Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Are Doing It Our Way

Below is a news report on the teacher who made racist remarks against Indians. We are working on it, as I have earlier said that we would get the bottom of the issue and send a clear message to the powers that be. This is despite, my own community saying whatever they like about me and the MIC over the handling of the issue. I know some people wanted me to be more vocal on this race based issue but I choose to handle it my way. This is just the start. We in the MIC are not going to take this lying down. We have our way of dealing with these issues. We are not in the opposition to just say whatever we like, throwing words etc.

KUALA LUMPUR: The teacher who allegedly used racial slurs on students in a school in Banting was temporarily transferred to another school pending investigations.
Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the 35-year-old teacher was moved to a school nearer to her house as the school needed a replacement Mathematics teacher.

Speaking at Parliament lobby yesterday, Hishammuddin said he had directed his deputy, Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, to handle the matter.

He said he would not tolerate racial abuse in schools, but did not want the teacher to be falsely accused.

MIC secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said there was a misunderstanding among the Indian community that the teacher was "rewarded" as she had been transferred to a school closer to her home.
Subramaniam said: "The Indians feel like the government is not taking any action against the teacher.

"However, I've been told by the education minister that the transfer was made to ensure the teacher's safety.

"The teacher had allegedly told students in a Form Four class that she "wanted to test their patience" and began using derogatory words.
Source NST Online


Anonymous said...

அம்னோ மலய்காரர்களுக்காக போராடும் போது இந்தியர்களுக்காக போராட மஇகா தயங்கக்கூடாது. வால் பிடித்தது போதும் போராட துவங்குங்கள் வெற்றி தூரமில்லை


**-WaNTeDGaL-** said...

Despite talks and promises by certain political party, the teacher had been let off with a warning which I don't see as sufficient and the punishment meted out is just a transfer and counseling.

What is your next move? Forgive and Forget, Again?

This is a very annoying situation that should be remedied immediately. I wonder how the Education Dept could give her a warning only after hearing her unacceptable explanation “I did not expect things to become so serious”! Bravo Education Ministry, for accepting her explanation.

Racism is inbuilt and must be dealt with through education; particularly multicultural education or multiethnic studies. This shows how rotten our education system is especially in training teachers!

After all these years of Independence, dismally, we have still not evolved much in the way we perceive each other. Our education system has failed miserably in promoting the wonders and the wisdom of the cultures of the people of Malaysia.

Oh ya, please do not give us the talks “only one black sheep” because such excuses should not be given at all. This is not the first and will never be the last. Firm actions should take place to stop all these nonsense from occurring again. Racism should have never existed in Malaysia.

poobalan said...


There's few ways this episode will end:

1. people will forget. This is one main plus point for politicians and parties (which they always count on) as over time, people move on. Except for few people who are like irritating bugs, constantly reminding public about the teacher, others will soon jump onto other hot stories of the day.

2. Nothing happens to the teacher, in which case you (and MIC) have to eat the humble pie and perhaps even resign as a matter of principle.

3. The teacher gets punished and MIC gets plaudits.

4. Parents sue the teacher and drag the case for few years, and probably win the case too.

Only time will tell, but unfortunately people are not fond of waiting any more. When you fail to strike while the iron is hot, you lose the momentum.

The stark truth is that MIC failed to apply necessary "pressure". We have seen many cases of indiscipline by teachers (child abuse, bribery, drug abuse,etc) where the speed of inquiry and weight of punishment is amazing. But in this case, there was deafening silence from Education Minister for very long time. Deputy Minister was made scapegoat to face the community.

Times have changed. People laugh at attempts of "doing it our own way" and all those secrecy.

Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed and wish you and MIC all the best in settling this problem.

BTW, you guys have to work with Murugiah on this problem, I guess,

Vish said...

Dear Sir,

How about, just for kicks, you abandon the empty rhetoric and start telling us what you actually do intend to do?

I mean, instead of grand statements, 'I choose to handle it in my way', and 'We in MIC are not going to take this lying down', how about actually putting some substance behind it and saying what you -are- doing or plan to do, at very least.

Reason I am recommending substance instead of rhetoric is that it surely does seem like MIC, and you included, are taking it lying down (or perhaps bent over backwards).

You may not be the opposition, but right now you don't even seem to be in opposition of racism - and that is somewhat worrying not just to the Indian community, but to humanity in general.


Old Fart said...

While you do it your way, UMNO, your sacred master over all masters, is becoming even more ethnocentric, taking for granted the master servant relationship with MIC, and you are talking about doing it your way.

Other than showing all of us how much more submissive you can make the Indian community in Malaysia become to your UMNO masters you have done absolutely nothing. The thankfulness that we are supposed to show for the rice in our bowls indeed makes a mockery of the graduer of the community that we are supposed to be. Well, at least that was what Tamil movies of old used to make me believe.

Now I see that your efforts have also ensured that the KL Master plan completely obliterates the presence of Hindu temples and crematoriums from our midst. Just check out the only decent place you get news on Malaysia these days. (http://malaysia-today.net/2008/content/view/11692/84/)

Of course it provides you the opportunity to show yourself the champion of your community. Little bits of shoe polish your UMNO masters throw at you so that you can put on a polish for yourselves so that your people can see you. Smart.

In all the rhetoric in the last few months, UMNO has clearly shown that it just cannot tolerate nonsense from all the nons. The leaders of MIC, MCA, Gerakan and other component parties are given the opportunity to share in the loot provided you brought us all to the barn once every 5 years or so to deliver our milk (votes).

Just see the way they treated Sothinathan, for once speaking on behalf of Indians in Parliament. What the hell did you and Samy do? Bloody nothing! And you want me to be polite to you?

You may have read some of what I have previously written on my blog especially about Indians and their condition here. You and your MIC is worse than Lim Keng Yik who commented that he did not know what we did behind the rubber tree. indeed he has been more honest about the Indian condition than any of you have been. MIC has indeed contributed more to enslaving the majority of the Indians in their present state than anyone. Don't blame the British and don't blame the Chinese or the Malays. I blame MIC. The little sweet nothings that you guys are seen to extend to the Indians only represent supposedly iconic graciousness. I should be seen for what it is. Poison.

i wonder if you guys will be bold enough to stand up and tell UMNO that they should stop being so ethnocentric. But of course this racist politics that you guys seem to have orgasmic pleasure over cannot just be replaced can it while you are still very much into your orgasmic experience?

Old Fart said...

Maybe an irrelevant comment to this posting. But I would like to nevertheless find out your response to BN's, no, UMNO's loss at Permatang Pauh.

I see this as no different from the Titanic having hit the iceberg. It is surely going to sink. Its captained by Badawi (UMNO) and its crew made up of the BN component parties. (How come MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest are component parties of BN, whereas UMNO is not? What really is UMNO then in the BN? The main body? What a coalition!)

The passengers have got to be saved and the crew got to be saved. That simply means jump ship. No moral questions to ask here about abandoning ship is there? Sure, the captain is expected to go down with the ship. But of the crew?

MIC being only a component, I see it like the life boat on the Titanic. Its needed now. Not on the Titanic but off it!!

Is MIC ready to jump? Sure I will welcome MIC jumping. But certainly I shall be very loud about it with Pakatan Rakyat not to admit any race based party into it. Gerakan is fine. Its not race based.At least, so says its charter.

If you are unable to lower the life boat for whatever reason, at the very least will you jump, if by so doing you will not sink along with Titanic? Remember, its no use being a dead representative. You'll be no use to anyone.

Anonymous said...

yet untill now we dont see any result from your own way ACTION. what a marvelous statement. your statement more slightly shows that you are get angry by the coments.why because the speaks about the truth. TRUTH always hard to accept.