Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Another constituency joins the growing list of by-elections. This time the Batang Ai Sarawak state legislative constituency would hold its nomination on March 29 while polls have been set for April 7. These two dates are the same for the Bukit Selambau Kedah state assembly seat and Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency. Another Bukit is still waiting for the state assemblywomen to return from leave. In this case it is Bukit Lanjan. Looks like the whole of March and the first two weeks of April would be full of politics.
While the three by-elections are set, Umno would hold its annual assembly to pick top national leaders starting March 24 to March 28. MIC on the other hand would hold its presidential election. Nominations for this election has been fixed for March 22 while polling is set for April 12.


Saravanan Murugan, said...

Asha Ivenger, I have accidently deleted your comment. I hope you could report your comment, so that I could publish it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Tq.

Anonymous said...

Good Day Sir

Im sorry too, coz I think I may have lost the exact essence of my comment earlier. I'm afraid I may not do justice the second time around.
Thank you.

Kind Regards

Asha Iyengar

asha iyengar said...

Good Day Sir

The MIC election as you stated is just around the corner and already the party is facing yet another scandal. This time MIED. I have never benefited from MIED nor MIC, but to think even the education fund meant for the future of young Indians is being used wantonly for personal gains is really disgusting.
This scandal has opened what has already been known by the mass...the cronies of MIC top men benefit the most.
Chitrakala, ex-CEO admitted Samy vellu arranged for her husband to get the usual permits and contracts.
Now her benefactor is accussing her of corruption and siphoning millions from the MIED fund. The case is getting interesting as days goes by with lots of people (from MIC) including her business partner who is also a MIC man started the finger pointing.

MIC as a grassroot political party have become a laughing stock with its numerous scandals.

The party's despot chief announced it is re-branding, with all the scandals he seem to be attracting -the first step in rebranding must start with him resigning his post and go away.

The party needs to remove all those are tainted by scandals. Its a pity the party is being governed by yes men, cronies, thugs, criminals and self centered people.

Thank you for your space and time.

Kind Regards

Asha Iyengar

lvbala said...

Dear bro,
There is a saying in bahasa, "Seperti Tikus Memperbaiki Labu" ~ The more BN involve in PR's issue, the more unpopular they become. Consentrate in rakyat issues and don't attack the opposition. BN need to be wise in handling sensetif issues.

"Piece of cake offered were
rejected by the rat". For Rakyat BN is no more relevant. The rakyats are good in making final decision by not to vote for BN for what ever they were offered. But they will take what given, they will wear BN's t-shits, They will hold BN's flag and shout "Hidup BN". I do hear this from the rakyat. "Rezeki jangan ditolak dan musuh jangan dicari", but when comes to vote.. the result will show.

"Thought For The Day"