Thursday, April 30, 2009

Emergency Department Episode

Last Sunday, I was at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital Emergency Unit to visit someone who had knocked into my car earlier in the morning. Many would have known what had transpired there.
I waited for about a few minutes and sensing that none of the patients waiting outside were called-in, I knocked on the treatment room door and walked in. To my dismay I found two doctors -- one reading newspapers and the other doing his own thing.
I could not digest this because, there were people waiting outside and these doctors were taking their own time. It so happened that a Bernama reporter was at hand witnessing the whole incident without my knowledge. After a while, I was approached by the reporter who got a few quotes from me on the incident and subsequently wrote a story about it.
It was not my intention to blow this issue out of propotion but many would agree with me that the level of service rendered at our government run hospitals, especially the emergency unit, needs a major overhaul.
I have spoken to the Health Minister about it who was fast in coming out with an investigation report on the matter. Thank you sir.
All I wanted was to improve the level of service at government agencies and departments but when I see for myself the suffering of people, it is just too much to bear. We can come out of reports and studies but the bottom line is that the people are quite irked with the civil sector service level, at least in some departments. My aim was only one and not political in nature. Thank you for your attention.


Anonymous said...

dear sir
frankly speaking i have no idea who you are until this particular fracas happened. and i'm sorry to say you left me with a very bad 1st impression indeed. a man of your stature should not have made the emergency department thing into a big mess. here are some mistakes i would like to point out.

1. did you ask the doctors what they were doing? (doing his own thing is not a clear statement)

2. were they on duty?

3. what were they doing before then?

4. many people outside, maybe your right. but were they 'really' emergencies? what was their triage status?

5. it was not your intention to blow the issue, but you did know the consequence of your words don't you? and you are willing to report something based just on your observation without substantial proof to a reporter, and expect all wasn't your mistake?

6. you said you are sad to see the suffering of the people. who are the better judge on who is suffering? you or the doctors? can you really tell which disease is more severe than the other? a simple logic is enough to show you the answer

now that you know your mistakes, let me show you what are really the consequences of your actions.

1. your name will be remembered in a bad light (except maybe your close allies)

2. the health sector will not like you

3. worse young aspiring would-be doctors demoralised

4. doctors will consider themselves unappreciated, because people just complains..

now that even the health ministry said you were wrong. retract your statements and issue an apology. if you couldn't, then at least save part of your dignity. let this comment be published.

p.s. i know you'll be pissed, but let this be a memorable lesson. a lesson will only be meaningful if you are emotionally charged at the time, negative or positive

service above self said...

indeed your intention sounded good, no problem with us, doctors... but we believed you went overboard, to make accusations that were not true in the first place. your patient was placed in a green zone, you cant expect them to be treated at the speed of a red zone case. please understand the system before going around making wild accusations. Datuk Liow has explained. and you owe us an apology, not explaination. you ought to apologize, like a gentleman.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

Dear Dato Saravanan,

I'm a doctor and i think you have miscalculated in this issue. If you are so efficient in your job, how come your party-MIC stinks the most. why not show your efficiency there. I challenge you to that before coming to a different turf. The doctors were not at wrong side, you are

Anonymous said...


Saravanan Murugan, said...

To all those who had shared their views a big thank you. I think many had taken the whole thing in the wrong light. Firstly, I am not against doctors in the civil service. They have proven to be an asset to the nation and no denying that. One or two rotten apples could smear the whole fraternity. Just like lawyers. In this case my point in contention was against two doctors who were shaking legs while patients waited outside. Even if they were off duty, where were the doctors who were supposed to be on duty? Look around you, just visit any govenment hospital E&O and you will know what I am talking about. Even if there was only one patient waiting, he or she should have been called in for treatment. There is no need to be so defensive dear doctors. The problem is there and there no is need to sweep it under the carpet. There had been so many horror stories about emergency units at government hospitals. Maybe some doctors are so used to private hospitals that they had forgotten what it is like at government run hospitals.
As for younger doctors being demoralised, this should in no way be demoralising, but it should be a wake up call for all aspiring doctors. Although, the profession demands 16-hour work, it is all part and parcel of the experiance you gain. It is also a "ragging" of some sort for these young doctors. This is just to tell them that they don't get to rake in the thousands of Ringgit in treatment costs without hard work. Thank you for all the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Dato M.Saravanan,

You are too quick to judge and having an opinion without the interest to investigate. It is people like you (i.e. Having power but without EQ and questionable IQ) that contribute to intolerance and unrest to a society.

Considering your high position in the government as someone with weight in their words, I have to say - shame on you! You have just made an asshole out of yourself.

If you are really interested in the welfare of the public seeking medical treatment in the hospital, why not do something constructive? Like asking are we prepared for the raging swine flu pandemic that has caused WHO to raise the pandemic alert level to 5 out of a scale of 6? Yes, I have digress here, but my point is, go educate yourself before you open your mouth. Have some self respect and do not behave like an uneducated man on the street.

I know I have sounded pretty harsh here but it seems that's the only way for me to make my point to you.

p/s When you publish something on the internet which is potentially hurtful to the others without a solid basis, be prepared to subject yourself to various critics and insults. This is an open society, discussions and debates are okay but not accusations and slanders. I hope you could be wiser the next time.

Anonymous said...

"It is also a "ragging" of some sort for these young doctors. This is just to tell them that they don't get to rake in the thousands of Ringgit in treatment costs without hard work."



nckeat88 said...

I think it is time to change the BN gov. All doctors and their family should united and show the BN especially the MIC candidates the exit for being arrogant. You are just try to be seen at hero rather than solving the problem through proper channel.

Anonymous said...

In UK, babys or those seriously injured gets the priority in the Accident Emergency unit. The others will first get a briefing by the nurse, and possibly get some painkiller. Last 2 months, my wife got sting by a bee, and we waited 1.5 hours to get to the doctor at a NHS hospital. But before hand, she was given a pill of painkiller and checked by the nurse.

Anonymous said...

Please read this:

We doctors are waiting for your PUBLIC APOLOGY.

Don't be a coward! Be accountable for what you have done!

Standup said...


Its obvious enough that delusional people like you end up doing politics and eventually suck up the system like it is today. Assumptions made without proper investigation can bring out severe concequences. And involving the media is just as dirty as MIC politics.

Don't stir the fact that doctors are already overworked, underpaid and under appreciated. We are just mere mechanics to u laymen. But with ur actions, I guess u've added more fuel to the flame. Thanks a lot.

By the ways, when we are on call, we work 36 HOURS not 16.

Lazy Doctor

PS: I'm reading the newspaper now about ur stupid article while two patients are dying. COOL!!

Anonymous said...

You said "There is no need to be so defensive dear doctors. "



dr mahathir said...

i can see from your feedback you like to make wild and sometimes false assumptions,but i think hey,that is really YOU,here are some of your false and wild assumptions:
"There had been so many horror stories about emergency units at government hospitals

first of all,can you please tell us some of your collections of so-called horror stories about emergency units at gov. hospital,oh yeah you just can goreng the fake story like you did before.

"Although, the profession demands 16-hour work, it is all part and parcel of the experiance you gain. It is also a "ragging" of some sort for these young doctors. This is just to tell them that they don't get to rake in the thousands of Ringgit in treatment costs without hard work."

what kind of nonsense are you talking here,16 hour work? i think u want to say that 16 hour is total working hour+on call. listen carefully....if we are on call we are not working straight 16 hour but 33-hour!instead of u, working as a minister, acting like a guardian angel of the people, are working only 8-5,in the AC office,off on public holiday, no need to stay up late on night, no need to fear to be sue by people if u are not doing your job right(or even if you aren't doing your job at all)but receives monthly paycheck that triple our paycheck

shame on you!

i dare you to publish my comment

Anonymous said...

Many of u guys did not wait for the doctors for a normal 10 minutes monthly check up.Just imagine every month i am bringing my mother for the particular check & waiting for 2 hours or more just to get checked by the doctor in GHKL.(no complains on farmasi dept,they are fast & less waiting time)

I understand that there are many people waiting to be check.But do u guys know what time the doctor comes to the room & after that having breakfast,reading newspaper n etc......

i am not complaining about GHKL doctors but just think there are a lot of old age people waiting out there for u.

This has been going on for a long time but none are complaining about it coz they are not rich people to visit a private hospital.

I do aware that we have less doctors in government hospital & more patients going there & sometimes no bed for some people admitted in the wards.

My question is what is the health ministry & government doing to avoid this mess in most of the govenment hospital????????

Most of the MPs & Ministers are not affected by this coz they often go to private hospitals or overseas to get medicated.Those who vote for them are the ones affected.

Health minister should go there pretending as a patient & see for himself the situation in government hospitals.

Malaysia Boleh

MED said...

Dear sir,
I propose that you tag along a houseman in any government hospital of your choice for one of their 36hours on-call.
You'll see the light for yourself.

And I truly wish that there is no queue nor grouses in your ministry.

wena said...

have you seen this interesting site.. it's

Product of the System said...

Encik M. Saravanan,

Saya meminta jasa baik encik untuk datang ke Negeri Di Bawah Bayu untuk melihat dengan mata engkau sendiri kesengsaraan rakyat jelata.

Saya juga ingin menasihati engkau supaya melihat dengan mata engkau sendiri kesusahan doktor-doktor yang bertugas di negeri Sabah ini.

Saya percaya, sekiranya engkau ikhlas dan tiada udang di sebalik batu, engkau akan berhenti membuat kenyataan media yang bodoh dan sombong setelah menyaksikan kesusahan doktor dan pesakit di Sabah.

Sekian, terima kasih.

syamsul said...

You demanded to see their superior.

How if I demand to see your superior and voice out my opinion in most diplomatic tongue about you and your job. In this case, I insist on seeing the PM. I am a government medical officer. But then again I am also a citizen of malaysia.

lain kali, kalau ada isu-isu macam ni, pergilah call menteri kesihatan....jgn call bernama reporter.

oohh..saya harap anda mampu menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan untuk menulis dalam blog anda sendiri. anda kan anggota kabinet malaysia...

Anonymous said...

People like you are so busy seeing the wrong in others that you often fail to see your own failures. I personally know a number of the HKL doctors working at the A& E and not ONE will have the kind of work ethics that you projected as they are ppl with integrity when carrying out they're responsibility BUT if you even know the real situation , sometimes files take time to be traced, results and consultations with other more senior doctors may delay the full management of the patient. Where is YOUR integrity in this matter? The nation have seen that you have none.

nckeat88 said...

Maybe some doctors are so used to private hospitals that they had forgotten what it is like at government run hospitals.

What do you mean by this statement. ALL gov doctors works in gov hospital, they DO NOT work in private hospitals. This just so the arrogant of you, never seek the truth from proper channel. Just want to go and talk in front of media so that you are seen like the Bollyhood hero. You and your MIC is total failure. You and your party should be voted out and be extict.

vagus said...

One thing I'm concerned about:
Does being a VIP allow you to 'knock on the treatment room door and walk in'?
There is a thing called patient-physician confidentiality. This is the ER of a hospital, not some office. Even if you are a doctor (which you are not), unless you were on duty, you had no business knocking on doors and walking into the treatment area of the ER.
Perhaps laws are slacker there and there is still the VIP mentality but this behaviour would certainly not be tolerated in other parts of the world. I've had family members who are doctors forcibly removed by hospital security numerous times for that reason.
And though I acknowledge your intentions to be good (albeit perhaps a bit impatient) I do agree that you owe those docs an apology. Until you have worked a 35-hour shift, having been awake thoughout and having been on your feet for 20 of those hours, you might not have understood that even IF those doctors were on duty, taking a 3 min mental break every few hours is a necessity to stay sane.

Anonymous said...

to mr saravanan, here's the answer to your questions/statements

1. it wasn't the two who smear the medical fraternity. you did, single-handedly. (usually a fraternity gets rotten apples from the inside, not from the outside.. hmm)
2. where were the doctors on duty.. erm ask the management.. did u ask the management? are doctors the managers of the hospital? no, they just do work they are instructed to..
3. young doctors are demoralised mr. because in medical school not ONE lecturer/prof ever tells the students to point fingers if there was a mistake. what they were thought is to discuss, discover the cause and formulate a solution. you went against all three doctor principles.. and you expect doctors to back u up.. weird..

yes doctors are always defensive.. its what they can only do.. because they can never be on the offensive (to point fingers when a mistake happens).. it'll ruin their credibility.. see?

oh don't even bother to answer these facts. doctors are now hating you. nothing can reverse that for now. it's been a pleasure commenting. have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

So you have taken the opportunity to bash the unfortunate 2 HOs for the "horror stories" in the emergency units in public hospitals. Or was that an HO?

Why don't you bring up the horror stories in Parliment instead of showing off in casualty? pathetic..

Are doctors truly the problem in our public healthcare? Please look at the problems facing public healthcare in M'sia rather than taking cheap publicity shots. The great capital of Sabah doesn't even have a proper hospital.

And so you condone "ragging"?

Anonymous said...

16 hour work? I think there is still demand of more than 36 hours work during on calls for a medical officer.

Anonymous said...

dear Dato,

Before pointing to others, are you doing ur duty? are you helping poor indians getting DBKL homes or kl goverment homes for the poors? or helping them getting their benefits quickly? i think they are alway waiting and waiting in waine, ur gov staff takes alot of time to process forms and etc etc. y not ask them to make it fast, as ur the deputy head incharge for kl wat have u done quickly? u do it qucikly when someone complaints or opposition condames you only, but not on ur own effort..dont you? Get real yb dato..

M.E.S.E.R.O said...

Dear Sir,
Why only Emergency Department comes into your mind? Hav you visited anyother department? Have you visited your own ground workers? I have even seen workes in Majlis Perbandaran chatting via MSN and YM at the same time in office, during working hours, what is your comment?
We as a doctor work hard for the people especially in Emergency Department, our rate of stress above other departments, since we handle life threatening conditions and have to act fast, those patient you saw was in green zone, considered cold cases and we have 2 hours time to see them as they have been screened before allowed to sit in that zone, other wise they might have been pushed to other zone.
Furthermore,the doctors not on duty,they are free to do anything thay want, read paper or breakkfast.What will other department do if they are out of duty, will go back and and read newspaper too.Whats wrong to read at work place after finish work?

Dato'do you know that doctors in emergency department sacrifice alot by working shirt work and even work on weekends,do any of the civil servant willing to work on weekends,3-10pm both Saturday and Sunday, when will you get rest and enjoy your time with your family members.
Yet how much do doctors earn. RM2500, and how much other department staff earns,with weekend off , more than RM3000.

Please appreciate our dedication, Dato',your comment has make public unappreciative the sacrifice doctors made to the public.


Young government doc said...

Young doctors shaking legs? Please come and work with us for just ONE SINGLE DAY.

Where are you and why you did not "catch" us when we started our ward work at 530am, continue with clinic well passed lunch time till 3pm, and finishing off ward work usually around 7pm, even on the days that we are not oncall? 16 hours in a stretch, you mean the oncall days? That's a luxury I'd call and would love to have. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so difficult for you to admit your mistake?

Anonymous said...

i am not even bothered to greet you "dear sir".

just accept your own mistakes and apologize graciously. what do you mean by one or two rotten apples? just reread what you have written, there are so many uncertainties and your own presumptions. where are the doctors on duty? for god sake, can't they be taking results, getting instruments or maybe going for a toilet break??!!

save all your tongue twisters for your political game will you? for your information, we doctors are definitely NOT STUPID. all we wanted is a sincere apology. be a man, and do the right thing, if you want to be respected.

Anonymous said...

Dear dato,

do u really know what a government doctor going tru and what is his nature of work???

we starts our work at 6 am in the morning.

ctn working during lunch breaks.

most of us only get to have our breakfast and lunch only if any of the PPK kind enough to buy food for us.

aprx a HO finishes his work at 8 pm every night.






wormdoc said...

I challenge Encik Saravanan to tag with an HKL house officer for 1 week, including 3-4 calls.

If he manages to survive the period, I will apologize to him.

Most probably he would cry like a baby by the end of the first call.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

I respect u as a leader of this country, but u never respect us ....

Can't believe that we need to BEG a leader for an apology. Even worse after ur second comment on 1st May when everything has been made clear by our Health Minister yet u insist on ur mistake.

Can we thrust a coward leader.... I wonder....

Dont worry, although we hate u now, but we will treat u and ur family equally well if u need our help one day, be in government or private hospitals. Hopefully u will feel regret, shameful and say sorry to us one day.....

We will wait for the day to come.....

Anonymous said...

ermm, En Saravanan , komen engkau ini menunjukan IQ yg rendah. Turun padang dan lihatlah apa masaalahnya yg sebenar. Skrg ini dimana2 facebook, blog dan twitter semua kutuk anda kerana kesilapan anda.

Anda skrg tgh kutuk golongan profession yg paling dipercayai masyarakat. Saya percaya golongan ini akan berkempen secara senyap melawan anda di mana2 kerana kenyataan bengap anda yg mmg salah.

Mereka ini bukan sahaja akan berkempen melawan anda malah MIC dan BN. Mereka akan secara halus berkempen di tempat pekerjaan mereka dan apabila mereka berjumpa masyarakat. Merekalah golongan professional yg dipercayai yg rapat dgn grassroot. Saya yakin anda akan tewas bertanding dimana2 sahaja anda dicalunkan. Bengapnya anda sebagai seorang ahli politik

Anonymous said...

mr saravanan, you didnt even answer the questions posted to you, sweeping the dirt under carpet, huh? looks more to me that u are the one doing so...none of the points u mentioned in your reply here answers to any of the questions to you...shame on you, really, no wonder BN loses its previously solid image, because too many jokers like you holding positions. i can only pray and ask that you will lose your office in 3 years time...

Anonymous said...


saya dr kerajaan dah 12 tahun dan tak ada niat nak keluar pun ke private... you adalah typical org yg tak sedar diri...bila ada pangkat pandang hina pada org lain...

Mahendran said...

Dear DR's and friends,

I would like to point out here that Datuk Saravanan was only carrying his duty on uplifting the services rendered in the Emergency department and not in whole. I've experienced delay in getting medical attention once last year when I met in an accident. I was bleeding all over from my forehead and suffered a fractured finger but was only attended to an hour later due to lack of doctors. I was moaning in pain and the medical officers could only tell me that it was't any serious. I've also forwarded my complaints to the HKL management regarding the delay and also about the out dated articles on the information board which dated back to 12 Oct 1998. I went there last week and its still there on the board!

I would really appreciate the hardwork of the Drs' especialy my aunty, formerly from the emergency ward Dr.Mohana Sundari, Dr. Jansi Rani and many others for their attention and care for their patients effectively no matter who they are.We can't deny the comfort that we get when we're being treated by our very own Malaysian Doctor's compared to other countries that I've been. Our treatment comes with true Malaysian hospitality. I really wonder why some friends here turn social issues into political issues. No matter where we come from, our motive is one, to upgrade public services in every sector. Thats what Datuk Saravanan did. I think all should bear in mind that Datuk is not new to HKL, he was born and bred there even before some of us were born. So the fact is that he knows better about his childhood playground (HKL). Thank you.

MIC WP Youth Secretary

EDdoc said...

It's clear for everyone to see that you're not a very smart man to be blurting out such comment in the spur of the moment. Think before you speak and get your facts right. Doctors in Malaysia are already generally frustrated with the poor work condition and QOL. There's nothing else to do but to admit you made a mistake and apologise.

warga selangor said... u've pissed off the doctors.

buat statement camtu, what do u expect? doctor2 ni kan org2 yg pandai & educated (jauh lg pandai dari u). lain la kalu u kritik nurse kat hospital kerajaan...tu maybe la tak reti nak lash

but the doctors are right, u do owe them a public apology.

gluegun said...


Warga kesihatan
Tidak akan mengeluh
Walau bekerja berhempas pulas
36 jam tanpa henti
bagaikan seorang anjing
walaupun menteri kami menidakkannya
kerana beliau
bukan warga kami.

Tidak akan bersungut
Pabila muka kami terpercik darah,
mahupun air ketuban hijau.

Tetap membedah siasat
mayat reput dan berulat
demi keadilan si mati
Walau keluarga menunggu di rumah mayat
dengan pisau dan parang
dan ahli politik.

warga kesihatan
tidak akan mengeluh
menghadap kaki berkulat
mengutip ulat langau daripada kudis
mengorek najis daripada dubur manusia yang sembelit
serta menghendap faraj berdarah,
bernanah hijau,
mahupun mengorek lidi yang disumbat
untuk menggugur janin.

tidak akan bermogok
walau kami dicemuh manusia yang tidak mengerti,
juga di berita dan akhbar
serta oleh orang yang sepatutnya
membela nasib kami.

Akan sentiasa ikhlas merawat
Walaupun ada ketika
pesakit kami
Lebih sihat daripada kami sendiri.

Akan sentiasa rela bergaduh
Dengan ibu bapa
Yang sanggup melihat bayinya terencat akal
Daripada menerima rawatan

(dan mereka akhirnya menyalahkan kami
Kerana mental anak mereka kini terjejas
sebab kedegilan mereka sendiri.)

Kami akan sentiasa
Menjaga ibu bapa yang tidak dipeduli anak
Anak-anak yang tidak peduli ibu bapa
Dan pesakit-pesakit mental yang tiada harapan sembuh
sebab lambat rawatan
kerana ibu bapa malu sekiranya anak mereka
dilabel mental
dan akhirnya mereka sendiri meminta
anak-anak mereka ini
dibuang jauh-jauh.

Akan sentiasa ikhlas
Walau kami
Tidak berpeluang makan dan minum
Rehat dan mandi
Dan bersembahyang lima waktu
Demi kepentingan kerja.

Dr. Arissa said...

Frankly sir, I really think that you took a very cheap shot!!
This isn't the kind of publicity you want for yourself sir.

How dare you accused them of being lazy! how dare you. you slept well at night in your own king-sized fluffy bed. woke up and had breakfast and then went to HKL.

and you stormed into the treatment room seeing the doctor was reading a newspaper. and you accused them lazy? without even finishing your investigations, you went on barking in the dare you..

what do you think those doctors were doing when you were cushy comfy in bed huh?

do you even know what 36-hours non stop like? do you know that at the end of these shifts, we are like zombies? walking lethargic, tremolous hands??

you think taking five minutes reading newspapers is lazy?? how dare you...

we take five because we want to stay sane. is that a crime?

you sir is an ungrateful, inhumane citizen. I sincerely hope that most malaysians are not like you.

I'm frankly jealous of my colleagues who are working in the UK and EU.

do you know they have the EWTD. do you know that they have to leave their duty on time?do you know that If they overworked their duty hours, they have to give an explanation to their superiors? do you know that they HAVE to take a half-hour break after a continuous 4 hours work??

and do you know that they handle recurring alcoholic drunken patients coming through A&E everyday. even though these patients are the scums of society, they are gladly treating them. why?

because when they are better they say the simplest, holliest words...."THANK YOU"...

You Madayan said...

Where is all your tugs and MIC youth. Where is your Wilayah MIC secretary? He is always there to give statement on behave of you.

Why he chicken himself? And your to too?

Doctors are not like your MIC tamilan whom you can bullshit and bully.

Your statement shows how low mentality you have for a minister.

Anonymous said...

datuk saravanan,
i am not to discuss what was happened because datuk liow released the full report what realy was happened....what you should do after this...? so you are owe an applogy not to us but the two doctors that you accused as irresponsible civil servent, emergency unit and also to HKL plus all the hospitals in malaysia...because the other day your immature press statement was in the front page in all our local called 'eye openening incident'

anitha said...

Dear Datuk,

Thank you for highlighting this issue on services by Government hospital Doctors.

I am astonished over the number of replies on this matter as if all the Doctors and Nurses working at government hospitals are noble and service oriented. Ask those patients in waiting.

Many have seen Doctors reading newspapers while sitting at their desk despite the long queue waiting outside to be treated. Probably the Doctor is on his/her breaktime after working 16 or 36 hours stretch, but this does not give the Doctor the right to make patients wait. Does it?

A Doctor who commits to become a Doctor must endure these challenges. That’s why it is a vocation.

A Doctor cannot be equated with what a worker at DBKL do! Any other professional for that matter.

Many have faced with difficulties dealing with Doctors and Nurses at large public hospitals especially from the long wait, the run around, Doctor mocking patients to another Doctor across the table, etc
It is time to change. As long as we address you as Doctor, you should treat the patients regardless of how tired you are or what time you started your rounds at the hospital. That’s what a Doctor signed up for at any hospital or even clinic.

We should take this comment made by a Deputy Minister as a concern and strive hard to serve the public who are sick and need treatment.

Instead of demanding apologies, Doctors should take this as a constructive criticism and serve patients better.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks at those doctors going up the wall. I just logged in to see how this blog was coming up and lo and behold I see unsatisfied doctors. To all these doctors, I ask you not to kid yourself. Attacking the deputy minister is not going to do any good. Ask around dear doctors. just ask anyone on the street about government run hospitals and its tales. I have waited at emergency units for more than four hours just to get treatment. I have also encountered long waits just to get my dad and mom's monthly check up. This happens to me on a monthly basis doctors. Have any of you tried taking your relatives to a govt hospitals for check-ups or emergency. Oh but then again your relatives would get VIP treatment coz they are your relatives rite? Come on dun just lie about things because it concerns your profession, which is supposed to be noble. I am not on Saravanan's side but just being fair. Some wanted him to try out the housemanship. What a load of bull. You picked this profession. You paid hundreds of thousands to get a seat. You studied for five years before this. And now you complain that housemen had to work some 18 hours a day. Welcome to the world doctors. This is life. You want to be doctor, work for it and do not complain!
Thank you.

a public servant said...

Why don't you just apologise and be done with? It's very obvious from your post and subsequent reply that you're quite ignorant about the healthcare system and the work of health professionals.

Many have tried to explain and correct you but you seem stubborn and rooted in your believes. I won't attempt to explain anything to you. We health workers who slog away the hours don't owe anyone an explanation.

I sure hope you don't end up having to seek treatment at a government hospital as you're probably in the bad books of most doctors by now.

Just apologise.

EDdoc said...

your head injury must have been serious since you're talking crap and being so childish picking at little things such as the info board. you're lucky you're attended after an hour. dont be ungrateful.
n for the rest who thinks that drs are being unreasonably upraged about this. the drs are not complaining, we are defending ourselves from these ungrateful idiots. Emergency dept is self explanatory...if you're still alive and still managing to open your mouth to complain then you can wait for a while. That's what triaging is for. learn the system before you can mend them...dont be like the tikus membaiki labu!

DocWitConscience said...

dear saravanan and mahendran,
both of you did similar act, you guys arent answering questions. you guys cant explain away the fact tat mr saravanan wrongly accuse the doctors then...we do have bad apples in the ministry, no doubt, i agree with both you guys on how much we need to improve the service...but complaints can be done through proper channel, not thru publicity stunt like tat, mr mahendran- if you not happy with the way GHKL handle the complaints, go to Biro Pengaduan Awam, or even straight to respective Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri or even KKM, why thru BERNAMA? mr saravanan and mr mahendran, bad apples exist everywhere in any organization including MIC, right? unless you tell me MIC is perfect... even with tat few bad apples in MIC, can i call MIC an useless party, not doing their work and not serving the Indian community? my conscience tell me, i cant, you see...i cant generalize...emotions aside, with clear conscience, i still feel you, mr saravanan should say sorry the the 2 doctors you confronted...

asha iyengar said...

Good Day Sir

I guess following the incident at the government hospital, your blog have been flooded with a sudden influx of critics. The doctors were all up in arms in defending their fellow professionals in question.
Why cant they take this episode as a sort of constructive criticism. I dare say doctors are human too, they are certainly not God. Yes they are subjected to fatigue just like everyone else.
Maybe it was unfortunate in this particular incident the doctors were caught "doing their own things" instead of attending to the patients.
They may have been taking a breather for a few minutes...thats only human.
Why get paranoid about all this? Maybe because those hospitals are operated with tax payers money? So the general public wants better efficiency?
Anyway the general consensus among the public have always been that the government's service sector is painfully too "slow". Thats a fact.
Maybe instead of being so defensive to criticism maybe the government hospitals should look into the existing problems those health care workers face.
Lets start with economy, are those doctors paid enough compared to their fellow professionals over the private sector?
That should do the trick and it is a well known fact salary and perks does motivate a person regardless of the sector they serve.

Kind Regards

Asha Iyengar

MD said...

di sini saya ingin menerangkan berkenaan konsep triage yang diaplikasikan di bahagian kecemasan dan kemalangan setiap hospital..setiap pesakit yang datang ke hospital akan diperiksa dan diklasifikasikan mengikut tahap2 kecemasan...kod merah ialah untuk pesakit2 yang mempunyai kecederaan yang membahayakan nyawa dan memerlukan rawatan kecemasan daripada doktor..manakala kod kuning untuk pesakit yang mempunyai kecederaan sederhana dan kod hijau untuk kecederaan paling minimal...doktor2 di bahagian kecemasan akan merawat pesakit2 kod merah dahulu sblm mereka merawat pesakit kod2 lain..sementara menunggu giliran mereka dipanggil, pesakit kod kuning dan hijau akan diberi ubat tahan sakit..jadi, kita harus faham prioriti rawatan akan diberikan kepada mereka yang lebih memerlukan...masa menunggu yang lama bukanla disebabkan doktor yang malas atau lambat, tapi mereka sedang bertungkus lumus menyelamatkan nyawa orang lain...hargaila mereka...mereka memilih untuk menjadi doktor untuk membantu orang...dan mereka berhak mengadu masalah mereka..

gluegun said...

isuggest the two HO's & HKL make a formal police report for this accusation.

Anonymous said...

doctors are humans too, they're not mechanical robots. they still have the needs for breaks.

they are just frustrated with the system because they are being underpaid (i bet your salary is much higher than a consultant) and the hospitals are understaffed, but they are expected to run the hospitals with 100% efficiency. instead of blaming wholly on the doctors, the government should admit they're at fault too. (stop wasting money, dont use a driver, drive the car yourself, like government doctors do)

even in ireland (namely galway, where im studying) the accidents & emergency dept is also overcrowded, even along the corridors there'll be trolleys and people waiting outside etc etc. even when they have enough doctors. so everywhere else hospitals are facing the same problem.

gluegun said...

hehe. takut ke nak publish komen aku td?

Anonymous said...

anitha said...
Many have seen Doctors reading newspapers while sitting at their desk despite the long queue waiting outside to be treated. Probably the Doctor is on his/her breaktime after working 16 or 36 hours stretch, but this does not give the Doctor the right to make patients wait. Does it?

Are you implying that doctors don't have the right to keep themselves updated with the daily news?

Anonymous said...
I have also encountered long waits just to get my dad and mom's monthly check up. This happens to me on a monthly basis doctors. Have any of you tried taking your relatives to a govt hospitals for check-ups or emergency. Oh but then again your relatives would get VIP treatment coz they are your relatives rite?

I would like to point out to you that apart from holding the title dr myself, my parents had also been government serving doctors. It is quite obvious here that you have no no clue about the medical profession and its ethics. When i was younger i had a serious ear infection. So my parents brought me to the hospital to see an ENT specialist. I bet you must be thinking that: hey must of gotten a quick treatment yea? go knock at the doc's door tell him your papas and mamas name then go home yea? Well guess what i had to wait at the bench for two hours like everyone else while my mom and dad go to do their work..

Its ignorant people like you who clearly know nothing about the medical profession who ruin doctors name

Anonymous said...


and then
-lashed into hospital office
-gave statements to bernama reporter
-went to talk to Health Minister
-Blew it out to the media

its just not right is it?

Im not sure if the title ur carrying on your name gave you the right to treat this matter like this.
But we sure as hell expect a person with that title to behave as rational as possible and be a good example, and blowing everything out of proportion based on what you SEE is sure as hell not a good example.

one more thing...'what HORROR STORIES?' Cmon You can do better than just stating that.

Im still a medical student. If you refuse to tag to doctors for a day or two, its ok.

Why not try tagging with the 4th or 5th year medical students instead.

Anonymous said...

Saravanan, do you even know how the system works in the emergency dept? You as a minister, when anybody protests or show anger, wouldn't u like it to go through proper channels and systematic manner?

Does this mean that we can barge in your office anytime of the day ... and see what you are doing, just because we feel like it. Is it proper conduct to just barge in offices just because you are a datuk?

Please be a respectable politician who mind their language, and not some tamil movie hero.

Saravanan, my family lineage are also made up of datukships and tan sri, I have never been brought up in such a light of using the title just to get fast-tracked in anything, we still have to line up.

Imagine having 2 or more saravanans in the emergency dept waiting area? Now do you think that all the Emergency dept needs FRU standbys? If you still think what you did was right, then, WE are sure that you have no intelligence nor leadership to be a minister leading Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Have all the people of Malaysia asked themselves...why the long wait in the Emergency Department?

We want to provide the people with the best emergency treatment we can offer with our current hospital setting.

Do you know the ratio of doctor to patient over a seven hour shift? In my hospital 1:120. Ok now, how fast do you think a doctor should see a patient? 5 minutes tops? Ok that means in an hour, one doctor should see at least 12 patients.

120 patients and a doctor can see 12 patients within perfect 5 minutes which means every 5 minutes, couting from the time the patient is called in, sits down and consulted and till the next patient is called in, probably the total consultation is about 2-3minutes.

Ok, now lets see Saravanan with all his mighty talk, can provide us with 10 doctors working that shift. Ahhhh now, within one hour we can see 120 patients. Oh oh but wait that is just the cases in the green zone with cough and flu, headaches, minor cuts and bruises ... well what about if there are patients coming in with real emergencies who would require a doctor's closer attention? Consulting these kind of patients would take 30mins to 60mins accounting to procedures, referrals, investigations and all... now how many doctors do you think is needed to be added?

Now Saravanan... this is the real horror story. People have been frequenting emergency department for minor ailments such as yourself, thus have to be waited for a long time. We in the emergency department despite these irresponsible acts of the public still tolerate these patients ...

Now ask yourself, within one hour you want quantity? quality? or both? or you are just worried what the public may say regarding the waiting system ...

I challenge you Mr Saravanan, give us not just your words of criticism and provide us with a solution for faster waiting time, energetic doctors all hour round, how to manage people like yourself, who frequent emergency department without any knowledge of the system and making a ruckus.

Imagine if there are 2 Saravanans in every shift of the working hours? Hmmm we possibly need FRU to cover the crowd. I'll knock on your office one day, and see how fast is your response....

Anonymous said...

wow!!all the doctors unite in here..

to my personal opinion...ur intention was right sir but the way u did it was wrong..
give these doctors a break..don't play dirty politics in a's a sacred place where all of us have to respect..
i think malaysian will respect u more if u cld stand up n apolgze to them..esp to the young doctors who were involved..
i just knew that doctors worked for!that is exhausting!i bet that is not something that they want..but i salute them for not complaining all these while..i guess we as the community should thanked the doctors for their endless services for us and not just blaming them for their minor faults which i bet all of us are doing it in the office while we are working...(eg: reading n'papers,chatting,browsing internet)
may God bless the doctors...

Dr Khal said...

Mr Sararavanan,

A week ago I read with interest the statement by Dato M Keveas regarding politician and the govermnment services. It was a pre Labour Day celebration newspaper article. I think Max De Pree may help you and others here find some answers. De Pree said....

"The signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily among the followers. Are the followers reaching their potential? Are they learning? Serving? Do they achieve the required results? Do they change with grace? Manage conflict?..."

So, I guess you should talk to Dato Liau. And thank you for bringing up the issue coz now at least Dato Liau is also aware that doctors 36 hours oncall plus work is not an isolated case.

Beliefs shape practice...

-XD- said...

to anon up there,we r not complaining,we know d reality..but it's because the community put so much hope & treat us like we are god or something so they cannot see us doing any mistake..we r human for godsake!imagine working 36 hours whole stretch,hungry,tired,sleepy,of course our focus drop,emotionally we'll be more stressed out,even if we do have an angel's should put yourself in our shoes and experience it before being judgmental

and to answer your question why you've to wait for long hours is because every patient that came to the clinic have their own individual problems..detailed questions need to be asked,examination need to be done,roughly 15 - 20 min a how do you expect to wait for a short while only..

another problem with the layman is that,they think whatever they have is the worst problem;lets say you have a small cut on the forehead,bleeding but not much..then you complaint becoz Doctor so slow in attending to you but do you see what the other patients are having?maybe one have a cardiac arrest,one have multiple fractures all over,etc..don't think that just because you are sick,your problem is the worst!

next think is,don't lash out saying we are the problematic one,it's the management up above there!ask them why they're not putting more Doctors at the district hospital or at the not blame it on us when the root of the problem is higher!

-i'm not a doctor yet but i understand the reality,that's why i'm here!


Dear Dato' M. Saravanan,

Damaged has been done.

Now people are waiting for you to say sorry in public as quick as your biased statement regarding HKL & their doctors.


Time is ticking. Don't worry... sometimes is ok if you admit your fault and people will remember you as a leader who believes in the truth.

So, when is the day? Today ? Tomorrow?

Anonymous said...


from my point of view. all of us should take account ofthis incident as an eye oepner. i believe that doctors that are humble and not so much for the fame would critisize much of this issue as they know their intention of being a doctor is helping people. but for those who want BIG respect from the community.usually make this as a big issue.
dear malaysians. i believe if we are really ikhlas in our services and believe that we do our work with the intention to help people. we wont "ungkit all of our deeds". those who do good with ikhlas intention will be helped by god. if not in life but at hereafter.but those who do work for fame. they will never live in real peace as they will always be influenced by greed and.

Salawanan aka fresh apple said...

This fella did not publish my comment as well. May be he wanted to protect me from ISA, i have signed my comment as anonymous..

Anyway thank you for NOT publishing my comment coz i was insomnic last night thinking of how you with your cheap dirty tactics will cause me in trouble after publishing my comment.

Once again thank you. You are the best and most considerate human.

In reciprocity, i do something good for you. You don't know how to apologize, i apologize for you.

"Sorry doctors." Ok, vote for me again next Gen. election.

Anonymous said...

you really have to eat ur words back.
next time look and check properly before accusing people. now i know why MIC performs so badly.

Britney Spears said...

think twice next time.
oh maybe not.
all your lobes no more functioning.
so u cannot think at all.

it is not so hard to say "SORRY" rite?
but for one with high egoism, its must be damn hard.
"hello i am a YB, why shud i apologize to them!"

Dr.Nathan - Ipoh said...

for the 1st time all the doctors in malaysia voicing out their feelings openly. YES FOR THE 1ST TIME.

all this are not just for dato sara to read and realize his mistake, but for the government and the people to look in to the real life of a doctor.

we dont wished to be treated as a god or something, but please to give us some respect on humanitarian basis.

one of the comments posted here says that we wanted to be a doctor so why complaint?

well guys we are not complaining. we are defending our rights.let the people judge.

we want to serve people , most of us are not in this profession for money! a lorry driver can earn more then a doctor! mind that!

the least that we are asking for is some consideration on humanitarian basic .

i am not sure if the dato who created this mess is reading it, but thanks to him the whole malaysia is reading it. i hope MOH will read all this comments and judge us.

till this point we dont have a single platform to voice out

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato
Talking about efficiency...
Last heard of ur reply was 1 May 09.

Here, in ur "Emergency Department", there are > 50 doctors in great pain, awaiting for ur treatment, ur comforting words....

Other patients who were "in pain" in hospital A&E has already got their treatment and went home happily after few hours of waiting....

But, we have waited from 1 May 09, 12.21pm till now, 5 days and 8 hours ( 128 hours ), yet to receive ur treatment.....

Its been very disturbing, our heart broken, we cant sleep / eat / read newspaper happily even after we are off duty.... We are afraid that others may see us and we will be in the news next day....

Please treat us, Dr Sarawanan, with ur comforting words again on the press, sure will relief our pain and suffering....

We are still waiting for the medicine... Thank you very much in advance.....

Anonymous said...

hello malaysia,

just a eye opener for all thse who thinking government hospital doctors are lazy or as our dato says 'doing own work'


a Housemen doctor works 7 days a week. including public holidays. and they are not getting paid extra for that. no overtime or no allowances for weekend and public holiday work.

dr sam anak malaysia said...

wahai para doktor semua, marilah kita bergabung membentuk sebuah NGO baru yg membela nasib kita dari para poliTIKUS busuk seperti dia ni, kita namakan NGO kita "anti MRSA" (MR. SAravanan)

satu hal aku pelik, dia xde bagi feedback pun terhadap komen2 kita, ntah2 dia ni sekali sekala je baru update, x reti sangat berblog kut.tengokla blog dia simple n basic abis.nak ikut tren la kununnya,orang nak blog dia pun nak jugak.

Anonymous said...

Mr saravanan..
It seems that the doctors are waiting for your apology...Why "senyap???"..."takut???, "malu???"...
You are truly coward....

Maaran Matters said...

Dear Dato,

Looks like you are loosing the battle.........

mmm...wanna admit like a gentleman.
ooppsss.... sorry Dato. Forgot I am talking to a MIC man.

Good day

Anonymous said...

Still refuse to apologize - this shows how arrogant the minister is!

Let's change gomen - at least DSAI apologised to Lim Guan Eng.

Anonymous said...

LOL... Dear Datuk....wat a pity you.... You taught something else will take place...but something else Happen...Go and learn how to do FIELD JOB from the Public Complain Bereu ..Murugiah ... he is doing rite thing !!! Just say sorry to the public ....but wouldn't know the grudge will always remain... better luck next time

disappointed doctor said...

hello YB,
you are in big trouble cause everybody in ministry of health hate you! just because of your stupid action toward a doctor that is DOING her job in the ED HKL, waiting for the CARDS to come in to her room. For your information, HKL is NOT a computerize hospital, when someone register, they need to wait (FOR GREEN ZONE) until their card reach the doctors room.
Which will take few mints. And if you dont know what is GREEN ZONE, plz google it in the internet, i am sure you are not that stupid to do that. If you dont know the PROCEDURE in HKL ED, plz say so... dont just BANG in to someone room (or doctor's office) and scream out loud saying stupid thing which non of the staff there understand what you said. I am sure you also hate if other people do that to you. Everybody in HKL knows what really happen, and everybody in HKL knows that that particular doctor is VERY HARD WORKING AND NEVER EVEN CURI TULANG BEFORE THIS. It is so embarrassing for a guy (who apparently a minister in malaysia) do such stupid thing. YOU at least should SAY SORRY to that doctor and HKL. I regreted that public elected you. Next election, i am sure YOU BE OUT!

Anonymous said...

Greetings all,

Dear Drs and those from the medical profession, kindly do not pretend as if the service provided at the Government Emergency room and Health Clinics are exceptional. the malaise that affects the civil service is common in hospitals.

i had an unfortunate experience of seeking the help of a dental surgeon for my 1 1/2 year old daughter when her lips were lodged between her developing front teeth. instead of even allowing my wife and i to even see the MO, the front desk of the Government Hospital rejected our case and asked us to return after the long weekend. when informed that the child was in pain and would be unable to eat, they merely said give her liquid. i was shocked and managed to find a dental specialist at the private hospital after a 5 hours wait. the problem with the private hospital was that this one specialist was serving 5 major private hospitals over the weekend but for some reason was operating in malacca on that particular day.

the whole episode made me wonder about the standard of medical care in this country. i have however had the privilege of meeting excellent Drs in Klang GH, KL GH, University Hospital, Prince Court, IJN, Sime Darby and Pantai specialist hospitals.

the on going inquest and the testimony of the Drs clearly shows that the medical profession needs to improve, i.e from missing samples to not carrying out a post mortem.



Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

What ever people say, You've done the job well for the period of time.

Anonymous said...

Dear whoever,

If I did something wrong, i would like to be given a chance to say sorry and correct my mistake. Initially thought someone would like to have a chance too. But apparently that someone dont appreciate.

Well, 1 week, yet to see his another reply.... I dont think we should waste time on this someone... We just prove to the public that we do serve the public sincerely.

But dont get me wrong, I wont forgive that SOMEBODY for hurting an innocent person, hurting the hospital and hurting the whole profession. Just that i dont think this SOMEBODY here realise his mistakes.... And why our MMA seems being quiet all this while, shouldnt they do stg? ( Correct me if I am wrong)...

May be we should go other way to get back our dignity ......

Anonymous said...

dear mr selva,

you contradict yourself, in a very ironic way... first u said the the medical care in the country is questionable from ONE single incident, but at the same time saying u had great experience in several other hospitals, what are u talking about? Are u trying to generalize like our dear deputy minister? havent u read other comments? if i find 1 bad MIC leader, can i say all the other MIC leaders are stupid? NO WAY!!! i have met personally some respectable MIC leaders myself back in my uni days... 2nd thing, mr selva, your last paragraph, oh, man, you seriously need to tag one of us, doctors in government hospitals to learn the system before commenting, it is like me trying to say a chappati is an unhealthy food without knowing how is a chappati made. plain assuming, and blindly said. mr selva, are you aware that the samples thing, doctors only responsible in collections, not the whole process of sending or processing or research? hospital is big enough to house many other form of staff members, you know, not only medical doctors. please, before you open your big fat mouth, understand the system, use the God's given brains to process before even trying to sound like an educated smart citizen. From what i can see, you are from getting near that level. TQ... i will be more than happy to arrange for your tagging in hospital, if you are interested, jus drop me an email. wherever you are.thank you.

Anonymous said...

to everyone who wrote and comment in this blog..
Our 'great'saravanan had a history of creating the same mess in Hospital Sg Buluh emergency department this year..obviously only those who works in HSB knew about the incident in which he unnecessary demanded an urgent blood workout to be done in an unurgent case..pretend to be hero but obviously didnt know what he was doing..I'm sure our minister already had some kind of impression of him...
Saravanan,just stop it OK..your reputation is already gone..i bet the next time you try to create havoc in goverment hospital,nobody will believe are totally loser..

Anonymous said...

to those who said the Drs are responding in a defensive manner instead of openly accepting the criticism,please be aware that the statement given by Dato Saravanan is accusation,not criticism...please identify those two words before blindly fooling yourself by saying the health community being defensive about the criticism..simple apology from the person on the high seat would be enough to ease the pain on those hardworking drs..instead of being DEFENSIVE on your own statement...a simple one day visit to the hospital doesn't mean a thing...try hanging out with a dr when he/she is on call...then give your statement....stop playing stupid politics and start doing your are paid not to accuse people of not doing their job,but rather to improve the lifestyle of your voters..improve it not by giving false empty a MAN and are mere human..being a politician doesn't give you the right to hurt people without saying sorry...

Anonymous said...

Dear whoever,
Is it same thing here as what happened in Perak? Why our "mic" is off? Why cant we say something here ?
Now u owe us 2 apologies, 1 as what we know, 1 is to off our mic here ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Hero,

Its been more than 1 week yet to see your reply to all those doctors.

Seriously I a m not sure how busy the doctors in Emergencie Department are, but looking at their post here, I suppose you owe them a good apology or at least a good explanation.....

Probably you should find out from hospital staffs how the doctors actually work and do some research or survey.

We know your concern to the sick people but pushing responsibility and accusing others are not the ways to do so.....

Anonymous said...

"p/s: As for the doctors out there who still bear a grudge against me all I can say is go ahead try make the service better. Prove me wrong!"

..what else to prove sir?!! is already proven..YOU ARE WRONG!!!!...

Anonymous said...

Enough said, those who have been to these hospital would realize one fundamental rule, "Prioritization".
Once when my son had an accident at his teacher's home and they brought him immediately to a Govt.Hospital. To the teacher's surprise the hospital staff seem to treat my son just like everyone who was waiting and insisted that he goes through the normal Emergency Registration procedure.
Let me repeat "EMERGENCY REGISTRATION PROCEDURE". This includes weighing, measuring, taking his temperature and answering all the relevant questions.
For all those reading this, my son had a 2nd degree burn, he was crying and screaming and most of all he is only 7 years old.
I arrived at the hospital within 40 minutes from the time I was informed.
There I was told by the teacher of his experience, where my boy was made to wait for 20 minutes and upon the outburst of the teacher did they took the necessary action.

I am wondering on the empathy level of our medical staff. Have they really lost all sense of humanity because of their daily experience? Nurses and doctors alike.

Just like when my 1st child was born and had some complications which resulted 30% of his scalp skin torn.

The doctors calmly and sarcastically said when I strongly told them that they need to do something, they said "It is just superficial, nothing to worry about, and it is just fine".

From these two experience how I wish I could tear the skin on their scalp and inflict 2nd degree burns on them. Maybe...just maybe then they will have some empathy.

Anonymous said...

Not only the doctors were slow at Govt Hospitals, the registration counter for Emergency taking things so easy and not serious when they attend to patients. But we are poor and we have no choice to choose for this hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dato,

indeed firstly, it is surprising that there are persons who are afraid of even identifying themselves but want to participate in your blog hence my mail is addressed to you Dato. secondly, the paragons of medical virtue for instance 'Coffee shop preacher' instead of making unnecessary personal remarks should realise that the medical industry does not merely represent the Drs but also the other staff e.g the chaps in charge of urine samples. thirdly my observation on the lack of emergency expertise in the dental health care may be an isolated incident to morons but when a child is in pain and the only expert serving 5 private hospitals in klang valley is away operating in malacca, then something is not right in the industry. to add insult to injury the not so young Medical Officer at the emergency dept was ill equipped and hence my visit to the Govt Hospital where the staff turned us away at the front desk. As for the numerous Drs whom i have had the pleasure of meeting, i cherish their services and hope that i will meet more of them. As for the hospital, i clearly stated that we were denied the right to even meet the MO, this staff are the frontline at hospitals and as such reflect the services provided by the Hospital. No one is insulting or picking on DRs but to pretend as if all is perfect is a serious case of misplaced illusion and hence the need for a proverbial shoulder for a weary head to rest on. wonder what is your thought oh coffee shop preacher on the Dr who prescribed the excessive dossage of panadol resulting in the death of a child lately?



Anonymous said...

huh..... second degree burn.... ask
Dato, he will tell u that its an life threatening emergency and MUST be attended fast....

Well, i suppose those heart attack, perforated gastric ulcer, bleeding placenta praevia can wait, should attend to the second degree burn child who was brought in by teacher what.....

I suggest all the A&E list down what is meant by EMERGENCY and how they triage the patient...

Well, then we see how HIGH second degree burn ranks...

Its just very simple, human is just too selfish.... Everything related to them is EMERGENCY .... Others can wait... true? Think carefully...

time is still tickling .... where's ur apology ?

Anonymous said...

2nd degree burn?????r u bloody kidding me?have u ever see acute myocardial infarction?acute GIT bleeding?Aortic dissection?..etc...
to compare with all those mentioned above, ur 2nd degree burn can be seen in green zone!!which means, it is NOT that life threatening..
*sigh* how selfish ppl can be!

Anonymous said...

mr selva,

wish u can read my comment again, before even attempting to answer my questions. i was saying, there are bad apples in service, but again let me throw the question in capitals, jus in case you miss it again, PRESENCE OF A FEW BAD APPLES, DOES TAT MEAN THE WHOLE SERVICE IS BAD? you started your comment well, with flowerish language, never thought your comprehension is tat questionable... please, even the Paracetamol question, please la, do i need to explain more? or are you pushing us to label MIC a failure for the failure of a few MIC leaders? one lousy roti canai seller doesnt make the roti canai a lousy food, oh crap, never thought i have come to this low level of explaination to just to put a point forward... mr selva, tell me your occupation, perhaps we can discuss about your profession then....

md zulifli md azizan said...

encik selva, bagai periuk mengata belanga, selva itu siapa? selva anak lelaki? encik selva, saya sudah meneliti segala komen di sini, dan mendapati saudara amat lantang menyuarakan pendapat saudara tentang kelemahan perkhidmatan perubatan di hospital kerajaan, walaupun saya bersetuju dengan pendapat sebegitu rupa, tetapi, saya tidak bersetuju dengan cara atau tindakan datuk saravanan biarpun beberapa perkara lain yang saudara sentuh. saudara seolah olah, mempersalahkan keseluruhan perkhidmatan sedangkan insiden yang datuk hadapi itu cumalah satu salah faham, lagipun, kelemahan sebegitu rupa yang melibatkan perkhidmatan lain atau profesion juga wujud, sebagai contoh, kita pernah terbaca seorang anggota polis yang dituduh merogol seorang wanita di balai polis, adakah itu bermakna PDRM keseluruhannya suatu badan yang lemah dan tidak berfungsi? kita pernah terbaca, anggota POS mencuri surat surat kiriman untuk diambilnya wang atau barangan yang dikirim, adakah itu bermakna POS malaysia itu kotor dan tidak berkesan? apa pendapat saudara? apakah perkerjaan saudara? tidakkah perkerjaan saudara atau profesion saudara juga menghadapi isu isu yang melibatkan soal etika dan cara kerja? melainkan saudara seorang penggangur, kalau tidak, pasti ada individu yang prestasi kerjanya menjejaskan nama baik perkhidmatan saudara. minta saudara selva memberikan pandangan, kerana kalau ada perkerjaan sebegitu rupa, saya berminat untuk menukar profesion. saya seorang peniaga barangan eksport dan import. barangkali masa untuk bertukar punca rezeki.

Anonymous said...

I seems that everybody has forgotten ur stupid comment....
Well, let it be.....
But we will sure remember u .....
Sure we will meet 1 day...

Till then, hope u are always well and never get sick ....

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dato,

my apologies again for replying to you instead of the chap who in his own words keeps lowering the standard of his reply (or may i say intellect) in addressing issues. no profession is perfect and hence my argument that there are instances where Drs and Hospital staff have failed and there is a plausibility if not possibility or probability that the incident in the Emergency Room was a result of indifference.

hence there is no need for apologies and for those preachers loafing about coffee shops, kindly drown yourself in a cup of tea.

proverbial shoulder you have none.



laughing at mr selva said...

mr selva, haha, amusing... pray hard my fren, pray hard....speaking so boldly but hiding behind the name of selva... someone who attacks but refuse to take up the challenge..very typical of you, your kind...

Anonymous said...

Who is this selva??he must be the second man of Saravanan or he might be saravanan "hiding" behind the name of Selva??I wonder...

Anonymous said...

Greetings all,

i am selva kumar from klang. why are you chaps so upset? have i touched any vital cords (pun intended). i have merely expressed my opinion and the last time i read the constitution, freedom of expression remains enshrined therein. for those of you who are involved in the medical industry either as Drs or supporting staff, i reiterate my opinion that some hospitals render service akin to the much maligned civil service departments and need improvement. some have excellent service like the prince court and IJN.

i have never said all of them are bad and hence the need for some intellect in understanding my comments. As for you Drs who are all riled up, it clearly shows you care. i do hope that someday your industry is perfect and no one will be able to find fault with the same.

As for the chap wasting his time in a coffee shop, i hope he has switched to tea. too much coffee is bad. that is not an opinion but a statement of fact by my Good Dr.


m.selva kumar