Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Three Cornered Fight

The nominations for the Permatang Pauh by-election went on well this morning. It would be a three cornered fight between PKR's Anwar Ibrahim, BN's Arif Shah Omar and Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia president Hanafi Mamat. Just a few interesting facts.
The seat has 58,459 voters, 69% of whom are Malays, 25% Chinese and 6% Indians and others.
The parliamentary seat was won by Wan Azizah Wan Ismail at the last election in March with a 13,398 vote majority.
The seat has three state assembly seats --Seberang Jaya, Permatang Pasir and Penanti.
Arif Shah is the only BN candidate who won in Seberang Jaya, while Permatang Pasir was won by PAS candidate and Penanti by a PKR candidate at the last election.
Arif Shah in winning the state seat secured only a 533 vote majority, while the opposition's majority in Permatang Pasir was 5,433 votes and in Penanti 2,219.
The BN faces an uphill task in this election but try we will!

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lvbala said...

Dear M.Saravanan,
DSAI is sure to win. If he wins with improve majority, than its time to consider whether MIC is still relevan in BN.
1,000 MIC guys join DAP in Klang. An Indian student was interrogated by police with guns and parangs. Its the feed back revenge from a malay teacher towards indian student after the Panglima Garang's incident. How racist this bastards are. The student was brought to balai without any assistant from any teachers. Even the school headmaster was not informed. Suhakam is in this case. What about MIC?

The UiTM is open for foreign student (5%) and they refuse to allow their neigbours (Malays & Indians) to enter. What a country. Soon I am very sure INDIANS are nothing in Malaysia (We shall be, Dan lain lain)
The tamil radio station begins with al quran reading, AIMST college which built for Indians need to allow malay to be in. MRSM is only for malays since 2000.
The best part in this matter brought up by a malay MB. Even MCA voice out but not a single INDIAN leaders said a single words. Mr. Balasubramaniam is still missing. One million worth of drugs missing from PDRM's custody. Indians are the most numbers died in police custody.

And you are talking about by election....

Who cares if there is two corner or three corner fight. Is this gonna contribute to INDIANS?
Lets talk about INDIANS in Malaysia.

The other thing is, your blog is open to the world. You must adopt yourself with all kind of critism. This is how things works. If you cant take this so just close your blog.

MIC leaders need to review the INDIANS privileges and where we stand in Malaysia. What is the point if we are talking about issues which is not productive at all to Indians. Our education, bussiness opportunities (Dont give away stalls and say I have done for Indians) Even your own brother is in one of the list. Didn't he?
How about purchase and loan facilities. The indian leaders need to do some homework on DEB (Dasar Ekonomi Baru Policy) on non malays. Why the percentage is still on for Indians. Earlier DEB was agreed only for 15 years when malaysia has 15 million people. But now we are in total of 27 millions and we are still given the same amount of percentage and even some of it was taken away such as MRSM intake for non malays. The INDIANS leaders just kept their mouth shut... Mahatma Gandhi. Without this improvement result there is no point even you promise us the world. Maybe those Indian from rural area (People you manage to gather a day before Thaipusam in cheras) will be convinced but not us.