bleeding time there is a press conference, the sheer audacity he boasts of him being the popular voted president by the branch/division members.
He even said that all it takes is for the MIC members to vote him out and he will resign...but if people were to observe carefully, all the CWC members are always quiet and hardly say a's always Samy who talks in his usual "Im the boss and no one else here can dare defy me" tone.

MIC's has to purge Samy and his cronies from the party. I have reiterated this before, Samy and his 30 years of despotic governance of MIC simply created thugs, criminals and semi-illiterates to gain influence in the party.

Im sorry to say my opinion MIC's CWC, divisions, branch members are all impotent for not taking the decisive step in removing him despite Samy's self proclaimed popularity.

I hope when there is a new committee of governance in MIC someday, the tenure of Presidency should be limited to three (3) terms. This should also include all other posts to facilitate a healthy change of guard....this will be the first step in making MIC's rebranding process successful and prevent despotic autocratic corrupted regimes from wielding influence in the party.

Thanking you for your space and time.

Asha Iyengar

Saravanan Murugan, said...

Wish to like to take this opportunity to thank all those who had contributed their comments. One of the comments had asked me why I was not penning down my thoughts and why the blog was more of a delayed news site. My answer to this would be, like I have said it before, is to encourage thought provoking comments. This does not mean, I do not have a thought of my own. When I put up a topic, it is to encourage people to write about it. I had barely rejected your comments or thoughts, unless it contained some really nasty comments. I found it interesting though, one comment from Asha Ivengar (hope got the name right) who had suggested several ways how MIC could be improved. These are the sort of comments I appreciate. As a MIC leader I would like to know what netizens think about the party, what they expect from the MIC etc. No doubt, many had used the blog to pass nasty remarks. But this is allright with me, as it allows me to judge the level of dissent among netizens against the party. Please help me. Suggest ways to quell this dissent. What should the party do? (apart fom changing leaders). How can impove? etc. Thanking all for your contribution and assistance.

asha iyengar said...

Good Day Sir

Its IYENGAR. I will try to type it in capital letters in the future.:)

Anyway there are many ways MIC can reach out to the people, every elected officials in the party should make it a point of having a meet the people session.

I know there are those who may claim that they are doing it...but HINDRAF is a good example of how alienated the Indians have become.Which goes to proove MIC have lost touch with the grassroots.

Just by choosing thugs/ex-convicts to serve certain MIC branch in the name of rehabilitating does not necessarily mean that person would carry out his responsibility.
I wonder why most of those MIC branch leaders are businessmen engaged in tow truck / crane/ metal scrap / motor workshop services.
They are ex-thugs with criminal records and some still have shady connections with the underworld.

How do you hope to get this people to serve? Most of them cant even speak English and their BM sounds like bahasa pasar - reminds me of my late great grandfather who was born in India and migrated here. How can they represent the Indian community against the other races? How can they stand tall and proud when they are poorly equipped in terms of education and social skills.

An ex-convict representing a community rife with social ills. How does that look in the eyes of a malay or chinese.
No wonder this stereotyping of our community i.e alcoholics, thugs, criminals, sexist etc.

A journalist friend covering the Taman Medan riots told me a MIC branch chief who was high on alcohol caused a ruckus when he confronted the police officers during a press conference.
What does this tells those policemen and those journalists, here is MIC leader who can only vent out his frustration and anger effectively with alcohol.

Why dont MIC screen the background of those they elect. Make it a compulsory requirement that anyone with past criminal records and this person automatically does not qualify for higher posts. And please for those nay sayers, lets not even compare those people who spent time in jail for criminal activities with the likes of Mandela and Gandhi.

A MIC rep should be community savvy. His/her contact details should be made available for the community incase they need to voice their grievances, after all he was chosen to serve the community.

During the last election, my cousin who volunteers for Youth For Change (Y4C) was harassed when she and her colleagues went to poll station by MIC youth volunteers. Infact there is a youtube link ( which I highly recommend you watch. One can tell how these young up and coming thugs are utilised by MIC...naturally giving it a bad name.
The youths have no people skills to start with.

MIC has to start by enlisting educated and civilised people to lead their members.
Yes leadeship quality is a necessary tool, but leadership lessons learnt by heading a bunch of gangsters need not qualify them to be elected to MIC.

Remember the fiasco created by the ex-MIC youth chief, during the cross country campaign to curb crime rates among indians? The Malay Mail reported his brother was arrested and subsequently sent to a detention centre under the emergency ordinance.

I sincerely wish this will be the first step to rebrand MIC.

Thanking you for your space and time.

Kind Regards


lvbala said...

Dear brother,
Thanks for your indirect answer. If the readers doesn't know what is happening inside, internally in MIC, how to give a positif uplifting comments. You are not letting us know what is happening and what is the next MIC future plan. What MIC youth is going to do in future for the youth? What is wanita MIC is doing for the women? What happen to the Putera and Puteri? When you are giving us the updated news of cause we shall comments on the issues which is
in common. Tell us what is MIC is planning for Indians? Bro, even the MIC home page is not updated for decade.
I dont agree with Asha, why should be 3 term for the leaders when the United State only limiting 2 terms?
But anyway this idea was originated from UMNO.


RAM said...

vanakam Dato...
I already read Some people's comment i want to ask to the comment people are u any member at any party's?

Vish said...


I think that you'll find that many netizens (probably in particular the younger generation) are not card-carrying members of any political organization.

Personally, I don't see myself joining any political organization in the near future. None has perked my interest enough.

But it is easy enough to unite against a political body that practices policies bordering on fascism - that much is a no-brainer.