Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Stage Is Set

The stage is set. Late yesterday, the Barisan Nasional named Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah as its candidate for the Permatang Pauh by-election to face Anwar Ibrahim. The election is expected to be fiery one with both sides launching the best in their arsenal to win the seat, which had been in the hands of the opposition for the last ten years. Arif himself is not new to the constituency as he is the Seberang Jaya state assemblyman. The state seat is one of the three seats in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency. The 52-year old is expected to put up a fair fight against Anwar, who is favourite to win the seat. The nomination is on Saturday while polling has been fixed for Aug 26. The BN on its part will try its best to wrest the seat away from the opposition.

On another note, let me clearly state here that many of those who responded to my earlier post should have checked the date it was posted before commenting and using vulgarities. Judging from the number of anonymous posting, I feel that some people log in everyday just to use profanities against me in the blog. When I posted the last blog, news was that the teacher apologised and was transferred. At that time, I was not informed that she was transferred to a school near her house and it was a better school than Sek Men Panglima Garang. I did not update my blog for a week now due to busy scheduled. But this does not give any reason for anyone to use crude language, to the extent of using derogatory words against me. I have time and time again said that I welcome constructive criticisms. Even if comments are not constructive, I publish all comments. But of late I realise that some commentator or commentators have taken this to be the green light to write just about anything, especially using vulgar words. To these people all I can say is if you don't have anything constructive or proper, don't waste your time writting. Now about the teacher, I would handle things my way! For those who have been ardent visitors to this blog, they would know what I mean. Thank you and God Bless.


Old Fart said...

You got such a thing as your way is it? she better be frightened. The word on the street about your way may not exactly be complimentary. But then again I wouldn't really know as I don't know you personally.

And then again I thought to survive MIC one has to be really tough. And to survive Samy one has also got to be quite thick skinned. And you have survived both. And yet here you display a very soft and tender personality who seems to get hurt over little things that even sticks and stones will not incur a dent. Or as word might have it on the street, which I don't really buy anyway, maybe you might be used to the hurt that sticks and stones might cause and you might just be unaccustomed to sniping words.

There is a little contradiction man. maybe you might help explain that a bit.

Sure profanities and vulgarities do not belong anywhere, but then again as you know its common place amongst people you often have to deal with. No harm done there really when its between friends, right?

But then again if this blog is not really meant for "friends" and you are trying so hard to break into this other world which MIC has never rally been able to reach, and you are trying to give MIC a different face altogether, well, sad to say, we too have learnt the liturgy.

And oh, BTW, you forgot to mention that this BN candidate in Permatang Pauh is the brother of Amin Shah. Remember him? Apparently he is in self-imposed exile or something. And mind you that is real. Well, almost.

And oh, if I do comment a little more than others...thats because I got nothing better to do really....and I guess in some ways I have helped popularise some blogs with some silly comments. After all what is a blog without comments right? My own blog I hardly get visitors. Not that I care.

WildFire said...

Dear Sara, firstly I would like to finally welcome you to the world of blogs. This is how it is. If you had the time to notice, there are many in here who think that they can say whatever they like in someone else's blog and that includes usage of profanities. This is especially so when it is an Indian. You know how our community is. When they are in front of you, they worship and at the back the call you names. This is what should change in Indians in this country. I am so sick of our own race. The back stabbing, talking about others etc have all become a norm, so please dun feel hurt with these comments. Just do your work and you would be ok.
As for Permatang Pauh, I feel the BN only needs to reduce the majority of Anwar and they would have achieved their aim. No need to defeat him just reduce his majority to less than 5,000 and its already a slap on Anwar. But then again Anwar might just use Tun M's line: "A win is a win even if the majority is by one vote!"

Anonymous said...

Dear old fart,

i found this in your blog....-But if you do become an accidental visitor. Kind words please. Don't break my heart will you!-
Emmmm.... but u are not doing it with others......
Anyway Dato,
I understand your situation but dont leave that particular teacher to leave in comfort.