Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forgive and Forget

I have received various comments on the teacher, who uttered a racial slur against Indians in her class. Some were written in anger, some had good suggestions while others wanted me to say something that could be used against me in the future. Now since the teacher had apologised and been transferred to another school, I think it is better that we put this matter to rest. I too was angry after reading the news report the other day and now after thinking about it I think whatever that has been achieved so far is sufficient. She has been made an example to all other teachers who have the tendency to use racial lines in their classes and teaching. Its time we moved on. I also feel that there is no point in beating a dead snake. We don't even know the condition of the teacher. If she is the sole bread winner of her family etc. One comment, was exceptionally rational, questioning the facts that was reported. But whatever said and done, we have made our point and lets move on. I am not back tracking, it is just that I feel jumping on issues like this for a longer period does more harm than good.
I would also like to remind those who comment on the blog to always use proper language in your comments. Using language like "sucking-up etc" is impolite. This might be the Internet and blogsphere but that does not guarantee the right for one to use improper language. If you want others to read your constructive comments, proper language usage is necessary. I see a trend in the comments. Some people just comment to vent out their anger and frustration. The reason I started blogging is to obtain feedback and so far it has been good. It is just that some rotten apples are spoiling the barrel.


jegathegreat said...

Sara, that's is? Just forget it?
What if anyone call you son of a prostitute? or pariah keling? or India anjing? etc. etc.
What you do? Forgive and forget? So cool! Maybe this why some people say that MIC is the running dog for BN. I bet those who voted you in are regretting.

PadmaKing said...

Dato i did not want to comment about this matter. I juz wanted to point others who r droping their comments.Plz drop your comments in a proper language..

If you can use this kind of words then what's the difference between you and the teacher.

Let us argue in a proper manner and at show that we are united in this issue.

Dont simply blame MIC.The party are doing a lot for us but we are the one who dont want to appreciate it. If u all have time plz visit MIC HQ and look in your own eyes how many problems they are solving everyday.

Sitting in front of a PC and wacking is easy but can you show this braveness when it comes to social work...

Thank you..No hard feelings.Let us see the pro and con of MIC, dont just look at the cons..

Meow said...

I repeat, transferring does not solve the problem. Is anyone keeping track of her in the new school to ensure she doesn't do it again? How can she change if she doesn't know what she has done is wrong? In fact, she may get angrier at being transferred.
She must be suspended. Isn't she inciting racial hatred?

Karuppu said...

What kind of leader are you? Even the deputy education minister commented that stern action will be taken on her, and you are telling us to forget and forgive??!!
If a non-malay teacher would have done the same thing, do you think the Pemuda UMNO will keep their mouth shut?
Lending the teacher's own remark on Indian community youths "do not have testicles" would suit well the MIC youth...Keep it up!!

Old Fart said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! There is nothing that is kosher here!

Anonymous said...

forgive n forget.
that is the gift god has given us.
but dato sara, how many time you want us to FnF(forgive n forget???).

we had so called mahatir who blaming samy. then samy who blame mahatir and also indians. then we had police who telling us terrorist.Then one idiotic hamzah comparing us with snake. Now a history teacher. Tomorrow there will be another bugis or minangkabau (pirates) will say some other thing.

As a minister who represent (like what nadzri said mic represent indian in parliment.) dont you have any anger for these.

if you think, you can only have raw with samy velu and other indians then please step down. Any brave fellow can take the ministership of yours.

Sudu Soranai ulla tamilan than ippo thevai.

so dont tell us to FnF. Too late for that

Anonymous said...

Applause to you Saravanan, actually a standing ovation seems more befitting. It is great that the teacher is transferred out so that she can propagate her brand of racisms in another school.

Ok, less not look at her targeting Indian students only, what if she had served up abuses such as these to other students despite their ethnic background. I bet you, she surely would have been appropriately and adequately disciplined.

I am really disappointed with you. To think I was once your fervent supporter. I have now taken your example and transferred my support out to another camp.

Tell me something, I really don’t want to make this a political issue but are you really a member of MIC or a covert operator with PKR. Believe me, you have not only turned me away from MIC, the toll of your ‘UMNO lackey’ stance is enormous.

More then a Meenachi

Anonymous said...

Forgive and forget? Why not.... we have been forgiving all these while or at least we have been forced to as our representatives almost always force this down our throats.
Answer me honestly, if your daughter or son was subject to such a treatement, would you be able to forget that easily??

The father of an abused student

**-WaNTeDGaL-** said...


I'm disappointed that the teacher got away easily and none was done to make sure she receive a severe punishment.

If we keep on following the "forgive and forget" method, like in the BN assemblywoman case ( snake n indians) and now this, it's not a suprise if another racial issue crops up.

Don't let till the racism gets out of hand or we get stomped. Hope you could tackle this problem in a different method.

Anonymous said...

Jega the 'so called' Great!

Bro, Are u alright? I seriously think u should get some phsycho treatment! We are already in the dark in this matter and to add matters worse u are bloody spitting on ur face yourself! What has MIC or Datuk Saravanan got to do with this matter? Pls watch ur language and start working together for the betterment of our community. Dun simply point finger at others, instead try to use ur brains to fight for our community rights at ur own pace. Dun forget that we MIC members are also indians and equally hurt by this matter. We are doing our best on our part! What's urs? Be part of the circle to understand the pain!

MIC WP Youth Secretary

truemalaysian said...

we talking about malay throwin words on indian. in the blog an indian called an indian and pemuda mic pariah. even published photo.

we downgrading ourself and we expect other not to?

truemalaysian said...

check the post in

how we calling names among us just because of political diff!!!

Sangili Samy said...

I don't understand why there is a need to send an Indian deputy director to solve this matter. Is it show to Malaysian Indians that miss racist has been "punished well" for her misdeeds and justice has been served or the Malay director finds the case too shabby and small to be handled?
And looking at the "verdict" of transferring miss racist to another school seems to be very harsh, dont you think so Sara? mmmmh may be those teachers who are working in Sabah and Sarawak should do pull the same stunt too to get a smooth transfer to Semenanjung!!

poobalan said...

Forgive and Forget? Interesting. Can ANYONE show ONE INSTANCE in the last 50 years where we did not "forgive and forget"?

Sar, we are always cajoled/forced to "forgive and forget" by people who were in place before you, and now by you. Why not, FOR A CHANGE, this ONE time, we don't "forgive and forget"? We PUNISH. Please, please, pretty please?

Shashi said...

Dear Dato,

Based from the feed back by ur blog visiters, many of them still not satisfied with the action taken on that particular teacher.

Why not the issue was not brought to the cabinet at least education ministry with representative from Indian community such as MIC ministers for the discussion.

The teacher has created racial issue and she had thrown very hurting words or statements which can lead to mental affect to the Indian student and in fact to their parents....

I think this issue still yet to be settled based from the feed back of ur visitors..... If the decision not to sack the teacher has been confirmed but at least suspension shall take place for 2 or more months. This will keep all the other teachers aware that this country is belong to all the races.....

To all the tis blogger visitors... Please don't be to emotional bcoz it could lead to unrasional actions... We need to think the way in proper manners...

Dato Sara... Further discussion shall be carried out with the Education Minister for the above issue.....

All the best to you, Dato...

With regards,
G.SHASHI KUMAR - Bidor, Perak

jegathegreat said...

Mr. Mahendran,MIC WP Youth Secretary,

1. You wanna know what MIC and Dato Saravanan has got to do with this matter? It's because Dato Sara suggested that the teacher to be transfered and not sacked. And this guys is also MIC Information Chief and the party's Federal Territory head. Now, you got my point?

2. You're a leader and you are also in the dark about this matter. That's great. My advise is, just resign. Cause it doesn't make any difference whether you are in power or not.

3. Lastly, Dato Sara's wish came true. The teacher was transfered to even a better school. Bravo MIC. Bravo!

ps: If you didn't read NST. read below....

Racial abuse teacher gets 'a better deal'
By : V. Shankar Ganesh
BANTING: It obviously pays to hurl racial abuse at students, going by what happened to the teacher who did so at a school here.

The 35-year-old history teacher from SM Telok Panglima Garang was not only transferred to a smart school but to one located nearer her house.

To add insult to injury, no disciplinary action was taken against her.

It is understood that her letter of transfer stated that she was being transferred due to concerns for her security and not because she had committed an offence.

Several parents and non-governmental organisations gathered in front of the school yesterday demanding an explanation from the headmaster for letting her off with just a slap on the wrist.

However, the headmaster refused to meet them, saying the matter was no longer related to the school since the teacher had been transferred.

Coalition of Indian NGOs secretary G. Gunaraj said the transfer showed the teacher had got away scot-free.

"In fact, she even got a better deal. She is now in a better school and one that is nearer to her house."

He said this set a dangerous precedent as others may think they too can get away scot-free uttering racial slurs.

He said the Education Ministry should be serious in tackling the issue as what the teacher had done could affect racial harmony.

Gunaraj said some teachers in the school were blaming the affected students for lack of a history teacher.

"This should not be the case. Does it mean that students should keep quiet, no matter what a teacher does?"

In the incident last month, the teacher allegedly told students of a certain ethnic group in a Form Four class that she "wanted to test their level of patience" and then began abusing them with derogatory words.

She even wrote the words on the blackboard. Two students later lodged police reports against her.

Several days earlier, she had allegedly entered a Form Five class and called the students using a derogatory word. She also accused them of being gangsters and thieves.

She was also alleged to have ordered the boys to do push-ups. When some of them could not do so, she allegedly stomped on their backs.

Last Monday, nearly 500 parents and members of the public gathered to protest in front of the school.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the ministry had instructed the State Education Department to initiate an inquiry and that the teacher "had some explaining to do".

State Education director Ashah Samah said she had wanted to transfer the person out of the state but had acceded to a request from the teacher to remain in the district.

She said the transfer letter was issued by the district education department and that she would investigate claims that security had been stated as the reason for the move.

lvbala said...

Dont waste time guys...
If this is how MIC is going brand themself as forgivers and forgeters?
A true Mahatma's followers indeed.
Than how about the other issues that involve Indians in this country?
Back to square one....
Its better to support someone who can talk on behalf of us. Such as MB Selangors statement to open the UITM for non malays. A malay leader asking this for the benefits of the non malays. Even if we not gonna get what been requested but at least he stand as a man for the people.

Dont waste time in here guys...

Premnath Agamutu said...

Datuk, I understand the approach you are taking, but I beg to disagree. We have been forgiving and forgetting for too long. If we keep quiet any more, people will start stepping on our heads.

This woman needs to be made an example for one and all.

A. Premnath
Putera MIC Information Chief.

M.Gopal said...

Dear Dato,

I happen to read your comments on this very disgusting and disturbing incident which took place at the SMK Panglima Garang recently. I find your comments and response very mild and timid, just as one would expect from MIC leaders!

This racist teacher had called we Indians as DOGS,THIEVES,GANGSTERS,NEGROS, STUPID,MASTURBATORS, KELING PARIAH and worst, called all Indians as children of PROSTITUTES. Meaning all Indian mothers are PROSTITUTES!

Many NGOs and organisations are taking this insult and humiliation to the Malaysian Indians very seriously and demanding from this equivelant racist Malay government to take action against this racial attack on we Malaysian Indians by a VERY RACIST TEACHER!

Not surprising, as always MIC has only offered muted response to this humiliating episode. The MIC president has said that he hoped proper action will be taken against this racist teacher. You have been quoted as saying " this teacher should be sent to Tamil schools to teach Indian student" Also you would want to have a chat with the very racist education minister Hishamuddin on this matter! Just a CHAT?

For 50 years Malaysian Indians have been taken for a ride by this racist Malay government.MIC is a partner in this government and representing the Malaysian Indians. The results of the last general should have been an eye opener to the MIC to be more aggressive and vocal in defending Indian rights, but it seems MIC is in the same mode! How can we let a racist malay teacher call all Indian mothers PROSTITUTES and get away with it? Can an Indian teacher call all malay mothers as prostitutes and get away with it? Believe me, there will be riots in this racist country and the teacher concerned will be arrested under ISA! As reported, this racist malay teacher has been transfered to a better school and also nearer to her home!!! With an ineffective prime minister heading a very racist government this is not surprising. This government has rewarded this racist teacher for humiliating the Malaysian Indians!

The time has come for the MIC to act and act now! Indian dignity is at stake! We Malaysian Indians must act now because no action now will lead to more humiliations in the future. It is our generation which will suffer if we do not act now collectively. The MIC must demand from the government for serious action to be taken against this racist teacher now, failing which the MIC must withdraw from this racist malay government! There is no two ways about it. For our MOTHER'S dignity and honour, MIC please stand up against this racist government and see that justice is done.

Old Fart said...

""It looks as if anyone who calls the Indian community with all sorts of unwanted words will not be punished, but instead sent to a better school,"

That is what Samy said.

Now usually I don't agree with Samy. But on this occasion he is right and YOU are wrong. You, too prematurely forgave and forgot! Assuming you have forgotten, I presume you don't know what I am talking about!

DR SURESH said...

This is it........I use to address you as Dato with due deference to you in my previuos comments,but with this posting of yours you have lost all my respect,I dont wish to say anything more here and definitely I am not going to waste my time in the future reading your blogs.What a shame........

Dinesh Nair said...

i will have to agree with what was said in one of the comments. its perfectly alright to forgive and forget...but the question remains constant. How many times? And it's sad that after all these years, when we finally see some glimpse of hope for a change, MIC downplays it. Lets leave politics out of the equation..fighting to remain relevant mainly for political mileage is a lost cause. MIC may have helped Indians, but we can say by now that the majority of Indians have not benefited from it or they wouldnt have voted against the MIC. Even the President has hinted occasionally that his hand's were tied. Why convince us now?